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Obadiah Womack

I just got a packet from National Archives. It was the pension file of David Womack, who served in the Civil War for the Union in 29th Regiment, Illinois Volunteers Infantry, Company C. From the pension index, I knew the pension went to his mother, Elizabeth Womack.

Here are some hilights from the pension file. I have been studying this family for a while, so I have some other notes, not in the pension file, that I will put between square brackets [].

David Womack, discharged 26 Jan 1865 at Kenneville, LA on Surg. Cert. of disability.
Certificate of Disability says he enlisted 1 Jan 1864 at Natchez, MS [this was a re-enlistment, enlisted first 25 Aug 1861 in Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL], born in Smith Co, TN [another part of the pension file says he was born in Franklin Co, TN], 5 ft 11 in tall, fair complexion, gray eyes, farmer, under Captain Eli W Green. Surgeon S L Chenney said he developed Phthisis Pulmonaris [sp?] from exposure, affecting both lungs. "The soldier wishes to be addressed at Town: Shawneetown, County: Gallatin, State: Illinois."

Pensioner Dropped - US Pension Agency, Chicago, IL - Elizabeth Womack Mo [Mother?], Cert No 106978, last paid $8 on 4 Sep 1881, died 16 Nov 1881, does not say where.

Dependent Mother Declaration for Army Pension - Gallatin Co, IL, 11 Jan 1866, Elizabeth Wammack, aged 56, resides at Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL, widow of Obadiah Wammack and mother of David Wamack who was a Private, Co C, 29th Reg of IL Vol Inf, pension to start 28 Feb 1865 [back-dated, I guess], Centralia Illinois Pension Agency. David Wamack died 28 Feb 1865 of consumption contracted while in the service of the US; prior to his enlistment he aided and assisted Elizabeth by his labor for over four years, that he was born to her at Franklin Co, TN on ____ [date left blank]. attest Jas B Turner, A M L M Barr. Also on 11 Jan 1866, William D Kinsall and Harriet Kinsall declared they were aquainted with Elizabeth Womack and that she was the mother of David Wamack. Jas B Barger, Clerk of the County Court.

Gallatin Co, IL, 18 Jan 1866, personally appeared before the clerk of the County Court Green B Wamack and Newton Wamack, citizens of Gallatin, deposed they were aquainted with David Wamack, late a Private, Co C, 29 Reg IL Vol Inf, and know him to be a son of Elizabeth Wamack, that they have been personally aquainted with mother and son more than 20 years. [No relationship given between Green/Newton and David/Elizabeth.] They were well aquainted with Obadiah Wamack who was the father of David and mother of Elizabeth. Obadiah abandoned his family about 20 years ago, and has not lived with or supported his wife since, and Obadiah has not been heard from for about 15 years, not known whether alive or dead; that Elizabeth is a poor woman with no real estate and personal property not worth more than $40 total. attest A M L M Barr, Wm B Elder. Signed G B Womack, Newton his X mark Womack. Jas B Barger, County Clerk.


That's pretty much ot for the pension file. I ordered the "short" file for $25 with only the papers of genealogical interest. The full file for $50 might have more.

Obadiah Womack married Elizabeth Woods on 28 Jan 1830 in Gallatin Co, IL. See the IL State Archives site:


I believe this to the correct Obadiah and Elizabeth, because I know of no other Obadiah Womack in that time frame, and because Elizabeth wound up back in Gallatin Co, IL.

Obadiah Womack is on the 1840 Census of Franklin Co, TN, a few lines from Michael Womack and Michael's son Charles Womack. Michael believed to be the son of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins who lived in Bedford Co, TN, which was adjacent to Franklin before Moore Co, TN was formed. I do not yet know how Obadiah was related to Michael.

I can find neither Obadiah nor Elizabeth in 1850. A probable son, William James Womack, was listed as James Womack, age 22, born in Illinois, in the home of Elisha H Womack in Lincoln Co, TN in the 1850 Census. Lincoln Co, TN was adjacent to both Bedford and Franklin. Elisha H Womack also believed to be a son of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins. James was listed in Elisha's HH after Elisha's known kids. The fact he was born c1827 in IL is interesting - perhaps he was the son of Obadiah by another woman before Elizabeth Woods. William James appears as W J Womack in several Lincoln Co, TN tax lists in the late 1840s near Elisha H Womack and his sons. Later censuses show William James Womack as born in TN.

Obadiah Womack apparently abandoned Elizabeth and moved to Coahoma Co, MS. He appears to have gone back and forth between Coahoma Co, MS and Monroe Co, AR. He married someone, possibly a Miss Moses, and had David Obadiah Womack and William T Womack by her. Odd that he named sons in his new family David and William after having a David and William in his first family. In the 1860 Census, Obadiah D Womack, age 8, born in AR, is living with the David Moses family in Monroe Co, AR; and W T Womack, 12, MS, is living with the family of Harry H and Barbara [Moses] Jones. David Obdiah and William T were also enumerated with their father in 1860 in Coahoma Co, MS:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: , Coahoma, Mississippi; Roll: M653_580; Page: 0; Image: 251.
p.733, PO Swan Lake, house 18
Obadiah Womack, 48 M W blacksmith TN
Martha 21 F W GA
William 13 M W MS
Obadiah 9 M W AR
Charles 5 M W AR
Ruben 2 M W AR



Obadiah Womack married in Monroe Co, AR: Obediah WOMACK, 45, to Martha CARVER, 18, at res of Alfred Carver, by Wm. HH Fellers JP, Cache Twp, 11 Feb 1858. Obadiah was a JP in Monroe Co, AR and officiated marriages in 1855 and 1856.

He must have died prior to 1866. Martha remarried in Monroe Co, AR: FURLOW, John, 52, to Martha WOMMACK, 27, 4 Jan 1866 by Peter Jolly JP

In the 1870 Census of Monroe Co, AR, William (20 MS) and Dave (17 MS) Womack are living with the Barbara (Moses) Jones family. This is the last I see of these Womacks.

There was a Ruben Wamack (15 AR) in the 1870 Census of Alexander Co, IL who may have been Obadiah's son by Martha Carver.

Back in Lincoln Co, TN, W J Wamack married Elizabeth Ward on 6 Oct 1853.

By 1860, Elizabeth Womack was in Franklin Co, Illinois:

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 7 S Range 4 E, Franklin, Illinois; Roll: M653_177; Page: 492; Image: 493.
p.492, PO Cave, house 955
Elizabeth Womack 54 F W "Farmeress" TN
William J 32 M W Farmer TN
Elizabeth 24 F W Housekeeper TN
Lafayette 5 M W TN
Margaret 4 F W TN
Mary 1 F W TN
Elisha 28 M W Farm Labor TN
David 18 M W Farm Labor TN
Sarah A 10 F W TN

Note that "Township 7 S Range 4 E" in Franklin Co, TN is also called "Cave Township", and this is where Greene B Womack was in the 1880 Census.

Note the names David and Elisha, both of which ran in the family of David Womack and Elizabeth Hawkins.

By 1870, this family was in Gallatin Co, IL. W J Womack and family were HH 99 in Township 9 Range 9. In HH 81 was the family of George Rich, and in that HH was Elizabeth Womack, age 6, born in NC. I think the age of "6" is incorrect, and that this was actually Elizabeth Woods Womack who married Obadiah Womack; she was probably 60 or so years old. The census taker noted she could neither read nor write, which he did not bother to do for any children under 10 excecpt for this Elizabeth. In the next household, HH 82, Sarah Womack (22, TN) was listed with the family of Thomas Rich. Also in that HH was Robert Henry (23, IL), whom Sarah married later:


Note that Thomas and George Rich were brothers who were in Marshall Co, AL in 1850; and that Thomas J Rich married Eliza E Cartright on 24 Mar 1857 in Franklin Co, TN. It is likely the Womack and Rich families knew one another back in Tennessee.

In 1870, Newton Warmack (40 TN) was in Hendeerson Co, KY, listed as a wagon maker, which job he did most of his life. I cannot find Green B Womack in 1870. Newton had married Rebecca Lowry, but then divorced her; they had a son, Joseph.


Rebecca (Lowry) Womack and children Joseph and Emma were in the 1870 Census of Gallatin Co, IL.

In 1880, I cannot find Elizabeth (Woods) Womack, though she died in 1881. I also cannot find Sarah (Womack) Henry. Greene B Womack (44, IL?) and family were in Cave Twp of Franklin Co, IL. Newton Womack (39, TN) and family were in Benton Twp, Franklin Co, IL. James Wamack (54, TN) and family were in Gallatin Co, IL.

From the Shawnee News, Centennial Issue of Aug. 13, 1896 (Shawneetown, Gallatin Co, IL): Deaths, James William Womack b. Moore County, Tenn. 1820, interred Westwood.

He was born about 1827 or 1828, and Moore Co, TN was not yet formed when he was born (it was formed in 1871), but it was formed from Lincoln and Franklin Co, TN.

I ordered the indexes to Gallatin Co, IL deaths, but could not find and of the Womacks in question, or Sarah (Womack) Henry.

In 1900, Newton Womack (63, TN) and family were in Franklin Co, IL and with him was "nephew" Robert Henry (16, IL), obviously the son of Robert Henry and Sarah Womack. This Robert Henry has a WW1 draft card that says he was born 16 Dec 1887 in Shawneetown, IL. Newton Womack listed as a wagon maker.

Greenberry Womack (63, TN) was listed in Du Quoin, Perry, Illinois with his family in 1900.

See the obituaries of Newton and Green here:

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