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Ingram Genealogy, Part II

Here are some Ingram marriages in Caldwell Co, KY (

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Banister
Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1810 Oct. 21

Name:Mahala Ingram
Spouse: Rebecca Randolph
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:Thomas Malone
Spouse: Matilda Ingram
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:John Poach
Spouse: Catherine Ingram
Marriage Date: 15 Feb 1813 Feb. 28

Name:Wm Chambers
Spouse: Sally Ingram
Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1816 Sept. 26, Henry Darnall

Name:Charlton Ingram
Spouse: Elizabeth Flemming
Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1817

Name:Milton C. Ingram
Spouse: Cynthia Harris
Marriage Date: 09 Jan 1821 14 Jan., Joel Smith

Name:Charles Jones
Spouse: Tamsey Ingram
Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1821

Name:William Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Lowry
Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1821

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Thetford
Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1825 Holloway Collie, J. P

At least three children of Charlton Ingram and Lucy Womack were married in Caldwell Co, KY: Mahala, Matilda, and Milton.

Charlton Ingram married his second wife, Elizabeth Flemming, in Caldwell on 24 Jun 1817. His first wife, Lucy Womack, had died Nov 1816, per the William Peoples Womack family record:

Charlton Ingram was on Caldwell Co, KY tax lists from 1809 (the year Caldwell was formed from Livingston Co, KY) to 1825, when we presume Charlton died. See

The 1790 "Census" of Caswell Co, NC is here: Note that the actual Census for 1790 Caswell Co, NC was lost, and this list is recreated from tax lists. I have not seen the actual tax list, but I understand it has more info than just names. John, James, and Charlton Ingram (all sons of Benjamin Ingram) appear in Caswell District. A James Ingram and a Susannah Ingram appear in Richmond District. I think the James Ingram in Caswell District and the James Ingram in Richmond District were the same man, since I looked at Caswell Co, NC deed book, and James Ingram owned a lot of land. I believe Susannah Ingram was the widow of Benjamin Ingram, who had died in 1789, and in July 1789, his 640 acre tract had been divided between his sons James, John, and Charlton Ingram.

Several explanations have been given for the relationship of Charlton Ingram who married Lucy Womack and Benjamin Ingram who married Ann "Nancy" Womack. Some have Benjamin as the son of Benjamin who died 1789, but that Benjamin had just 3 sons (James, John, and Charlton) per the July 1789 Caswell court record.

Another incorrect explanation was that Benjamin Ingram who married Nancy Womack was the son of James Ingram, son of Benjamin who died 1789. However, James Ingram's 1792 will calls his son Benjamin Ingram one of his youngest sons, and Caswell records indicate this Benjamin Ingram had a gaurdian as late as 1802, thus wan not yet 21 years old in 1802. See There is no way that this Benjamin Ingram was the one who married Nancy Womack in 1786.

Other incorrect explanations include incorrect origins of the Caswell Co, NC Ingram family in Virginia. I will get to those later. The Ingrams in Caswell Co, NC did not come from Virginia.

Charlton Ingram was accidentilty listed twice in the 1800 Census of Caswell Co, NC:

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 121; Image: 127.

Chalton Ingram 30210 - 21010

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 102; Image: 108.

Chattan Ingram 21210 - 21010

Charlton Ingram was missed in the 1810 Census of Caldwell Co, KY, though tax records reveal he was there. Several other Ingram families were in the Caldwell tax records but missed in the 1810 Census, including Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack. Also missed was William Womack, Charlton's brother-in-law.

Charlton Ingram was in the 1820 Census of Caldwell Co, KY:

Source Citation: Year: 1820; Census Place: , Caldwell, Kentucky; Roll M33_19; Page: 34; Image: 38.

Charlton Ingram 000101 - 01110

He is near other Ingram families and other related and allied families. He is listed right after David Benton, married to Mary Womack, the sister of Charlton's first wife Lucy Womack, though Lucy had died Nov 1816.

In my next post on Ingram genealogy, I'll talk about Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack.

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