Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Not Womack - Warnock/Warnick

This family was not Womack, but are often confused with Womack/Warmack. They were Warnock or Warnick.


Wilson Co, TN marriages
John Smith to Polly Warnick on 24 Jan 1807
Benjamin [Beunajah] Gray to Eloner [Eleanor] Warnick 1 Mar 1808

Guilford Co, NC marriages
Edward Green to Margrit [Margaet] Warnock 2 Dec 1790 bm John Starrat
Elijah Hamilton to Mary Wornoch 14 Aug 1786 bm James Warnoch
Benjamin Nelson [Wilson] to Jean [Jane] Warmock [Warnock] 25 Nov 1797 bm Sampson Smith
Robert Warnock to Margrit [Margaret] Smith 17 Mar 1794 bm Jonathon Smith

Orange Co, NC marriages
James Warnock to Peggy Bradford 23 Sep 1798, bm Thomas Bradford

Davidson Co, TN marriages
William Warmack [Warnock] to Nancy Griffin 5 Dec 1803

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