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James, Lorenzo, Nancy, and Ransom Womack

Some links on these Womacks: - James, Lorenzo, Nancy, and Ransom Womack

These Womacks are mentioned in the records of Big Creek Primitive Baptist Church, as well as Grand Pier Primitive Baptist Church, in Pope Co, IL and Hardin Co, IL.

The area of Pope / Hardin / Gallatin is very complex for Womack genealogy. There were at least 5 Womack families here:

1) William Womack & Rebecca LNU - sons Green, Benjamin, Levi, Joseph, Clement.
2) Abraham Womack & Unknown - sons Abraham & John Wesley
3) George Womack & Margaret LNU - sons George W, John G, Sheppard, and Green B.
4) Obediah Womack & Elizabeth Woods - see this blog post.
5) James, Lorenzo, Nancy, and Ransom Womack

There was also Walton Cox Womack in the area -
WAMICK, WALTON C WILSON, REBECCA 1837-11-01 OOA/0267 00000000 POPE

Walton had a land patent in modern-day Hardin Co, IL (then part of Pope) in 1838, which lists him as "Walton Cox Womack of Gallatin County, Illinois". He had later patents in Franklin Co, IL where he was in the 1850 and 1860 censuses. In 1870, he was enumerated as "Mathew Warmick" in Jefferson Co, IL.

I want to focus on James, Lorenzo, Nancy, and Ransom Womack, though Walton may be part of this family too.

All 4 married in Pope Co, IL:
WOMACK, RANSOM MCDONNAL, SUSANAH 1835-06-05 Q0A/0196 00000000 POPE

WOMACK, JAMES JOHN, POLLY 1836-07-28 OOA/0222 00000000 POPE

STORY, DUDLY WAMACK, NANCY 1836-12-07 OOA/0233 00000000 POPE

WAMACK, RANSOM P HOGG, MARTHA 1836-12-22 OOA/0236 00000000 POPE


Some of the families that they married into also attended the Primitive Baptist Churches - Collier, Story, Hogg.

The Hoggs in the area seem to descend from Francis R Hogg - 1840 Census of Pope Co, IL. His second wife was Aquilla Story Carter, widow of John Carter (whom she married 26 Mar 1806 in Christian Co, KY):

Carter, Aquila
Hogg, Francis
14 Jan 1816
IllinoisPope County

Interestingly, many people seem to believe that Aquilla's maiden name was Womack. I do not know why.

Martha Hogg who married Ransom P Womack was likely the daughter of Fransis R Hogg and Aquilla Story. Ransom & Martha had a son named Francis Marion Womack and a daughter Martha Jane Womack, both of whom ended up in Wayne Co, MO (though only very distantly related to the large Warmack family in that county). There is a bio on Francis Marion Womack in one of those Goodspeed-type books for Missouri that give his parents and sister.


The part in the thread about Francis Marion Womack's father being Ransom Pinckney Womack, son of Abner Womack, is entirely incorrect, since Ransom son of Abner married Nancy Burks and died in 1892 in Warren Co, TN.

Ransom Womack is on the 1840 Census of Pope Co, IL, shown in his 30s. He has two males under 5, and a female in her 30s, apparently Martha Hogg Womack. From Pope Co, IL marriage records, it appears he was married to Susannah McDonald first.

Ransom is list right after 4 Floyd families, which were also in the church records, and who came from the Bedford / Lincoln Co area of TN. They were closely related to Anthony Floyd who married Mariah Womack, dau of Michael Womack of Bedford Co, TN. So, perhaps the proximity of Ransom Womack to the Floyds is a clue.

Ransom died before 1850. I cannot find any trace of his family. Interestingly, in the 1850 Census of Pope Co, IL, in the HH of Spencer Floyd, there is a 13 year old male named Frances [sic] Vermont. Vermont does not seem like a real surname. In fact, this "Frances Vermont" is one of only 12 people in the US with the Vermont surname according to ancestry. Anyhow, I think it is possibly this was Francis Marion Womack, and that when the census was hand-copied, Womack or Warmack was mis-read as Vermont.

I know nothing more of Lorenzo Womack other than the church record mentions and his marriage to Elizabeth Collier.

It is possible that Lorenzo died soon after marriage, since there is a 1 Oct 1839 land patent for Elizabeth Womack in modern-day Hardin Co, IL (then part of Pope). This land patent was adjacent to land patents for Abraham Womack Sr, believed to be a son of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, and his soon Abraham Jr. Also, another adjacent land patent for an Elizabeth Womack (same one?) on 10 Jun 1848.

James Womack married Polly John. Ancestry has her name as Mrs Polly John. Besides the Church records, this is all I know of James. He also may have died soon after marriage and his widow may be the Mary Womack with a land patent dated 28 Jul 1838, also adjacent to Abraham Womack Sr.

Nancy Womack married Gilford Dudley Story, brother of Aquilla Story who married Francis R Hogg. Gilford also spelled Guilford. Here are the census citations for Nancy:

Nancy Story, 36, TN - Source Citation: Year: 1850; Census Place: , Pope, Illinois; Roll: M432_125; Page: 252; Image: 6.

Nancy J Story, 44, TN - Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 5 S Range 3 E, Franklin, Illinois; Roll: M653_177; Page: 532; Image: 533.

Nancy J Story, 51, TN - Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Township 6 Range 3, Franklin, Illinois; Roll: M593_221; Page: 214; Image: 430.

In 1860, the Story family was in the same township as Walton Cox Womack, exactly 40 households before Walton.

I think that James Womack may be the same James Womack who was the son of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, and who was in Warren Co, TN in the 1820 Census.

See - look for "Caney Fork". It is actually Caney Fork Primitive Baptsist Church. A James Womack was a member, and was apparently involved in an argument with a William Dunham - who coincidentally moved to Effingham Co, IL and was the grandfather of James C Cohea who married Hester Ann Womack, dau of Levi and Polly Baker Womack.

I do not know how many Womacks were Primitive Baptists, but here we have a James Womack who was a Primitive Baptist in Warren Co, TN. Then we have another James in Pope Co, IL near Abraham Womack and George Womack, who were also part of the same Warren Co, TN Womack bunch. There is a good chance they are the same James.

I think James was in Warren Co, TN in 1830, but missed in the Census. I think Susannah Womack who married Lewis Mason was his daughter; they were married by 1830. When James moved to Illinois, I think his son Arsey Womack stayed in Warren Co, TN. After James died in Illinois, I think his unmarried daughters - Sarah, Sarilda, and Dorinda - returned to Warren Co, TN where they stayed with their brother Arsey. The names Sarilda is a very rare Womack name - Walton Cox Womack had a dau named Sarilda.

Several undocumented online genealogies list James Womack's family. All have him married to a Margaret Bowers, which is bogus. The Margaret Womack in the 1840 Census of Hardin Co, IL and the 1860 Census of Pope Co, IL was the widow of George Womack, James's brother.

Some of the supposed children of James can be dismissed easily. Harriet and "Mioranni" are sometimes listed. These were Harriet and Missouri Womack, daughters of Shepherd Womack and Larinda Brinkley; Shepherd Womack was the son of George Womack & Margaret LNU.

Also, Shepherd, Green, George W, and John were not the sons of James Womack, but rather of George Womack & Margaret LNU.

A Newton Womack is sometimes listed as the son of James, but that is from confusion over the several Green Womacks in Illinois, one of whom had a brother named Newton. In any case, James was not the father of Green or Newton.

That leaves Arsey, Sarah, Sarilda, Alonzo and Walter as the commonly cited children of James.

Here is the theory:

I do not know the name of James Womack's first wife. Perhaps the church records will reveal that. His second wife was Mrs Polly Johns. Alonzo and Walter were really Lorenzo and Walton.

Here is a list of known children for James:
Ransom P
Walter Cox
Nancy m Dudley Story
Susannah m Lewis Mason
Sarah m James Mooney Green
Sarilda m Thomas Womack
Dorinda m Lewis Mason

In the 1880 Census, Dorinda was listed as born in IL. Could this be confusion from having lived there?

See - Your father's Grandmother, DORINDA WOMACK MASON was born in 1825 of native born american ????? who were the parents of 19 children. They lived at various times in KY, OH, IN, IL, TN and GA.

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Obadiah Womack

I just got a packet from National Archives. It was the pension file of David Womack, who served in the Civil War for the Union in 29th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers Infantry, Company C. From the pension index, I knew the pension went to his mother, Elizabeth Womack.

Here are some hilights from the pension file. I have been studying this family for a while, so I have some other notes, not in the pension file, that I will put between square brackets [].

David Womack, discharged 26 Jan 1865 at Kenneville, LA on Surg. Cert. of disability.
Certificate of Disability says he enlisted 1 Jan 1864 at Natchez, MS [this was a re-enlistment, enlisted first 25 Aug 1861 in Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL], born in Smith Co, TN [another part of the pension file says he was born in Franklin Co, TN], 5 ft 11 in tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, farmer, under Captain Eli W Green. Surgeon S L Chenney said he developed Phthisis Pulmonaris [sp?] from exposure, affecting both lungs. "The soldier wishes to be addressed at Town: Shawneetown, County: Gallatin, State: Illinois."

Pensioner Dropped - US Pension Agency, Chicago, IL - Elizabeth Womack Mo [Mother?], Cert No 106978, last paid $8 on 4 Sep 1881, died 16 Nov 1881, does not say where.

Dependent Mother Declaration for Army Pension - Gallatin Co, IL, 11 Jan 1866, Elizabeth Wammack, aged 56, resides at Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL, widow of Obadiah Wammack and mother of David Wamack who was a Private, Co C, 29th Reg of IL Vol Inf, pension to start 28 Feb 1865 [back-dated, I guess], Centralia Illinois Pension Agency. David Wamack died 28 Feb 1865 of consumption contracted while in the service of the US; prior to his enlistment he aided and assisted Elizabeth by his labor for over four years, that he was born to her at Franklin Co, TN on ____ [date left blank]. attest Jas B Turner, A M L M Barr. Also on 11 Jan 1866, William D Kinsall and Harriet Kinsall declared they were aquainted with Elizabeth Womack and that she was the mother of David Wamack. Jas B Barger, Clerk of the County Court.

Gallatin Co, IL, 18 Jan 1866, personally appeared before the clerk of the County Court Green B Wamack and Newton Wamack, citizens of Gallatin, deposed they were aquainted with David Wamack, late a Private, Co C, 29 Reg IL Vol Inf, and know him to be a son of Elizabeth Wamack, that they have been personally aquainted with mother and son more than 20 years. [No relationship given between Green/Newton and David/Elizabeth.] They were well aquainted with Obadiah Wamack who was the father of David and mother of Elizabeth. Obadiah abandoned his family about 20 years ago, and has not lived with or supported his wife since, and Obadiah has not been heard from for about 15 years, not known whether alive or dead; that Elizabeth is a poor woman with no real estate and personal property not worth more than $40 total. attest A M L M Barr, Wm B Elder. Signed G B Womack, Newton his X mark Womack. Jas B Barger, County Clerk.


That's pretty much ot for the pension file. I ordered the "short" file for $25 with only the papers of genealogical interest. The full file for $50 might have more.

Obadiah Womack married Elizabeth Woods on 28 Jan 1830 in Gallatin Co, IL. See the IL State Archives site:


I believe this to the correct Obadiah and Elizabeth, because I know of no other Obadiah Womack in that time frame, and because Elizabeth wound up back in Gallatin Co, IL.

Obadiah Womack is on the 1840 Census of Franklin Co, TN, a few lines from Michael Womack and Michael's son Charles Womack. Michael believed to be the son of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins who lived in Bedford Co, TN, which was adjacent to Franklin before Moore Co, TN was formed. I do not yet know how Obadiah was related to Michael.

I can find neither Obadiah nor Elizabeth in 1850. A probable son, William James Womack, was listed as James Womack, age 22, born in Illinois, in the home of Elisha H Womack in Lincoln Co, TN in the 1850 Census. Lincoln Co, TN was adjacent to both Bedford and Franklin. Elisha H Womack also believed to be a son of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins. James was listed in Elisha's HH after Elisha's known kids. The fact he was born c1827 in IL is interesting - perhaps he was the son of Obadiah by another woman before Elizabeth Woods. William James appears as W J Womack in several Lincoln Co, TN tax lists in the late 1840s near Elisha H Womack and his sons. Later censuses show William James Womack as born in TN.

Obadiah Womack apparently abandoned Elizabeth and moved to Coahoma Co, MS. He appears to have gone back and forth between Coahoma Co, MS and Monroe Co, AR. He married someone, possibly a Miss Moses, and had David Obadiah Womack and William T Womack by her. Odd that he named sons in his new family David and William after having a David and William in his first family. In the 1860 Census, Obadiah D Womack, age 8, born in AR, is living with the David Moses family in Monroe Co, AR; and W T Womack, 12, MS, is living with the family of Harry H and Barbara [Moses] Jones. David Obdiah and William T were also enumerated with their father in 1860 in Coahoma Co, MS:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: , Coahoma, Mississippi; Roll: M653_580; Page: 0; Image: 251.
p.733, PO Swan Lake, house 18
Obadiah Womack, 48 M W blacksmith TN
Martha 21 F W GA
William 13 M W MS
Obadiah 9 M W AR
Charles 5 M W AR
Ruben 2 M W AR



Obadiah Womack married in Monroe Co, AR: Obediah WOMACK, 45, to Martha CARVER, 18, at res of Alfred Carver, by Wm. HH Fellers JP, Cache Twp, 11 Feb 1858. Obadiah was a JP in Monroe Co, AR and officiated marriages in 1855 and 1856.

He must have died prior to 1866. Martha remarried in Monroe Co, AR: FURLOW, John, 52, to Martha WOMMACK, 27, 4 Jan 1866 by Peter Jolly JP

In the 1870 Census of Monroe Co, AR, William (20 MS) and Dave (17 MS) Womack are living with the Barbara (Moses) Jones family. This is the last I see of these Womacks.

There was a Ruben Wamack (15 AR) in the 1870 Census of Alexander Co, IL who may have been Obadiah's son by Martha Carver.

Back in Lincoln Co, TN, W J Wamack married Elizabeth Ward on 6 Oct 1853.

By 1860, Elizabeth Womack was in Franklin Co, Illinois:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 7 S Range 4 E, Franklin, Illinois; Roll: M653_177; Page: 492; Image: 493.
p.492, PO Cave, house 955
Elizabeth Womack 54 F W "Farmeress" TN
William J 32 M W Farmer TN
Elizabeth 24 F W Housekeeper TN
Lafayette 5 M W TN
Margaret 4 F W TN
Mary 1 F W TN
Elisha 28 M W Farm Labor TN
David 18 M W Farm Labor TN
Sarah A 10 F W TN

Note that "Township 7 S Range 4 E" in Franklin Co, TN is also called "Cave Township", and this is where Greene B Womack was in the 1880 Census.

Note the names David and Elisha, both of which ran in the family of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins.

By 1870, this family was in Gallatin Co, IL. W J Womack and family were HH 99 in Township 9 Range 9. In HH 81 was the family of George Rich, and in that HH was Elizabeth Womack, age 6, born in NC. I think the age of "6" is incorrect, and that this was actually Elizabeth Woods Womack who married Obadiah Womack; she was probably 60 or so years old. The census taker noted she could neither read nor write, which he did not bother to do for any children under 10 excecpt for this Elizabeth. In the next household, HH 82, Sarah Womack (22, TN) was listed with the family of Thomas Rich. Also in that HH was Robert Henry (23, IL), whom Sarah married later:


Note that Thomas and George Rich were brothers who were in Marshall Co, AL in 1850; and that Thomas J Rich married Eliza E Cartright on 24 Mar 1857 in Franklin Co, TN. It is likely the Womack and Rich families knew one another back in Tennessee.

In 1870, Newton Warmack (40 TN) was in Hendeerson Co, KY, listed as a wagon maker, which job he did most of his life. I cannot find Green B Womack in 1870. Newton had married Rebecca Lowry, but then divorced her; they had a son, Joseph.


Rebecca (Lowry) Womack and children Joseph and Emma were in the 1870 Census of Gallatin Co, IL.

In 1880, I cannot find Elizabeth (Woods) Womack, though she died in 1881. I also cannot find Sarah (Womack) Henry. Greene B Womack (44, IL?) and family were in Cave Twp of Franklin Co, IL. Newton Womack (39, TN) and family were in Benton Twp, Franklin Co, IL. James Wamack (54, TN) and family were in Gallatin Co, IL.

From the Shawnee News, Centennial Issue of Aug. 13, 1896 (Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL): Deaths, James William Womack b. Moore County, Tenn. 1820, interred Westwood.

He was born about 1827 or 1828, and Moore Co, TN was not yet formed when he was born (it was formed in 1871), but it was formed from Lincoln and Franklin Co, TN.

I ordered the indexes to Gallatin Co, IL deaths, but could not find and of the Womacks in question, or Sarah (Womack) Henry.

In 1900, Newton Womack (63, TN) and family were in Franklin Co, IL and with him was "nephew" Robert Henry (16, IL), obviously the son of Robert Henry and Sarah Womack. This Robert Henry has a WW1 draft card that says he was born 16 Dec 1887 in Shawneetown, IL. Newton Womack listed as a wagon maker.

Greenberry Womack (63, TN) was listed in Du Quoin, Perry, Illinois with his family in 1900.

See the obituaries of Newton and Green here:

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More on William Warmack of Davidson Co, TN

More on William Warmack of Davidson Co, TN

Concerning Jabez Winchester - he was on the 1840 Census of Henry Co, TN, after which I cannot find him.

Concerning the name "William Seignor Warmack" and his exact birth and death dates:

I do not know the documented sources of this info; perhaps someone has this documentation. In his will, William Warmack named children:

Mathew Warmack
Thomas Warmack
William Warmack
Richard Warmack
Edward Warmack
Jesse Warmack
Hiram Warmack
Robert Warmack

I have seen Richard listed as "Richard Robert Warmack" which seems odd given that William Warmack had a son named Robert. I do not know the source of the middle names of William's sons.

I was asked about the William Warmack on an 1809 petition from Sumner Co, TN ( I had seen that list before. Due to the fact that there were also men named Stubblefield on the list, and that they were closely related to Elizabeth Stubblefield, wife of Abraham Womack of Caswell Co, NC, I think the William Warmack in this list was actually William Womack, son of Abraham. I talked about this a few months ago here: The William Warmack married to Millicent Martin was in Warren Co, KY in 1809.

William Warmack married to Millicent Martin did have some dealings in Sumner Co, TN later:
Marriages of Sumner County,Tennessee, 1787-1838
Stephen C Bowers to Nancy Lasiter, 8 Jun 1830, Wm Womack bondsman

Concerning some confusion over the men named Thomas Womack/Warmack.

A Thomas Womack married Lavina Dennis in Guilford Co, NC in 1799. Based upon the time and place, it is likely this Thomas was the brother of William Warmack who married Millicent Martin. It has been said this Thomas who married Lavina Dennis moved to Davidson Co, TN where he died. This is undocumented and untrue as far as I can tell. Instead, this Thomas moved to Putnam Co, GA, where he was in gthe 1815 tax list, and the 1820 and 1830 censuses. In 1840 and 1850 he was in Jasper Co, GA, adjacent to Putnam. In 1850, Thomas was listed in Jasper Co, GA with wife wife Lavina. By 1860, he was dead, but Lavina was listed as "Vina" in 1860 and as "Lavinia", age 88, in 1870. See The Calloway and Dennis families also came to this part of Georgia. Lavina Dennis was named in the will of her father, William Dennis, signed in 1791 in Guilford Co, NC.

There were 3 Thomas Warmack marriages in Tennessee before 1870:
Thomas Warmack to Harriet Byrn, 7 Oct 1828, Davidson Co, TN
Thomas Warmack to Nancy Shivers, 27 Jan 1859, Davidson Co, TN
Thomas J Warmack to Elizabeth Baker, 18 Sep 1867, Benton Co, TN

The first was the son of William Warmack and Millicent Martin, and the other two were grandsons, sons of William Warmack Jr and Matthew Warmack respectively.

I have read that Nancy Shivers was actually Nancy Shriver, dau of Abraham Shriver and Drusilla Piles. This is incorrect. Her name was Nancy Shivers (quite clear on the original marriage record), and she was the dau of Jonas Shivers - they were in the 1850 Census of Davidson Co, TN - has Jonas as "Jones Shivers". In 1860, Thomas Warmack (son of Matthew), was listed in the 1860 Census of Davidson Co, TN as "Thomas Warmac" with wife Nancy; they were in the household of Jonas Shivers, who is indexed by ancestry as "Jonas Iswoirs".

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More on Warmack genealogy

Some folks have asked me some questions regarding Warmack genealogy. Before I field those questions, I would like to establish what I believe is the relationship between Warmack and Womack.

When I talk about this family, I tend to use the spelling "Womack". This is because my grandma spells it that way, and because it is the most common spelling in America and in England. It is not the "correct" spelling.

I have read people stating that Warmack is a "misspelling" of Womack. I find that pretty insulting, and I can understand why people get upset. There is no wrong way to spell a name. People forget that names are part of language, and that language evolves. If we could go back in a time machine to England 1000 years ago, we would have a very difficult time undestanding the speech of the people back then. The Womack family has been in America well over 300 years, and branched out over much of the country. It would be amazing if there were no variations.

I recounted my personal Womack line here:

My grandmother is Thelma Clara (Womack) Burke. Her great-grandparents were Burrell H Womack and Avarilla Cook. However, their marriage record lists them as "Burwell Warmack and Avy Cook". Practically every Womack line has records where the name is spelled Warmack. This is how the name was sometimes pronounced, in some southern accents. This pronunciation happened most often in Tennessee and Georgia.

My grandfather, Thelma's husband, was born and raised in Tennessee. When I first got into genealogy, I asked him about his family. He told me about his Aunt Noler. It took me a month of looking through census microfilm to realize he had said "Aunt Nola". It was just my Grandpa's Tennessee accent.

I have also seen records where southerners stated that had lived in Perlaskey County, Georgia. Where is Perlaskey County? They meant Pulaski County.

Many of our ancestors (including many of mine) were illiterate. Many people take that to mean they were stupid. However, they could probably name more plants than almost anyone alive today. They knew about animals, and farming, and the names of constellations, and they could quote scripture. People today fill their minds with TV and celebrity gossip, so who is more stupid? Anyhow, enough of that rant. Our ancestors were often illiterate to the point they could not spell their last name, so when their children did learn to read, they spelled the name as they heard it, which was how it was pronounced in the area they lived.

Womack has two primary pronunciations today:
WOE MACK - rhymes with "row back"
WAH MUCK - rhymes with "raw buck"

These are certainly not the only pronunciations.
There is also Waymack, prounced WAY MACK (rhymes with "way back"). This spelling is found in Virginia, Illinois, and Arkansas.

Long ago, the name was occassionlly spelled Walmack, which I believe was pronounced WAL MACK (reminds me of Wal-Mart). Walmack is related to Warmack. The R and L sounds are related - there is a reason why names with R in them have nicknames with L in them: Mary - Molly, Sarah - Sally, Dorothy - Dolly, Caroline - Callie, Harold - Hal. As English speakers, we hear the difference between R and L very easily, but speakers of some languages, such as Japanese, have a tough time telling them apart. Walmack occurred mostly in some areas of Virgina, though I have seen it in other places. The areas where Walmack occurred were often areas with lots of Germans, French, or Dutch, so maybe that had something to do with the Walmack spelling and pronunciation.

Some Womack branches put an S sound on the end, so we got the spellings of Womacks (mostly in Ohio and Illinois) and Wamax (in West Virginia).

There are plenty of spelling variations that are prounced the same:
Womach (the "ch" pronounced like "ck")

I have heard people say that cannot be related to the Womack family because their family spells it Wommack! These people really need to go through some old records. I have seen tax list where the name is spelled differently several years in a row. I have seen the name change spelling in the same document, sometimes in the same sentence. The people who insist on the Wommack spelling might be surprised to find records of their ancestor spelled Wamack, Woemack, Waughmick, Warmack, etc.

One origin of the Womack name I have heard is that it comes from the Old English for hollow oak - Wombok - womb (which literally meant "hollow space") and ok (oak). I cannot vouch for this origin, but if true, the name evolved to drop the B sound.

The earliest Womack records in America tend to spell the name Womeck or Womecke, but then Womack becomes pretty standard. Once the Womacks started branching out of Virginia, the spelling went wild.

I have heard people say things such as they can find no Warmack before 1700. This is because there were none. The Womack name had not evolved into Warmack yet - that would happen after they moved to Tennessee and Georgia. You can read a highly unlikely alternative scenario here:

There are several surnames that are confused with Womack, but are entirely different names:
Warnock / Warnick / Warneck / Warnack
Warmath / Warmouth / Warmoth
Waynick / Wenick
Hammock / Hammack (the H confused for W)

These names often appear the same as Womack or Warmack in old handwriting. We have trouble distinguishing today, and the same mistakes were made years ago. I have seen tax lists where Womack is spelled Warmoth. I have seen marriage records where Warnock is spelled Warmack. I spent several days trying to track down Eli and Monica Womack mentioned in a Georgia newspaper - I figured it must be correct if it was in print - only to research and find it was Eli Warnock and his wife Monica Gray. The people who printed newspapers were given handwritten documents which they had to interpret as best as they could.

Although there are many spellings and pronunciations, all Womack variations have three things in common:
W sound at the beggining
M sound in the middle
K sound at the end

No Womack variation ever had an N or a T or a H, so Warnock, Warmoth, and Hammock are totally unrelated.

I have seen people quote ship lists that "say" Warmacks came to America from Scotland or Ireland. First off, have they seen the actual hand-written list or a typed-out version? Some people (who mostly work for have no business interpreting old handwriting. These supposed Warmacks mostly look like Warnick or Warnock to me.

I have a few "Genealogy Commandments", one of which is "Thou shall not jump to conclusions based upon a single record".

I went through these ship lists, and found these people that some thought looked like Warmack. I then took the extra step of taking the info from the ship lists (names, ages, birth places) to track these people down in the censuses. I was not always successful in finding them, but when I did (about half of them), the census records show they were Warnock or Warnick.

You will sometimes see Warmack in old UK (England) censuses, but if you follow these people back or forward a census or two, you will see they were Womacks. The same Warmack pronunciation sometimes happened in England as well.

I research the entire Womack family (all spellings) in America, but I stop around 1850 to keep this project from being too large - plus most people have no trouble tracing their ancestry after 1850. Prior to 1850, I know of 3 legitimate Warmack lines in America.

Warmack Line #1
The brothers William and Matthew Warmack came from Virginia; to Guilford Co, NC; to Warren Co, KY; then to Davidson Co, TN. William died there, but Matthew moved on to Wayne Co, MO. William and Matthew were the sons of Richard Womack / Walmack / Warmack. There were lots of Richard Womacks in Virginia, but most are accounted for, and I only know of two that make sense for reasons I will eventually get around to explaining. These were Richard Womack, son of Matthew Womack; and Richard Womack, son of Abraham Womack, Jr. A DNA test by a Warmack male of this line could prove one or the other.

Warmack line #2
William Womack / Warmack came from Wake Co, NC. He was the son of John Womack who died in the 1760s in Johnston Co, NC; this John probably came from Virginia. William Womack came from Wake Co, NC; to Wilkes Co, GA; to Washington Co, GA; to Montgomery Co, GA; to Pulaski Co, GA where he died. His sons, Timothy and John Warmack, moved to Mississippi. Two of John's sons lived in Copiah Co, MS - one went by Benjamin Womack, and the other went by Joel Sherrard Warmack.

Warmack line #3
John Warmack was born about 1789 in South Carolina, but moved at an early age to Franklin Co, GA; then to Habersham Co, GA. He was last seen in the 1850 census in Benton Co, AL. This is the one Warmack line I have not hooked to Womack yet; however John Warmack's name was often spelled Womack, so I feel he also has Womack ancestry.

I coordinate the Womack DNA project, in addition to doing tons of Womack research. The current cost of a DNA test is $138, and it must be taken by a male Womack or Warmack. It is very easy, and totally painless. I would love to see more volunteers as participants, with more Womack spelling variations. I truly believe we are all related.

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Richard Womack of Goochland Co, VA

Links to my research on the family of Richard Womack/Wommack/Walmack/Warmack of Goochland and Fluvanna Co, VA:






Richard Wommack notes

An email I sent to Tina (a Wommack researcher) on Richard Wommack who married Catherine Streetman. My email (juno) keeps messing up.


Hi Tina,

I have a lot of info, but I do not have my notes in front of me, so working off memory.

I have been going through microfilms of Virginia personal property tax records which ran from 1782 thru 1850 for every VA county for almost every year. For Halifax Co, VA, I looked from 1782-1812, but I found no trace of Richard Womack/Wommack. I did find the families of the "Cherry Grove" Womacks ( and the families of Abraham Womack III and his descendants.

I found your Richard in Pittsylvania Co, VA, which is adjacent to Halifax, and where the Streetman family was.

BTW, one thing I would like to know is the proof that Catherine was a Streetman???

Anyhow, Richard Womack (various spellings) appears in Pittsylvania tax lists from the 1790s thru 1805 or 1806 (need to look at my notes to be sure of last year). Pittsylvania was divided into two districts, with some more of the "Cherry Grove" Womacks in one district, and Richard Womack the only Womack in the other district - except for 1805 in which a Matthew Womack also appears.

Starting in 1787, VA law stated these tax lists must be alphabetized, which did not mean perfectly alphabetized, but all the "A" surnames together, etc. Matthew Womack and Richard Womack were both under "W" in 1805 Pittsylvania, but far apart, so not sure if there is any connection. However, Richard was a few times near Mary Wadlow, and in one year right next to her. Mary Wadlow's maiden name was Womack and she was the widow of William Wadlow - see Richard's proximity to Mary Wadlow may be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

The tax lists show things such as white tithables (males over 16), slaves, horses, etc. Richard always just had one white male over 16 (himself) and no slaves.

There were SEVERAL Richard Womacks in VA at various points in time, and I have some of them in the tax lists I have looked at, but they are all accounted for. For eaxmple, Richard Womack in tax lists of Campbell Co, VA was the son of Alexander Womack, and this Richard moved to Wilson Co, TN about 1807. My biggest task with the Womacks has been sorting the ones with the same names.

The reason I am sure that the Richard in Pittsylvania Co, VA is yours is because (1) the other Richards are accounted for, (2) the Streetmans were in Pittsylvania, (3) he disappears about the time he is said to have moved to TN, and (4) Pittsylvania is right next to Halifax where his son Richard was said to have been born.

I have much more info, including two possibilities of Richard's father. Let me know what you think so far, and if this makes sense.


Saturday, July 12, 2008

More notes on Henry W Davis

These are some random notes on Henry W Davis and his Womack/Warmack relatives.

Middle name was "Williams" NOT "William". His name is written as Williams in his Rev War Pension (letter from grand-daughter); in court records of Fluvanna Co, VA; and in one tax record of Fluvanna Co, VA.

I found Richard Womack/Walmack/Warmack, father-in-law of Henry Williams Davis, in tax list of Goochland Co, VA for 1782, 1783, and 1784. I cannot find Richard in 1785 or 1786, but he was in Fluvanna Co, VA (adjacent to Goochland) in 1787, 1788, and 1789:

Fluvanna County, Virginia
FHL Film # 2024538 - Personal property tax lists, 1782-1826

1782-1786 – no Womacks found

1787 B
[WM over 21, WM 16-21, B over 16, B under 16, horses, carriages]
0052 [19 May] Williams Davis – 1 0 0 0 0 0 [note: first name spelled “Williams”]
0054 [19 May] Richard Womack – 1 1 0 0 2 0

1788 B
0069 Richard Womack – 1 2 0 0 2 0

1789 A
0082 Richard Womack – 1 2 0 0 2 0

1790 – 1826 - no Womacks


Note that the tax lists were alphabetized by last name. Luckily, the tax collector also wrote the date he collected the taxes for 1787, and on 19 May 1787, he collected taxes for both Williams Davis and Richard Womack.

Note also, the the household of Richard has one white male over 21 in 1787, 1788, and 1789, who was presumably Richard himself. In 1787, he had one white male between 16 and 21, and in 1788 and 1789 he had two 16-21, presumambly sons.

I did some very quick searches for Davis in Goochland & Fluvanna tax lists, but only found the "Williams Davis" in Fluvanna in 1787, but I may have missed him in other years.

See my earlier posts with court records from Fluvanna that list "Henry Williams Davis", one in conjunction with several Wommacks. Also, the post with notes from the Rev War pension file of Henry W Davis, in which his granddaughter, Nancy (Davis) Litton, gave his name as "Henry Williams Davis". I found that Nancy Davis married Henry Litton in 1840 in Williamson Co, TN. One WorldConnect entry has Nancy as dau of Thompson Davis & Ellender Riley; Thompson Davis was the son of Henry W Davis and Judith Womack. Henry & Nancy Litton were 4 families from Thompson Davis in the 1850 Census of Williamson Co, TN; and Nancy Litton was still living in the 1900 Census of Williamson Co, TN. She wrote her letter in 1903 to Washington DC asking for Rev War bounty land in the name of her grandfather.

The pension file has several affadavits, one from William Warmack of Benton Co, TN vouching for Judah Davis, widow of Henry W Davis. This William Warmack was Judah/Judith's nephew; he was the son of William Warmack Sr of Davidson Co, TN. Another affadavit fom Thomas Prowell said he was Henry's cousin and they lived near one another in Fluvanna Co, VA. Also, there is the affadavit from Lucy [Womack/Warmack] Ramsey, in which she states that she was Judah's sister. It was this info that helped me connect these Womacks - Lucy Womack married Stephen Ramsey in Guilford Co, NC.

Also, an affadvit for Henry W Davis in Davidson Co, TN 5 Aug 1836, in presence of Stephen C Bowers and Preston Byrn. The Bowers and Bryn names were associated William Warmack Sr's family.

There is also a copy of the marriage bond in the pension file. This version of the bond has the surety as David Layne or Lain (spelled both ways), not "Lanoir" as in Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams.

David Layne was interesting. He had a dau, Clarissa, who married John Glass in Goochland Co, VA. A John Glass (the same one???) married Mary Walmack in 1788 in Fluvanna Co, VA. A Mary Wommack was mentioned in Aug 1787 Fluvanna Court records along with other Wommacks and Henry W Davis.

David Layne was also involved with John Davis who married Nancy Walmack.

Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams

17 August 1786. Henry W. DAVIS and Judith Walmack. Sur. David Lanior. Wit. David Layne amd Thomas Payne. p. 34

25 October 1785. John DAVIS and Nancy Walmack, dau. of Richard Walmack who is surety. Also, his name is spelled Richard Wamack on the bond. p. 31

20 Mar 1780. John DAVIS and Nancy Hall, dau. of Janie Hall. Sur. David Layne. Wit. Reubin Weatherspon [sic]. John Davis, "consent only". p.24

20 Mar 1790. John DAVIS and Ann Hall. No surety is given. Married 20 March. (Deed Book 15, p.385). Goochland County Marriage Register p.42


From the book index, David Layne was surety for only two marriages, Henry W Davis to Judith Walmack, and John Davis to Nancy Hall. Note that supposedly John Davis married Ann Hall exactly 10 years after marrying Nancy Hall. I believe both records refer to the same marriage, and the first date is wrong; Nancy was usually a nickname for Ann back then. Thus it appears John Davis's first wife, Nancy Womack, died and he remarried Ann "Nancy" Hall in 1790. Some researchers have John Davis and Nancy Womack moving to Elbert Co, GA. This appears incorrect, and other researchers have the John Davis in Elbert Co, GA married to Sarah Hamm, which seems correct from a look at Elbert Co, GA census records.

Henry W Davis had a grandson named William Wommack Riley. He was the son of Eliphas Riley and Elizabeth Davis (dau of Henry W Davis / Judith Womack). William Wommack Riley was born in 1813 in Davidson Co, TN and moved with his family to Illinois where he became one of the early Mormons. He moved to Utah where he died. Anyhow, it is interesting his middle name was Wommack, one of the many spelling variations of Womack or Warmack. He was probably named for great-uncle William Warmack Sr of Davidson Co, TN. See As a Mormon, he contributed some early genealogical data on the Riley family, though apparently not much on the Womacks.

Henry W Davis had a son, Henry W Davis Jr. His Bible record can be found in "Family Bible Records, Wayne County, Tennessee By Wayne Co. Historical Society, Wayne County Historical Society (Wayne County)" which is on Google Books here:,M1
Henry W Davis Jr's Bible says his father died 9 Jan 1838, aged 84; that Judah Davis (his mother) died 21 Oct 1843; that Henry W Davis, Esq and Judah Warmack married 14 Aug 1784. Note he spelled his mother's maiden name WARMACK.

Henry W Davis Jr was married 3 times, the first time to Sally Winchester. I also found this marriage in Davidson Co, TN marriage records. Sally may have been the daughter of Millicent (Martin) Warmack by her first marriage to a Mr. Winchester. Note that the marriage of Jabez Wincheter in 1827 in Davidson Co, TN had Thomas Warmack (son of William Warmck / Millicent Martin) as the bondsman; I think Jabez was probably Millicent's son.

I also went through tax records of Warren Co, KY for 1797-1821. No Womacks appear until 1806. The name appears in these tax records for different years as Womack, Wamack, Warmack, etc. In 1806-1808, the Womacks are two Williams, Bird, Allen, Eppy, Jesse, and Abraham.

Thomas Womack wrote his will in Rowan CO, NC in 1799 naming children Sarah, Abraham, William, Richard, Jesse, Bird, Eppy, and Archibald; Allen Womack was a witness to the will. It is currently unknown how Allen Womack relates, but my current guess is that he was the son of Abraham, given that Allen named a son Abraham. Numerous records show that most of Thomas Womack's son moved to Warren Co, KY.

So, one of the William Womacks in Warren Co, KY was William, son of Thomas. The other William was William Warmack, Sr who later moved to Davidson Co, TN. Note that Warren Co, KY deed records show that William Warmack and Martha Martin both bought adjacent lots of land on the same day from Landon Key; Landon Key had also sold land to Allen Womack.

The tax lists were roughly alphabetized with all the "A" surnames together, etc. The Womacks were often in a row, and the tax lists show William Womack and Allen Womack with land on Bay Fork (of Barren River), and Abraham Womack with land on Drakes Creek.

The 1810 tax list was missing from the microfilm I looked at, but something that is supposedly the 1810 Warren Co, KY tax list is here:

There were two William Womacks in Warren Co, KY from 1806 thru 1813, one of whom owned land on Bays Fork. From 1814 to 1818, there is just one William Womack with no land.

A Matthew Womack [Warmack] appears only in 1811; he appears as Matthew Mommack in the 1810 tax at the link above.

Henry W Davis appears in the Warren Co, KY tax lists starting in 1811 thru 1819. Henry Davis Jr appears in 1820 and 1821. Henry W Davis owned 114.5 acres on Drakes Creek from 1812 thru 1819. Stephen Ramsey [married to Lucy Womack / Warmack] was on the 1811 tax list, and "James Stephen Ramsey" in 1812; this may have been James AND Stephen Ramsey since the tax list shows two men over 21. I proably missed some of the Ramseys, but I found James Ramsey in 1816 with 100 acres on Green River which was originally owned by "Asle Davis". There was an Asel Davis in Warren Co, KY who was possibly related to Henry W Davis.

More later...

Henry W Davis Revolutionary War Pension File

Henry W Davis Revolutionary War Pension File on
W 350
widow Judah [Judith Womack]
54 pages

p.3-4 - Aug Term 1821, Henry W Davis, 62, resident of Williamson County [Tennessee]
wife Judith, 58
dau Polly, 16, lives at home, other children gone
grandchild Paralee Venable, 4, mother dead, father left state
sworn 6 Aug 1821

p.11 - (date cut off)
Judah Davis, resident of Benton County, widow of Henry W Davis, married 1 Aug 1787, husband died 1 Jan 1837

p.12-13 - Benton County, affadavit of William Warmack and John Ragsdale supporting claim of Judah Davis, 22 May 1843.

p.15-16 - pages from family Bible, most unreadable
29 ??? 1787
Anderson Davis born Jan 13 17??
Nathaniel Davis born 12 May 1796
Henry W Davis Jr born 16 Feb? 1797
Polly Davis born 17 Feb 18?5

p.16-17 Wayne Co, TN, 26 Jul 1843, affadavit of Lucy Ramsey, resident of Wayne, about 66 years of age, Judah Davis is oldest sister, was at wedding 1 Aug 1787 in Goochland Co, VA

p.20 - Williamson Co, TN - Thomas Prowell (will be 68 on 15 Sep 1843) affadavit for Judah Davis, wife of Henry W Davis, he is Henry's cousin, lived near each other in Fluvanna Co, VA, sworn on 4 Aug 1843

p.25 - copy (hand-written) of marriage bond of Henry W Davis and Judith Walmack from the clerk of Goochland Co, VA, 31 Jul 1850. Know all men by these presents that we Henry W Davis and David Layne are held & firmly bound unto the Executive body of this State in the just amount of fifty punds current money to which payment will ??? to be made we bind ourselves, our & each of our heirs Exrs & admrs jointly & severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the seventeenth day of August one thousand seven hundred and eighty six. The consideration of the obligation is such that if there is no lawfull case to obstruct a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Henry W Davis and Judith Walmack of this County, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in force.
Sealed & delivered
Henry W David {seal}
David Lain {seal}
Sealed & delivered
in presence of
Thos Payne

p.27 - Aug 1/03 (1 Aug 1903?) Mrs Nancy Litton no title to B L [bounty land] as granddaughter

p.35 - General Land Office, recieved May 15 1903, Nancy Litton, Theta, Tenn, May 11 1903, Relative of Henry Williams Davis, Rev War - letter from Nancy Litton, granddaughter of Henry Williams [note the s] Davis

p.45 - Davidson Co, TN, affadavit for Henry W Davis, 5 Aug 1836, in presence of Stephen C Bowers and Preston Byrn

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Not Womack - Warnock/Warnick

This family was not Womack, but are often confused with Womack/Warmack. They were Warnock or Warnick.


Wilson Co, TN marriages
John Smith to Polly Warnick on 24 Jan 1807
Benjamin [Beunajah] Gray to Eloner [Eleanor] Warnick 1 Mar 1808

Guilford Co, NC marriages
Edward Green to Margrit [Margaet] Warnock 2 Dec 1790 bm John Starrat
Elijah Hamilton to Mary Wornoch 14 Aug 1786 bm James Warnoch
Benjamin Nelson [Wilson] to Jean [Jane] Warmock [Warnock] 25 Nov 1797 bm Sampson Smith
Robert Warnock to Margrit [Margaret] Smith 17 Mar 1794 bm Jonathon Smith

Orange Co, NC marriages
James Warnock to Peggy Bradford 23 Sep 1798, bm Thomas Bradford

Davidson Co, TN marriages
William Warmack [Warnock] to Nancy Griffin 5 Dec 1803

Womack & Davis in Fluvanna Co, VA Order Books

Fluvanna County Virginia Order Books

Order books 1777-1784 Order books, v. [1] 1783-1791
FHL US/CAN Film 31476

p.178 - Aug 1785 - Isaac and Ann (his wife) Knight deed to Henry Williams Davis proved.

p.178 - Aug 1785 - Petition of Henry Williams Davis to build a water grist mill on his land

p.421 - Aug 1787 - Burnley vs Wommack, compl't dism'd - Jean Wommack, Mary Wommack, Matthew Wommack, Richard Wommack and Henry Williams Davis appeared according to their Recognizance entered into before Samuel Richardson Gentleman a Justice of the Peace for this County and on hearing as well the complaint of James Burnley pl[plaintiff] on oath of said Jean, Mary, Matthew, Richard and Henry Williams it is ordered that they be aquitted and discharged.

p.549 - May 1789 - John Holland assignee of Reuben Carden, Plaintiff against Richard Walmuck, Defendant, in Debt, Judgement - long text but gist is that Abraham Venable is lawyer for Defendant, who owes 7 pounds, 17 shillings, 6 pence; pay or go to jail.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Womack / Ingram connections

Abraham Womack, Jr and wife Elizabeth Stubblefield of Caswell Co, NC had 2 daughters who married Ingram men. In his will, Abraham names these daughters as Lucy Engram and Nancy Engram.

Chalton Ingram maried Lucy Womack in 1778 (Chalton often spelled "Charlton").
Benjamin Ingram married Nancy Womack in 1786.

The relationship between Chalton and Benjamin is not clear. A Caswell deed establishes that a Benjamin Ingram was Chalton's father, but there is no record of the relationship of the younger Benjamin.

Benjamin Ingram (married to Nancy Womack) moved (I think) to Pendleton Dist, SC, where he was in the 1800 Census. He then moved to Caldwell Co, KY where he died in 1810. He is on the 1810 tax list, but not the 1810 Census - his widow Nancy was in the 1810 Census. According to WorldConnect entries, Eli Ingram and John B Ingram were the sons of unknown Ingram and Nancy Womack. Both Eli and John B were born in the 1790s in SC.

A few lines from Benjamin Ingram in the 1800 Census of Pendleton Dist, SC was William Womack - Benjamin's brother-in-law, and the oldest child of Abraham Womack. William also moved to Caldwell Co, KY - missed in the 1810 Census, but present in the 1810 tax list.

Chalton Ingram (married to Lucy Womack) was in Caswell Co, NC in 1800, but by 1810 he was also in Caldwell Co, KY. He and Lucy had several children, all of whose names began with "M".

See this post -

It mention the will of Benjamin Ingram, which I have not seen. I wonder if that will mentions Eli or John B as sons?

The post also mentions the Cannon family. William Womack witnessed a deed for a Kinson Cannon in Pendleton Dist, SC; this Kinson Cannon also moved to Caldwell Co, KY where he died and has probate records.

The relationship between Benjamin Ingram and the Darnells probably goes back to Caswell Co, NC - Benjamin Darnell was born in NC circa 1795.

Friday, June 13, 2008

William Warmack will

This appears to be copy of the will for use in the probate of Thomas Warmack (son of William) in Williamson Co, TN.

Williamson Co, TN records

William Warmack
Thos Warmack
since? Dead

William Warmack Will Recorded July 27th 1840 ~
In the name of God amen, I William Warmack being weak of body but of sound mind and memory do make and publish this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other wills by me at any time made. First. I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possibleout of any money that I may die possessed of of [sic] or may first come into the hands of my executors. Secondly I do give and bequeath to my beloved wife Milly Warmack during her natural life the place at which I now live containg two hundred acres of land or thereabout together with all my stock of every description household and kitchen furniture farming tools of every description together with any debts that may be due me at the time of my death with liberty to sell any part thereof except the land either for the purposes of support or for that of making an equal distribution among my eight children. At the death of my wife it is my desire that my land all other property then in the possession of my wife to be sold upon such credit as my executors think most likely to advance the interest of my estate & the proceeds equally divided among my eight children whose name are hereunto annexed. Mathew Warmack Thomas Warmack William Warmack Richard Warmack Edward Warmack Jesse Warmack Hiram Warmack and Robert Warmack. Lastly I do hereby nominate and appoint my two oldest sons Mathew Warmack and Thomas Warmack my Executors. In Witness whereof I do to this will set my hand and seal this 21st day of October 1838.
William his X mark Warmack {seal}
Signed sealed & published in our presence & we have subscribed our names hereto in the
presence of the testator this 21st day of October 1838.
Wm P Bowers Anthony Jones, Witnesses
State of Tennessee Davidson County Court January Term 1839
A paper writing purporting to be the last will and Testament of William Warmack decd was produced in Court for probate & proven thus Anthony Jones one of the subscribing witnesses thereto being first sworn deposes & says that he became such in the presence of William P Bowers the other subscribing witness thereto & that he verily believes the said William Warmack was of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time of the executing of the same. A true copy. Test R B Castleman
Clerk of Davidson County Court

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Womack Deeds in Lunenburg County, Virginia

Deed Book 1

p.137 - William Womack (ncg) to Richard Lunday of Lunenburg, 80 acres, 2 Sep 1750.

Deed Book 4

p.323 - Richard Womack of Lunenburg to William Watkins of Lunenburg, 1652 acres, 4 Oct 1756, Ann wife of Richard Womack.

p.330 - Richard Womack of Lunenburg to David Flournoy of Prince Edward, 150 acres, 5 Oct 1756, Ann wife of Richard Womack.

p.331 - Richard Womack of Lunenburg to George Moore of Prince Edward, 8 acres, 5 Oct 1756.

p.516 - Richard Womack of Lunenburg to Jacob Womack of Lunenburg, 200 acres, 1 Aug 1757.

Deed Book 6

p.174 - Richard Womack of Lunenburg to Joseph Bass of Chesterfield, 590 acres, 1 Jul 1760.

Deed Book 7

p.141 - Jacob Womack of North Carolina to Samuel Comer of Lunenburg, 175 acres, 2 Sep 1761.

Deed Book 8

p.50 - Bartolomew [sic] Zachary of Amelia to Alexander Womack of Prince Edward, 400 acres, 10 May 1764. [This part of Lunenburg became Charlotte County - Charlotte Co, VA DB 3, p.333 - Alexander Womack of Prince Edward to David Rice, 400 acres, 2 Aug 1773, Martha wife of Alexander Womack. See]

Deed Book 14

p.209 - Michael Tirpin [Turpin ?] of Lunenburg to Alexander Womack (ncg), 250 acres, 12 May 1785.

p.228 - Alexander Womack of Lunenburg to William Lax of Lunenburg, 160 acres, 14 Jul 1785, Milly wife of Alexander Womack.

p.298 - Richard Harrison of Georgia to Josiah Womack of Amelia, 200 acres, 31 Jan 1786.

Deed Book 16

p.477 - Thomas Womack of Mecklenburg to Lodowick Farmer of Lunenburg, 100 acres, 10 May 1794.

More later...

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Prince Edward County, Virginia Deeds - Womack

These are the Prince Edward County, Virginia (abbreviated as PE) deeds in which a Womack was grantee or grantor.

Info from Deed Books 1 & 2 comes from books by TLC. Later deeds are some quick abstracts by me. All the deeds of PE are on microfilm on permanent collection at my local LDS FHC.

Deed Book 1

p.48b George Lumkin of PE to Richard Wammuck of Lunenburg, 400 acres, 20 Jan 1755.

p.146b John Robertson of PE to Thomas Womack (ncg), 100 acres. 14 Mar 1758.

p.175a William Womack of PE to Noel Waddle of Cumberland, 100 acres, 9 Aug 1758, Jane wife of William Womack.

Deed Book 2

p.14a Richd Womack of Lunenburg to John McGehee of PE, 400 acres, 8 Jan 1759, Ann wife of Richard Womack.

p.18a Abraham Womack of PE to James Moore of PE, 11 acres, 1 Mar 1760.

p.53b Samuel Goode of PE to Abraham Womack of PE, 50 acres, 14 Jul 1761.

p.178a Abraham Womack of PE to Richard Burks of PE, 50 acres, 21 Nov 1763, Elizabeth wife of Abraham Womack.

Deed Book 3

p.2 Richard Burks of PE to William Womack of Halifax, 127 acres, 21 Nov 1764.

Deed Book 4

p.60 Thomas Womack to Sharpe Spencer, 120 acres, 10 Nov 1771.

Deed Book 5

p.95 William Womack of PE to William Rice of PE, 127 acres, 16 Mar 1772.

p.222 James & Robert Donald & Co to William Womack.

p.550 William Womack of Charlotte to Samuel Goode of PE, 114 acres, 17 Dec 1777.

Deed Book 6

p.127 William Womack of PE to Samuel Goode of Charlotte, 286 acres, 6 Nov 1776.

p.336 John & Elizabeth Bruce of Amelia to Josiah Womack (ncg), 585 acres, 20 Aug 1779.

p.345 Josiah Womack of Amelia to John Trabue, 100 acres, 18 Oct 1779.

p.415 Samuel Arbuckle of PE to William Womack of Frederic [sic, should be Frederick Co, VA], 400 aces, 1781.

p.453 William Hendrick of Cumberland to Massanello Womack of Cumberland, 1782.

p.507 Alexander Womack of PE to Benjamin Harrison of Camel [sic, should be Campbell Co, VA], 176 acres, 22 Jul 1780 (1782?).

Deed Book 7

p.162 Massanello Womack, vacant land, 16 Mar 1785.

p.286 Massanello Womack of PE to William Bennett of PE, 14 Jun 1787.

p.316 William Davidson of PE to Massanello Womack of PE, 1786.

p.334 John Wimbish (ncg) to William Womack (ncg).

Deed Book 8

p.199 James McElroy of PE to William Womack of PE.

p.260 Massnello Womack to William Bennett, Elizabeth wife of Massanello [this is simply Elizabeth's consent for the deed in DB 7, p.286].

More later...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bird Womack and wife Ann

Found this deed while going through Prince Edward Co, VA records:

DB 14, p.49 - 16 Feb 1807, Bird Womack, Ann Womack his wife, and Keziah Womack of Nottoway Co, VA to William Franklin of Nottoway, for 240 pounds, 242.5 acres in Prince Edward and Charlotte Counties. Signed Bird Womack, Ann Womack, Keziah (her X mark) Womack. Witnesses Dennis Waddell, Jn L Crute, John Smith. Prince Edward court 16 Feb 1807 acknowledged by Bird Womack and Ann Womack.

Bird was the son of Josiah Womack and Keziah Wilkinson. Bird's sister Rebecca was married to Dennis Waddel, a witness to this deed.