Saturday, July 18, 2009

Asa Dupuy Papers

Asa Dupuy was one of the many people who administered the estate of William Womack who died in 1790 in Charlotte Co, VA.

See The Asa Dupuy papers are at the Virginia Hisorical Society. Roger Womack used this as source when writing about the descendants of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley. However, the papers are pretty vast - I ordered most of them from VHS, and I still have some to go. There is much more info in them.

First off, William Womack was not a bachelor. The estate papers show his wife at time of death was Elizabeth or Eliza. Earlier deed records show that William's wife at that time was Jane, so must have been married twice. William apparently had no children, and thus his estate fellto his siblings. However, most of his siblings were dead, so it fell to their children. The results is a very large, though confusing, family record of the descendants of William's parents, Thomas Womack and Mary Farley.

William Womack's estate was initially administered by his brother, Thomas Womack, Jr.

When Thomas Jr died, his widow Mary Womack took over the administration of William's estate.

When Mary Womack died, her will executor John Lamkin Crute took over the administration of William's estate. (Coincidentally, John Lamkin Crute was the brother of Mourning Crute Womack, wife of Edmund Womack).

Finally, the Charlotte Co, VA court appointed James Dupuy and his son Asa Dupuy as administrators of William Womack around 1810. Asa was still handling the estate as late as 1840, a few years before his death.

There is a long document spanning several pages that starts with "Charlotte Court 1st October 1810". It appears to be an account to the court of the state affairs to that point. Here are some interesting parts:

"Abraham Womack it is said went towards South Carolina a great many years ago, the oldest of the connection amongst us cannot remember him but understood of their relations that he removed as above..."

"Isham Womack we can hear nothing of nor which way he removed to ..."

"Mary Mann we have lately heard was living in Amherst County about 40 years ago ..."

"Judy Hamilton no representatives can be heard of only that before or about the American Revolution they went toward the Spanish Teritory ..."

It should be noted that as late as 1810, the admistrators of William Womack were unaware that William's brother Abraham had a son Abraham Jr - the early decrees only mention Elizabeth (Womack) Cauthorn, John and Mary (Womack) Spradling, and Abner Womack as children of Abraham. James and Asa Dupuy did not know about Abraham Jr until they were contacted by Abraham Jr's son, Josiah Womack.

Much of the information conveyed by Josiah Womack is in Roger's page. However, there was also an interesting affadavit from Josiah's uncles, Richard and Wyatt Stubblefield:

State of North Carolina
Caswell County

Aggreeable to the Request of Josiah Womack of sd County & State with undernamed subscribing Justices for sd County being called on by sd Womack this 8th of March 1816 at Meredith Prices in the County and State aforesaid in order to qualify Wyatt Stubblefield of Pittsylvania County Virginia as Respects the Linage [sic] of Abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County and State Aforesaid - Also Richard Stubblefield of Rockingham County and State of North Carolina - Wiatt Stubblefield of Pittsylvania Virginia after being Duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God to Declare the truth Respecting the Linage of Abraham Womack of Caswell County North Carolina Do Say that Josiah Womack herein named is a Lawful begotten Heir of abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County North Carolina and that Abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County and state aforesaid was son of Abraham Womack Senior of Linkhorn [sic, Lincoln] County North Carolina the sd Stubblefield Do further say that Abraham Womack senior of Linkhorn County N Carolina is full brother to William Womack of Charlotte County Virginia Also to Thomas Womack of Nottoway County Virginia the sd Stubblefield Do say that Abraham Womack Senior of Linkhorn County had Heirs as follows vz by the first wife three children namely Abraham Womack Mary Womack and Elizabeth Womack by the second wife one son by name of Abner the said Wyatt Stubblefield do further say that he was Aquainted perfectly with the Womack family for about sixty five year - Richard Stubblefield of Rockingham County N Carolina after being sworn on the holy Evangelist Do say thar Josiah Womack of Caswell County N Carolina is Lawful Heir of Abraham Womack of Caswell County and that sd Abraham Womack Junr [of] Caswell N Carolina is Son to Abraham Womack of Linkhorn County North Carolina - and furthermore the sd Richard Stubblefield Doth not say taken and examined the Day and Date above mentioned in Witness whereof we hereby aknowledge this our hand and seals.
William Robertson JP
Meredith Price JP
Wyatt his X mark Stubblefield (seal)
Richd Stubblefield (seal)


All the talk of "heirs" as opposed to "children" is interesting. I take it that the Stubblefields were dancing around the issue of Abraham Womack Sr's illegitimate children, Thomas Womack and Archie Blanton, who were not legally Abraham's heirs, since they were born out of wedlock.

Much more on info from the Asa Dupuy papers to come later ...