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Ingram Genealogy, Part III

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Charlton Ingram had 3 Kentucky Land Grants:

Ancestry, Kentucky Land Grants

Grantee Acres Book Survey Date County WaterCourse
Ingram, Chalton 400 11 23 Mar 1805 Livingston Cumberland R
Ingram, Chalton 150 18 9 Jul 1805 Livingston Cumberland R
Ingram, Charlton 11 xxx 7 30 Nov 1838 Trigg Little R

As discussed in an earlier post, I believe Charlton's mother was named Susannah (1790 Caswell tax list, also Charlton's brother John had a daughter named Susannah Ingram). Charlton Ingram married Lucy Womack and his first cousin, Benjamin Ingram, married Lucy's sister, Ann "Nancy" Womack.

Benjamin Ingram and wife Nancy Womack lived in Pendleton Co, SC from about 1792 to about 1802, then they moved to Livingston Co, KY (the part which became Caldwell in 1809). They must have returned to Caswell Co, NC before going to KY, since Benjamin Ingram was there 1 Sep 1803 when he recieved his share of Abraham Womack's estate. From deed records of Pendleton Co, SC, and from tax records of Caldwell Co, KY, I guessed that Benjamin's parents were James Ingram and Catherine LNU.

Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories, By Junie Estelle Stewart King

Livingston Co, KY, Book A, 1799-1818
INGRAM, JAMES. Oct 4 1806. April 1807. Wife: Caty. Children mentioned but not named. Ex: Benjamin Ingram (son), Samuel Burton (son-in-law). Wit: Moses Ingram, Falton East.

Note the witness Moses Ingram, who was son of Charlton Ingram.

This will abstract verified my theory. Benjamin wrote his own will a couple years later, and it mentions his father's estate, and that his mother was still living.

I suspected that Benjamin's father James was brother to Charlton's father Benjamin. So, I looked for a James married to a Catherine, with brother Benjamin married to Susannah. See

Here, we have Benjamin Ingram married to Susannah Coin (I think she was actually Susannah Quine), and James Ingram married to Catherine Young. I am sure these are the correct Ingrams, and that they came from Baltimore Co, MD (the part which became modern Harford Co, MD) to Orange Co, NC (the part which became modern Caswell Co, NC) between 1770 and 1772. They were part of a larger migration of people from Maryland to North Carolina, including the families of Miles, Slade, Wright, Poteat (Poteet), and Richardson. Benjamin Ingram and James Ingram were the sons of John Ingram and Mary Peasley. See "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" (which is available on for more info on this Ingram family in Maryland. The will of John Ingram is in Maryland Calendar of Wills: 1732-1738 By Jane Baldwin Cotton.

In Maryland, deeds could be registred with the county or the colony government.

Compare these two deeds:

Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records, Vol 4, 1767-1775, by John Davis

19 Nov 1770, Isaac & Mary Wright, William & Sarah Wright, Abraham & Averilla Wright (sons and heirs of William Wright), planters, of Baltimore Co, MD to Corbin Lee, 166 pounds, 500 acres patented 12 Aug 1696, by Edward Felk, who devised to his cousin Edward Pigg, who sold to Samuel Maxwell, who sold to William Wright Sr. Signed Isaac (x) Wright, William (x) Wright and Abraham Wright. Wit: J Beale Howard and James Gittings.

Provincial Court Land Records, 1770-1774 (Maryland State Archives Website)

21 Nov 1770, Benjamin Ingram of Baltimore Co, planter to Corbin Lee of Baltimore Co and Robert Alexander, Esq of Baltimore Co, 138 pounds, land called Michael's Chance, 100 acres. Signed Benjamin (B) Ingram, Corbin Lee, Robt Alexander. Wit: J Beale Howard and Jas Gittings. 21 Nov 1770, Benjamin Ingram acknowledged deed, wife Susannah relinquished dower. Recorded 27 Apr 1771.

So, we have two deeds of land bought by Corbin Lee, with same witnesses, two days apart. The first deed was recorded in Baltimore County, MD, and the second with the Province (or colony) of Maryland.

According to Baltimore County Families 1659-1759 by R.W. Barnes, the three Wright brothers above had a fourth brother, Jacob Wright. I found this marriage record:

Ancestry, Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777

Wright, Jacob to Priscilla Ingram, 4 Aug 1765, 2 BA 228
meaning Baltimore County - 2 BA - St. John's and St' George's Parish; copy made by Harrison at MHS [Maryland Historical Society]. (Despite the title of the manuscript, the records are chiefly those of St. John's Parish.)

Note that in Caswell Co, NC, James Ingram (son of Benjamin/Susannah) had a daughter named Priscilla Ingram (married Moses Allen). James also had a son named Benjamin Ingram who married Priscilla Wright.

Ingram men were the bondsmen for four Wright marriages in Caswell before 1850, indicating a strong connection between these families. There were also lots of deed records in Caswell talking about Ingram and Wright together.

Abraham Wright and Jacob Wright were in Caswell Co, NC in the 1777 tax list near the Ingrams. Isaac Wright died in 1774 in Orange Co, NC before Caswell was formed in 1777 (see below). So far, I have found no record that brother William Wright came to Orange/Caswell.

Ancestry, Abstracts of wills recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1800

A-174 Will of ISAAC WRITE of St. Mathew's Parish.
Dated 26 May 1772, proved Aug 1774. Wife: Mary
sons: Zacharias and Isaac, both under age.
"Rest of my estate to be equally divided amongst all my children: Providence, Zacharias, Mary and Isaac Write."
Executrix: wife Mary.
Witnesses: Bridger Haynie, Benjamin Ingram, Abraham Miles.

This is the first record of Benjamin Ingram in North Carolina. Here, he witnesses the will of Isaac Wright, the same Isaac Wright with wife Mary who sold sold their land to Corbin Lee in Baltimore Co, MD two days before Benjamin Ingram with wife Susannah sold their land to Corbin Lee in Baltimore Co, MD. Note that one of the other witnesses, Abraham Miles, was the son of Thomas Miles, and this family has been proved to come from Baltimore Co, MD to Caswell Co, NC (see the book Marylanders to Carolina).

Issac Wright married Mary Richardson in Baltimore Co, MD on 19 May 1761. Early Caswell tax lists show Lawrence Richardson and James Richardson living near Ingram and Miles families in Caswell; both Lawrence Richardson and James Richardson have records in Baltimore Co, MD. Isaac Wright's son Zacharias or Zachariah was born about 1762 in Maryland; he married Polly Hayes 24 Dec 1793 in Caswell, and according to researchers of this family, moved to Grayson Co, VA (the part which became Carroll Co, VA). He was alive for the 1850 Census, listed as 88 years old, born in Maryland. Issac Wright's daughter Providence Wright married Richard Haddock on 29 Jul 1796 in Caswell with bondsman Lawrence Richardson.

There was another Isaac Wright near the Ingrams in Caswell: A Caswell deed record gives his mother as Mary, and his sister's names. At first, I thought this was the son of Isaac Wright and Mary Richardson, but there seems to be too many discrepancies - the names of this Isaac's sisters do not match the daughters of the Isaac who made his will in 1772. This Isaac was probably the son of Abraham Wright, brother of Isaac who made his will in 1772. If so, Abraham Wright married a second time to Mary LNU, because his first wife was Avarilla Harryman (the marriage record in Baltimore Co, MD says Abraham Wright, 20 Feb 1759, to Avarilla Harryman, 2 BA 218).

I have not seen the Ingrams in the 1777 tax list of Caswell, but according to ancestry, there was Benjamin Ingram, John Ingram, and two James Ingrams. I think this was Benjamin Ingram (wife Susannah Quine), his sons John and James, and his brother James Ingram (wife Catherine Young). Benjamin's son Charlton was born 30 Jul 1757, thus not quite 21 in 1777, and probably still living with his father.

A 1783 Caswell deed mentions land of James Ingram, Jr. Benjamin Ingram had a son James Ingram, and one grandson I know of named James Ingram, John's son, who was either a child or not born yet in 1783. Remember that the terms Sr and Jr did not imply a father/son relationship back then, just that two people had the same name and one was older or younger. I think the James Ingram Jr in the 1783 deed was Benjamin's son James, and that he was called Junior to distinguish from his uncle, James Ingram (wife Catherine Young).

From Pendleton Co, SC deeds, and South Carolina land records, James Ingram was in Pendleton by maybe as early as 1785, certainly by 1790 when he was on the census there (also in 1800). James's sons Benjamin and William were also there in census records (Benjamin in 1800, William in 1790 and 1800). James's son-in-law, Samuel O Burton, was also in Pendleton, and Benjamiin Ingram witnessed a deed for Samuel Burton there. I will come back to Pendleton records.

Back to old Maryland records.

Ancestry, Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777

Ingram, Benjamin, 5 Jan 1743, Susannah Coin, 2 BA 189
Ingram, James, 25 Aug 1752, Catherine Young, 2 BA 206
[Baltimore County, MD, St. John's Parish]

Susannah Coin is the only Coin in early Maryland marriage records, so at first I thought the name was Cain, but now I am sure it was Quine.

See the will of Walter James, written 2 Apr 1751 in Baltimore Co, MD in Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 10: 1748-1753 By F. Edward Wright. Note that Walter James was one of the bondsmen on the administration of the estate of Mary Peasley Ingram (Benjamin's mother).

Note that the will mentions Susannah Ingram, to whom Walter James left cattle and slaves, which was quite a large inheritance, since slaves were very valuable. I believe Susannah Quine Ingram was the step-daughter of Walter James.

The book St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers, 1696-1851 By Henry C. Peden mentions Jane Quine, daugter of William and Elizabeth born 20 June 1713 in Baltimore Co, MD. Later, it mentions Jane Quine marrying William Detter on 6 Oct 1736. William Detter was actually William Ditto, who was from a French Huguenot family which originally spelled the name Ditteau. I believe that William Quine died, and his widow Elizabeth married Walter James.

Walter James's will does not mention a wife, so Elizabeth must have died before 2 Apr 1751. The book "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" (which is available on mentions that Walter James and wife Elizabeth bought land in 1740 from Samuel Maxwell (see above, he sold land to William Wright, Sr). So, Walter James's wife was named Elizabeth. Note the sentence in Walter James's will: "only one bag of feathers JANE ditto". This was Jane Quine Ditto, wife of William Ditto!!! The person who transcibed the will must have thought it was "ditto" meaning "repeat", often abbreviated in old documents as "do" or with a quote mark.

By the way, the Ditto family must be hard to research, since it is such a common word. It reminds me of when I was researching the File family. Try doing a google search for File!!!

Back to Walter James's will - he calls Walter James [Jr] his son, and Priscilla James (another Priscilla!) his daughter. It seems he calls Henry Quine his son, and the will's language is a little confusing about this; certainly Henry Quine sometimes went by Henry James in Baltimore records. I think that Susannah Ingram, Jane Ditto, William Ingram, and Elizabeth Denton were the step-children of Walter James Sr by his marriage to the widow Elizabeth LNU Quine, widow of William Quine.

Priscilla James, daughter of Walter James Sr, married Salathiel Galloway on 28 Sep 1753, and he died in 1756, with widow Priscilla administering the estate with bond from Benjamin Ingram and Henry James (aka Henry Quine).

In 1750, Benjamin Ingram and William Grover were bond on the administation of the estate of Oliver Harriott. No idea how or if Harriott is related to Ingram or Quine. However, William Grover may be related. See Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records: 1727-1757 By John David Davis. William Quine and wife Martha of Baltimore Co in 1748 to William Grover for love and affection 8 acres. This must be William Quine Jr, brother of Benjamin Ingram's wife, Susannah Quine. Also, Martha, wife of William Quine Jr, may have been Martha Ingram, because John Ingram (Benjamin's brother) mentioned in his 1738 will brothers-in-law William Quine and Humphrey Tudor, and brothers Benjamin Ingram and James Ingram, with William Wright (possibly the William Wright Sr above?) one of the witnesses.

The 1786 tax list of Caswell Co, NC show three Quines in Caswell District of Caswell County: William Quine (right after John Ingram), Mary Quine (2 after James Ingram), and Benjamin Quine (right before Abram Miles). Quine is a very rare name. It would be extemely coincidental for these Quines in Caswell Co, NC not to be the same Quines in Baltimore Co, MD. Several other Caswell records show Quine and Ingram together. For example, John Ingram and Charlton Ingram were buyers at the estate sale of William Quine in 1800. See Lumbee Indians and Goins Family, William Quine witnessed deeds for both James Ingram and Charlton Ingram in Caswell.

I mentioned above that John Ingram Jr (Benjamin's brother) named Humphrey Tudor as a brother-in-law; he was married to Dorcas Ingram, Benjamin's sister. After Humphrey died, Dorcas married an Abraham Wright, and church records show they had a son Solomon. This Abraham Wright must have been somehow related to the William Wright Sr, father of the four Wright brothers, three of whom came to Caswell (and one of them, Jacob Wright, married Priscilla Ingram).

Enough for tonight, I will post more on Ingrams later.

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Ingram Genealogy, Part II

Here are some Ingram marriages in Caldwell Co, KY (

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Banister
Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1810 Oct. 21

Name:Mahala Ingram
Spouse: Rebecca Randolph
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:Thomas Malone
Spouse: Matilda Ingram
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:John Poach
Spouse: Catherine Ingram
Marriage Date: 15 Feb 1813 Feb. 28

Name:Wm Chambers
Spouse: Sally Ingram
Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1816 Sept. 26, Henry Darnall

Name:Charlton Ingram
Spouse: Elizabeth Flemming
Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1817

Name:Milton C. Ingram
Spouse: Cynthia Harris
Marriage Date: 09 Jan 1821 14 Jan., Joel Smith

Name:Charles Jones
Spouse: Tamsey Ingram
Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1821

Name:William Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Lowry
Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1821

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Thetford
Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1825 Holloway Collie, J. P

At least three children of Charlton Ingram and Lucy Womack were married in Caldwell Co, KY: Mahala, Matilda, and Milton.

Charlton Ingram married his second wife, Elizabeth Flemming, in Caldwell on 24 Jun 1817. His first wife, Lucy Womack, had died Nov 1816, per the William Peoples Womack family record:

Charlton Ingram was on Caldwell Co, KY tax lists from 1809 (the year Caldwell was formed from Livingston Co, KY) to 1825, when we presume Charlton died. See

The 1790 "Census" of Caswell Co, NC is here: Note that the actual Census for 1790 Caswell Co, NC was lost, and this list is recreated from tax lists. I have not seen the actual tax list, but I understand it has more info than just names. John, James, and Charlton Ingram (all sons of Benjamin Ingram) appear in Caswell District. A James Ingram and a Susannah Ingram appear in Richmond District. I think the James Ingram in Caswell District and the James Ingram in Richmond District were the same man, since I looked at Caswell Co, NC deed book, and James Ingram owned a lot of land. I believe Susannah Ingram was the widow of Benjamin Ingram, who had died in 1789, and in July 1789, his 640 acre tract had been divided between his sons James, John, and Charlton Ingram.

Several explanations have been given for the relationship of Charlton Ingram who married Lucy Womack and Benjamin Ingram who married Ann "Nancy" Womack. Some have Benjamin as the son of Benjamin who died 1789, but that Benjamin had just 3 sons (James, John, and Charlton) per the July 1789 Caswell court record.

Another incorrect explanation was that Benjamin Ingram who married Nancy Womack was the son of James Ingram, son of Benjamin who died 1789. However, James Ingram's 1792 will calls his son Benjamin Ingram one of his youngest sons, and Caswell records indicate this Benjamin Ingram had a gaurdian as late as 1802, thus wan not yet 21 years old in 1802. See There is no way that this Benjamin Ingram was the one who married Nancy Womack in 1786.

Other incorrect explanations include incorrect origins of the Caswell Co, NC Ingram family in Virginia. I will get to those later. The Ingrams in Caswell Co, NC did not come from Virginia.

Charlton Ingram was accidentilty listed twice in the 1800 Census of Caswell Co, NC:

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 121; Image: 127.

Chalton Ingram 30210 - 21010

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 102; Image: 108.

Chattan Ingram 21210 - 21010

Charlton Ingram was missed in the 1810 Census of Caldwell Co, KY, though tax records reveal he was there. Several other Ingram families were in the Caldwell tax records but missed in the 1810 Census, including Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack. Also missed was William Womack, Charlton's brother-in-law.

Charlton Ingram was in the 1820 Census of Caldwell Co, KY:

Source Citation: Year: 1820; Census Place: , Caldwell, Kentucky; Roll M33_19; Page: 34; Image: 38.

Charlton Ingram 000101 - 01110

He is near other Ingram families and other related and allied families. He is listed right after David Benton, married to Mary Womack, the sister of Charlton's first wife Lucy Womack, though Lucy had died Nov 1816.

In my next post on Ingram genealogy, I'll talk about Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack.

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Ingram Genealogy

Ingram is not one of my personal lines, but one I got interested in while researching my Womack family. Abraham Womack Jr and Elizabeth Stubblefield had several children, including Lucy Womack who married Charlton Ingram (often spelled Chalton Ingram), and Ann "Nancy" Womack who married Benjamin Ingram.

Both marriages occurred in Caswell Co, NC:

Groom: Charton Ingram
Bride: Lucy Wamack
Bond Date: 2 Nov 1778
Bond #: 000016142
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008329
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: Benjamin Ingram
Witness: Wm Campbell

Groom: Benjamin Ingram
Bride: Nancey Womack
Bond Date: 9 May 1786
Bond #: 000016143
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008851
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: William Cochran
Witness: H Haralson, Deputy Clerk

Abraham Womack [Jr] made his will in Caswell Co, NC on 15 Sep 1796, and it was probated Oct 1800. Among his children, he mentions Lucy Engram and Nancy Engram. Full text of will is here:

We also have a Bible record for Abraham Womack's family:

From the bible, we know Lucy Womack was born 16 Jun 1761, and Ann "Nancy" Womack was born 21 Sep 1758. Both were likely born in Virginia.

Related to this Bible is a family record in possession of William Peoples Womack (son of Josiah, grandson of Abraham), in which it states that William Womack (Abraham's son) died Jan 1820, and Lucy Womack (Ingram, Abraham's daughter) died Nov 1816.

Abraham's son Josiah Womack was the executor of the will. He collected several receipts from the heirs, which are in Abraham's probate file in Caswell.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd one bed and furniture in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 12 day of April AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: Betsey Womack was Elizabeth Womack, who was Abraham's daughter and not yet married when Abraham died. She lived in Caswell, and thus we can be sure that Charlton Ingram was also in Caswell on 12 Apr 1803.

NOTE 2: Charlton / Chalton's mark consisted of his initials, C I, but the I had a small bar drawn through the middle. This mark is the same on the letter of William Womack, below.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd 5 s [5 shillings?] in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 1st day of September AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Benj Ingram

NOTE: This proves Benjamin, husband of Ann "Nancy" Womack, was in Caswell Co, NC on 1 Sep 1803.

Dear Brother,
You will please pay to our Brother [-in-law] Chalton Ingram the Balance of my Legacy Coming to me after Satisfying your self Agreeable to my letter and this Shall be your Receipt for the same. Given under my hand this 16th day of December 1804.
Wm Womack
To Mr. Josiah Womack
Test Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: William Womack (eldest son of Abraham) and Charlton Ingram must have been far from Caswell on 16 Dec 1804, though it appears Charlton Ingram returned to Caswell with this letter. I think that on 16 Dec 1804, William Womack and Charlton Ingram were both in Tennessee or Kentucky.

The Abraham Womack [Jr] probate file also contains receipts to Betsey Womack (Abraham's daughter) on 23 Dec 1800 witnessed by William Bethell; to Joseph Brackin (husband of Sina Womack, Abraham's daughter) on 9 Jan 1801 witnessed by Wm Bethell; and a final report to the Caswell County Court on 16 Sep 1809 stating that Josiah Womack had given every Legatee of Abraham Womack Decd their legacy, except for David Benton (married to Mary Womack, Abraham's daughter) who had refused to accept his legacy of 5 shillings.

Charlton Ingram also has a Bible record:

Note "Luck ? W. Ingram b. 16 June 1761". This is Charlton's wife, Lucy Womack, and her birth date in Charlton's Bible matches that in Josiah Womack's Bible (link above). Charlton's birth date is given as 30 Jul 1757.

Some researchers have Lucy Womack as Lucy Rachel Womack. I have no idea where the Rachel came from, and I have found zero proof of this.

The Bible probably belonged to Charlton and Lucy's son, Amaziah Ingram, because it lists his wife, Charlotte (Saxon) Ingram, as well as their kids. It also lists all of Charlton and Lucy's kids, whose names all began with "M", other than Amaziah:

Mosses Ingram b. 5 Sept. 1780 - Moses
Mansma Duke Ingram b. 16 Jan 1783 - Marmaduke
Mahalah or Mahalak Ingram b. 29 Oct 1785 - Mahala (male)
Medesdien (?) Ingram b. 21 Feb 1788 - Medes or Medis
Amayiah(?) Ingram born 20 Oct 1790 - Amaziah
Matilda Ingram b. 23 Oct 1793 - Matilda
Milton Ingram b. 22 Oct 1796 - Milton
Milly C. Ingram 5 Sept 1799 - Milly or Mildred
Maicahe ? Ingram b. 4 April 1803 - not sure about this one
Masila Ingram b 20 July 1807 - Marilla

Darnell, Nancy / Ingram, Moses 4 Oct 1808 Tennessee Montgomery County (Ancestry, Tennessee Marriages to 1825)

More to come on this subject, including how Charlton and Benjamin Ingram (who married Lucy and Nancy Womack) were related, and the origins of this Ingram family. Will post more tomorrow, must sleep now.

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George Womack, son of Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice

George Womack, son of Thomas/Louvisa, is not generally recognized as such. However, there are records of George in Rutherford Co, NC, in Warren Co, TN, and he is next to his brother Abraham Womack in the 1830 Census of Pope Co, IL. His wife was Margaret LNU. This Margaret has been claimed as wife of James Womack, George's brother, but that is incorrect.

George Womack - born 1780-1790, NC, died before 1840
Margaret LNU - born c1794 SC
George Washington Womack - c1820 TN
John G Womack - c1823 TN
Sarah J Womack - c1826 TN
Shepherd F Womack - c1827 TN
Green B Womack - c1831 IL (moved to Nebraska)

Sarah J Womack Mick thought to be dau of George/Margaret because she fits with girl in HH in 1830 and 1840, she is near her brothers in 1860, she had son named Green B.

Illinois Marriages to 1850

Brinkley, Larindy to Womack, Stephan F. [Shepherd F] 7 Oct 1849 Illinois Gallatin County

Meek, John to Wommack, Sarah 2 Jun 1845 Illinois Gallatin County

Stephens, Darcus Ann to Womack, George 12 Sep 1845 Illinois Pope County

1850 Census -
Hardin Co, IL - G W Womack (30, TN) & family
also, enumerated in Tazewell Co, IL as Washington Womack (40, KY)
Pope Co, IL - Shepherd Wormack (22, TN) & John Wormack (27, IL)
Margaret (LNU) Womack, widow of George, missed in 1850
Green B Womack missed, probably with mother
Sarah (Womack) Mick, wife of John W Mick, missed in 1850

John W Mick (34, IL) / Sarah Mick (34, IL) - children Charles R, Green B, Emma A
p.80, house 565
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 237.

Sarah J Mick, 43, TN - Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Township 11 Range 6, Pope, Illinois; Roll: M593_270; Page: 452; Image: 89.

Shepherd F Womack (33, TN) & family, including mother Margeret Womack (66, SC)
p.82, house 585
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 239.

John G Womack (36, TN) & family
p.84, house 601
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 241.

Green B Womack (28, IL) & family including brother George W Womack (40, TN)
p.69, house 484
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 12 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 226.

Rutherford Co, NC Deeds
Book 36-, p-190 6-10-1828 Deed 3-19-1811 James Womack to John C.
Elliot 100 a. for $50 land on Hinton's Creek adj. Anderson Womack's line.
Wss: Thos. Goode, George Womack, James Womack

Womack Land Enrties in Warren Co, TN
George Womack #705 9-9-1824 Grant Book 1, Sec 1. p-225. On the
waters of Mountain Creek on Concord Meeting House
Branch near Samuel Green's Boundary line. 50 acres.
Plat Book 1. P-349, Survey made 1827

1810 Rutherford Co, NC
452 (109) 5 Womack George 00010 10010
male 26-44 George
female 0-9 unknown
female 26-44 Margaret

1820 - cannot find, probably in Warren Co, TN

1830 Pope Co, IL
017 9 Wamack George 2210 001 1000 01 8
male 0-4 - Shepherd F, age 3
male 0-4 - unknown
male 5-9 - John G, age 7
male 5-9 - unknown
male 10-14 - George W, age 10
male 40-49 - George, about 45
female 0-4 - Sarah J, age 4
female 30-39 - Margaret, age 36

1840 Hardin Co, IL (Hardin created from Gallatin & Pope in 1839)
225 22 Warmick Margaret 0111 0010 0010001 6 3 Ag
male 5-9 - Green B, age 9
male 10-14 - Shepherd F, age 13
male 15-19 - John G, age 17
female 10-14 - Sarah J, age 14
female 40-49 - Margaret, age 46
female 80-89 - unknown
** Unknown where George W Womack (age 20) was in 1840.