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Notes on William W Womack Family


See WGN message, Thursday, February 12, 2004, from Doris Cox:
Agness Womack married to Edward Douglass.
Marriage bann: 14 October 1829 Pittsylvania Co VA
Marriage: 15 October 1829 Pittsylvania Co VA
Signer of Certificate: Agness W. Womack
Surety: Richard White
Minister: Rev. Griffith Dickenson, Sr.
Marriage Bann Page 93.
Marriages of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1806 - 1830 by Kathleen Booth Williams
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore
Book page 44. Book found at Library in Chatham in Pittsylvania Co VA.

Shelby Co, TN marriages
27 Jul 1835, G L Douglas Security, #873, Joseph L Waller to Agnes W Douglas.
25 Feb 1834, L R Brown security, #816, Joseph Smith to Sarah W Womack.
1 Oct 1838, R A Motly security, #1151, C Parr to Sarah W Smith, Executed 4 Oct 1838 by Henry L Moran MG.

In 1880, Womacks were in Union Twp, White co, AR.

Somehow listed as "Horndel" in 1860. Probably a mistake copying the name "Wormack".

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Union, White, Arkansas; Roll M653_52; Page: 915; Image: 443; Family History Library Film: 803052.
House 667
W W Horndel 50 M W Farmer 800 500 VA -- William W(atson?) Womack
E Horndel 25 F W TN -- Elizabeth (LNU) Womack, should be 45
S H Horndel 26 M W Farmer TN -- Stephen C(oleman?) Womack
Wm Horndel 17 M W Farmer TN -- William Womack, birthplace should be MS
John Horndel 14 M W TN -- John Womack, birthplace should be MS
Martha Horndel 10 F W TN -- Martha Womack, birthplace should be MS
E Horndel 8 F W TN -- Elizabeth Womack, should be 12, birthplace should be MS
N Horndel 6 F W TN -- Nancy Womack, birthplace should be MS
Nancy Horndel 36 F W TN -- Nancy (Sandeford) Womack, should be 27
C Hazlewood 26 M W TN
Mary Howe 21 F W TN

ancestry - Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900
Stephen C. Womack / Nancy W. Landeford {Sandeford} 28 Jul 1859 White AR
Kit Mooring / Martha T. Womack 18 Dec 1877 White AR
S. C. Womack / S. E. [Mrs] Hefner 22 Oct 1882 White AR
E. D. Womack / Martha Adams 5 Nov 1885 White AR
W. F. Womack / Fannie E. Armstrong 17 Dec 1885 White AR
Henry T. Ausburn / Elizabeth Warmac 19 Aug 1866 White AR
John T. Wormack / Lizer R. Harrison 29 Dec 1867 White AR

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Precinct 5, Hill, Texas; Roll M593_1591; Page: 458A; Image: 434; Family History Library Film: 553090.
House 19
Osborn, Patrick H 26 M W Farmer -- 150 AL
Osborn, Elizabeth 22 F W MS -- Elizabeth (Womack) Osborne
John E 3 M W TX
Ephraim B 87 M W Physician NC
Nancy 69 F W VA

LDS has Patrick Henry Osborne (son of Ephraim Brevard Osborne & Nancy Smith) married to Elizabeth June Womack. White Co, AR marriage records have Henry T [should be P] Ausburn to Elizabeth Warmac, 19 Aug 1866. Named as daughter Elizabeth H Osborn in will of William W Womack (indexed as William V Warmack) in White Co, AR, dated 11 May 1867.

Nancy Sandeford who married Stephen C(oleman) Womack was the grandaughter of Stephen Coleman McDaniel (brother of Sarah McDaniel who married Charles Womack) and Lockey Douglass, who was probably related to Edward Douglass who married Agness W Womack.

See - says Edward C Douglass (who married Agness W Womack) was the son John and Elizabeth McDaniel Douglas. They also had a son, George Livingston Douglas(s) who was probably the G L Douglas who acted as security for marriage of Agness W (Womack) Douglas to Joseph Waller.

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Halifax County, Virginia Womack Deeds

Halifax County, Virginia Womack Deeds - these are very rough abstracts

Book 1, p.309, 27 May 1757, Richard Womack of Lunenburg to Patrick Shealds of Prince Edward, 870 acres, part of patent to Richard Womack 5 Feb 1757. Jacob Womack one of the witnesses.

Book 2, p.83, 20 Dec 1759, Richard Womack of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg, to Robert Peek (or Peck) of St Patrick Parish, Prince Edward, 400 acres, part of patent to Richard Womack 5 Feb 1757.

Book 2, p.224, 18 Sep 1760, Richard Anderson, Paulin Anderson & John Watkins of Amelia to Isham Womack of Halifax, half of 400 acre tract, other half to Charles Cauthron {husband of Elizabeth Womack}.

Book 2, p.226 - 18 Sep 1760, Richard Anderson, Paulin Anderson & John Watkins of Amelia to Charles Cawthron {husband of Elizabeth Womack} of Halifax, half of 400 acre tract.

Book 4, p.22 - 14 Apr 1762, Robert Wormock (or Warmock) of Halifax to James Dillard, a horse and other items.

Book 4, p.31 - 14 Jun 1762, Robert Warmock & wife Mary Ann of Halifax to Thomas Duncan of same, horses, cattle, etc.

Book 5, p.252 - 14 Nov 1764, Daniel Dean of Halifax to Jacob Womack of Orange Co, NC, 207 acres.

Book 5, p.227 - 18 Oct 1764, Isham Womack & wife Elizabeth of Halifax to Champness Terry of same, 200 acres.

Book 6, p.95 - 18 Sep 1766, Charles Cothran {husband of Elizabeth Womack} of Halifax to Obediah Russell of same, 200 acres.

Book 7, p.267 - 1 Nov 1768, Daniel Hudson & wife Tabitha of Charlotte Co to Abraham Womack of Halifax, 480 acres, Beavers Creek.

Book 8, p.31 - 8 Feb 1768, William Womack Sr of Cumberland Co to Charles Womack of Cumberland Co, 315 acres. William Doss and Sussaner {sic, Susannah Womack} Doss witnesses.

Book 8, p.205 - 15 May 1771, Richard Womack of Charlotte Co to Thomas Owen of Halifax, 200 acres on Hunting Creek, witnesses Thomas Stovall, Bartholomew Stovall, Thomas Womack.

Book 8, p.211 - 15 May 1771, Richard Womack of Charlotte Co to Charles Lee of Halifax, 150 acres on Hunting Creek, witnesses Thomas Stovall, Bartholomew Stovall, Thomas Womack.

Book 9, p.40 - 2 Nov 1773, Abraham Womack of Halifax to Walter Robertson of Halifax, slave "Jim", for a debt Womack owes Robertson.

Book 11, p.408 - (blank month & day) 1779, Abraham Womack of Halifax to John Coleman of Halifax, 480 acres.

Book 12, p.85 - 24 Nov 1780, Thomas Womack & Sarah his wife of NC to Robert Owen of Halifax, 150 acres on Hunting Creek, bounded by Humphrey Brooks {who fathered child out of wedlock with Sarah Womack, dau of Thomas} & others. {NOTE: In Halifax Co, VA Pleas #5, 1764-1767, p.32, 21 Mar 1765, a deed is noted from Ambrose Cobb to Thomas Womack. The deed was apparently not copied into the deed books. This is apparenty the land Thomas & Sarah sold in 1780, since, from other Halifax deeds, Ambrose Cobb also owned land in the Hunting Creek area.}

Book 12, p.101 - 20 Feb 1783, Charles Womack of Halifax to Matt Duet Willians of Charlotte Co, 373 acres.

Book 14, p.616 - 25 Nov 1789, Abraham Womack of Halifax to William Naish of Mecklenburg Co, slave "Annina".

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American Womack Records Before 1701, Part II

This blog entry completes all known pre-1701 Womack records that were not recorded at the Henrico County, Virginia level. We did the Land Patents in Part I. Here, we have two court records at the Virginia Colony level, plus Charles City Co, VA deeds, and a letter from William Byrd I concerning the death of Richard Womack.

Subsequent entries will deal with records at the Henrico County level.

VA Colonial Council, 1670-1676, p.177, 8 Apr 1674, Jamestown, VA

Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, By Henry Read McIlwaine, published 1924, p.369.

8 Apr 1674.
Tho: Ludwell {Secretary of Virginia}
Womeck & Clarke.
The Difference Between Abra: Womeck and Wm Clarke about the estate of Wm Wm {sic} Womeck Deced. It is ordered that the Said Abra: Womeck (brother of the said William) have two thirds of his Estate, both reall {sic} and psonall {sic} and the widdow have the other Pt.

VA Colonial Government, 12 Sep 1688, Jamestown, VA

Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscipts, 1652-1781, Wm P Palmer, editor, Volume I, p.21.

John Womack vs. Jno. Granger and wife -- action for Slander. 12 Sep 1688.

Charles City Co, VA, Fragmentary Will & Deed Book 1692-1694, p.155, 5 Jun 1693

Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774 With Several 17th Century Fragments, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B Weisiger III

p.155 Deed of gift John Farley, Sr. of Apamatock in Henrico Co. for love & affection, to his son John Farley, half of my land at Blackwater in Charles City Co., which I purchased of Hercules Flood, 75 acres, being the lower part. .20 Nov. 1692
Wit: Nich. Dison, Margarett (T) Dison, Nich. (H) Dison, Jr.
Signed: John Farley
Recorded 5 June 1693
Wife of John, Sr. relinquished her dower right

p.l55 Deed John Farley, Sr. of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. for an exchange of land of John Womack of same, where he now lives, 100 acres, granted to him by his brother Richard Womack, I grant him 75 acres in Blackwater, Charles City Co., next to land I gave my son John, 75 acres. 5 June 1693
Wit: Thomas (X) Gayton, Wm Walthall, Nich. Dison
Signed: John Farley His wife Mary relinquished her dower right

{REB - Note that Prince George Co, VA was formed from Charles City Co in 1702.}

Westover (Charles City Co), VA, Letter from William Byrd I, dated 25 Apr 1684, possibly later

Copied from Markie Owen's website.

The Virginia Historical Register

Vol. 1-11-64...
Capt. Byrds Letters
James City in Virginia
April the 25th, 1684

To Thomas Grendon per Zack Taylor

Dear Sir,
This I hope will come to your hands to congratulate your safe
arrival in England, having little news to send, all being well
at your house. The General Assembly is now sitting, and your
neighbour Hill Speaker. I hope all things will go on smoothly.

Old Sturdivant, his son, Millner {,} Shipy, Womacke, and Hugh Cassell were all killed by the Indians in their returne from the Westward, about 30 miles beyond Ochanechee. What prejudice it is to mee you may guesse, they having (had they come will in) made a very advantagous journey. On Easter monday I spoke with 50 Seneca Indians about 12 miles abouve my house; they have promised to behave themselves hereafter very peaceable towards the English. I shall not trouble you further at present, but with my best respects and service to yourselfe and all our friends, wishing all health and prosperity, I am, Sir, Your reall friend and Servant
Jack Warren and Will Randolph our worthy Burgesses, frequently
drinke your health.

Pray be mindfull of my shoes and Boots & C.


The Valentine Museum indicates that the Susquehanna
Indians conducted the raid which killed the above

{REB - More on William Byrd here.

Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, Virginia M Meyer editor, p.351, footnote #18 - Marion Tinling, ed, The Correspondences of the Three William Byrds of Westover, Virginia, 1684-1776 (Charlottesvill, 1977), I, pp 15-16. The date of this letter may have been later in the yesr. Letters of administration on the estates of John Milner, Thomas Shippy, Richard Womeck (and John Davis) were granted to their widows at the same Henrico County court, 1 Aug 1684, and all of these men's inventories show some connection with the Indian trade: Indian boys and girls, trading knives, a tomahawk, Indian baskets (Henrico Co Wills & Deeds 1677-92, pp. 282-290). The Occaneechee Trail or Path led from Fort Henry (Petersburg) through Ocaneechee Town (near present Clarksville, Meklenburg County), close to the forks of the Dan and Roanoke Rivers. Twenty miles west of that would be present Person Co, NC.

American Womack Records Before 1701, Part I

This is the first of a series of blog enties on the earliest (pre 1701) Womack records in America.

This first entry is the Virginia Land Patents which mention Womacks. See Virginia Land Patents. This data comes from the book series Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volumes 1-8. All of these patents can all be viewed at the Library of Virginia here:

Land Patents were kept at the Virginia Colony/State capital, which was Jamestown until 1699 when it was moved to Williamsburg, and then moved to the current capitol, Richmond, in 1780.

The following are ALL the land patents that mention Womacks before 1701. There is an undocumented assertion that William Womack recieved a patent in 1657 or 1665. This patent has never been found, and I will address it and other fictional/dubious assertions in a later blog entry.

My notes and comments in {}.

VA Land Patent, Book 2, p.94, 20 Nov 1646, Charles City Co, VA

David Jones, 650 acs. Charles City Co, 20 Nov 1646, p.94. Bet 2 creeks opposite against Taphanna Marsh upon the northerly side of the River, being a neck of land ESE upon David Jones Cr 300 acs by former patent & 350 acs due for trans of 7 pers: Richard Wolfe, Tho. Peacock, Peteer Debar, Ja. Thompson, Fra. Rocke, Margaret Weym'ke (Weymarke), Mary Hunter.

{REB - I do not believe Margaret was a Womack, but the name is similar.}

VA Land Patent, Book 6, p.447, 15 Mar 1673 (OS 1672), Henrico Co, VA

Richard Womack, 450 A, 3 R, 8 P, Henrico Co, N side of Appomattock Riv, 15 Mar 1672/3, p.447. At a br of Ashen Sw, adj John Puckett; the Spring Run, Mr Baugh; nigh the Round Slash; to Major Harris, &c. Trans of 9 pers: Sarah Johnson, John Adams, Mary Cooke, Jane Hayes, Jane Barrett, Tho. Browne, Joan Grigory, Jane Treble, An. Percer.

VA Land Patent, Book 6, p.454, 26 May 1673, Henrico Co, VA

James Akin & Richd Womack, 335 acs, Henrico Co, N Side Appamattock Riv, 26 May 1673, p.454. At the head of Tho Wells; to Finton's run, &c. 250 acs granted said Akin 20 Oct 1665 {Patent Book 5, p.517}, 85 acs due them for the trans of 2 pers: Philip Childers, Ann Daily.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.75, 23 Apr 1681, Henrico Co, VA

Mr George Browning, 37 A, 2 R, 8 P, Henrico Co, in Varina Par, 23 Apr 1681, p.75. Adj Mr Liggon; Abraham Womacke; Thomas Sheppey; Thomas Jones; &c. Tran of 1 pers. {not named}.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.200, 20 Nov 1682, Henrico Co, VA

Wm Pucket & Tho Pucket, 757 acs, Henrico Co, Bristol Par, N ide of Appamatox Riv, 20 Nov 1682, p.200. The first 50 acs next above Mr Wm Baugh, on Pierce's Toile Cr' 300 acs wherof beg on sd Cr, at the Spring Bottom; to the Ashen Sw; along the line of Mr Walthal; &c; 257 acs adj Richard Womeck; & John Puckett; &c. 500 acs granted John Pucket 27 Jan 1665 {Patent Book 5, p.589, John Pockett}, & bequeathed to his 2 sons: Wm & Thomas; 257 for the trans of 6 pers: Jone White, Alce ___, Patrick Foster, Robt. Tovey (or Povey), John Edwards, Gil. Pucket.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.250, 16 Apr 1683, Henrico Co, VA

Mr Joseph Tanner & Mr Richard Wamocke, 206 A, 1 R, & 20 P, Henrico Co, in Bristoll Par, on N side of Appomattock Riv, 16 Apr 1683, p.250. Beg at Major Wm Harris, to the Holy Ground Slash; to maine br of Ashen Sw; &c. Trans of 5 pers: Tho. Bayes, Richd. Perrot, David Salisbury, Tho. White, Hen. Boyce.

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.46, 21 Apr 1690, Henrico Co, VA

John Scott (or Stott), 206 A, 1 R, 20 P, Henrico Co, in Bristoll Par on N Side of Appomattock Riv, 21 Apr 1690, p.46. Beg at Maj Wm Harris; on the Holy Ground Slah; down maine br of the Ashen Sw; to Richard Waymock (Wamock). Granted Mr Joseph Tanner & Mr Richard Waymock, 16 Apr 1683 {Bk 7, p.250, see above}, deserted, & now passed by order, &c. Imp of 5 pers. {not named}.

{REB - the desertion of the 206 acres probably coincides with death of Richard Womack prior to 9 Aug 1684 (Henrico Co, VA 1677-1692 Will & Deed Book, p.285).}

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.172, 20 Oct 1691, Henrico Co, VA

Mr John Worsham, Mr Edward Straton (Stratton), & Mr Abraham Womack, 879 acs in Henrico Co, Verina Par, N side of Swift Cr, 20 Oct 1691, p.172. Beg at the mouth of Cold Water Run. Imp of 18 pers: Richard Lewis, Judith Lewis, Sarah Somerseal, Clemens Proveer, John Stewart, Wm. Migettoe, James Butlidge, John Bull, Eliza. Pain; Dick, Tom, Nan, Peter Negroes; 5 Negroes by Cert. granted Mr Rich. Kennon for 70 Negroes by Hen. Co. Ct., 1 Apr 1690.

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.216, 19 Apr 1692, Henrico Co, VA

Mr Abraham Womack Senr, 269 acs, Henrico Co, 19 Apr 1692, p.216, 200 acs purchased of Gilbert Deikon; the residue being King's land; beg on line of Gilbert Elam, dividing this from Wm Clark; adj Edward Stratton; Hugh Ligon; the Granery road; & Thomas Shippey. Imp of 2 pers: Tom & Sue.

{See Patent Book 4, p.9, Gilbert Deacon, 7 Oct 1655, 324 acs, adj Tho Sheppey & Elam, grant renewed on 18 Mar 1662; also Bk 5, p.125, George Browning, 10 Jun 1663, 400 acres between the land of one Clark, Henry Lawne, Gilbert Deacon, and Robert Elan; also Bk 7, p.455, William Clarke, 20 Apr 1685, 124 acres escheated land. Formerly granted to Gilbert Deacon.}

VA Land Patent, Book 9, p.161, 15 Oct 1698, Henrico Co, VA

Abraham Womeck, 200 acs, Henrico Co, 15 Oct 1698, p.161. Escheated from Gilbert Deacon, by inquisition under Wm Randolph, Esqr, Esch'r, &c.

{This was part of the 269 acres granted to Abraham Womack in Bk 8, p.216 (see above). Gilbert Deacon was granted 324 acres on 7 Oct 1655 (Bk 4, p.9). Sometime before 23 Apr 1681, Abraham Womack purchased 200 of the 324 acres, since on 23 Apr 1681, he was listed as owning land adjacent to George Browning (Bk 7, p.75, see above). Gilbert Deacon apparently kept the remaining 124 acres. However, he apparently had failed to pay taxes on any of the land, including the 200 acres he sold Abraham Womack. The 124 acres of land was escheated (returned to the crown) for failure to pay taxes. On 20 Apr 1685, William Clarke got a grant for the 124 acres (escheated land, formerly granted to Gilbert Deacon), but Abraham Womack was in hot water concerning the back-taxes on the other 200 acres until an inquistion was held by Esq William Randolph, and Abraham was re-granted the land in this patent. Thus, Abraham Womack and William Clarke were neighbors, each owning part of the former land of Gilbert Deacon. They would later have a court battle over their property line (Henrico Co, VA 1678-1693 Order Book, p.310). Also, this William Clarke married the widow (name unknown) of William Womack, Abraham's brother (Minutes of the General Court of Virginia, 1670-1676, p.177; Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, By Henry Read McIlwaine, published 1924, p.369).}

VA Land Patent, Book 9, p.168, 15 Oct 1698, Henrico Co, VA

John Puckett, 257 acs, Henrico Co, adj Richard Womecke; down the Spring Bottom; to Mr William Baugh, &c; 15 Oct 1698, p.168. Part of 757 acs granted to William Pockett & Thomas Pockett, 20 Nov 1682 {Bk 7, p.200, see above}, deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Trans of 6 pers: Thomas Peterson, Wm Nicholas, Mary Nicholas, Hen. Drewery, Peter Morgan, Robt.Dolby.