Sunday, July 13, 2008

Richard Wommack notes

An email I sent to Tina (a Wommack researcher) on Richard Wommack who married Catherine Streetman. My email (juno) keeps messing up.


Hi Tina,

I have a lot of info, but I do not have my notes in front of me, so working off memory.

I have been going through microfilms of Virginia personal property tax records which ran from 1782 thru 1850 for every VA county for almost every year. For Halifax Co, VA, I looked from 1782-1812, but I found no trace of Richard Womack/Wommack. I did find the families of the "Cherry Grove" Womacks ( and the families of Abraham Womack III and his descendants.

I found your Richard in Pittsylvania Co, VA, which is adjacent to Halifax, and where the Streetman family was.

BTW, one thing I would like to know is the proof that Catherine was a Streetman???

Anyhow, Richard Womack (various spellings) appears in Pittsylvania tax lists from the 1790s thru 1805 or 1806 (need to look at my notes to be sure of last year). Pittsylvania was divided into two districts, with some more of the "Cherry Grove" Womacks in one district, and Richard Womack the only Womack in the other district - except for 1805 in which a Matthew Womack also appears.

Starting in 1787, VA law stated these tax lists must be alphabetized, which did not mean perfectly alphabetized, but all the "A" surnames together, etc. Matthew Womack and Richard Womack were both under "W" in 1805 Pittsylvania, but far apart, so not sure if there is any connection. However, Richard was a few times near Mary Wadlow, and in one year right next to her. Mary Wadlow's maiden name was Womack and she was the widow of William Wadlow - see Richard's proximity to Mary Wadlow may be a coincidence, but I doubt it.

The tax lists show things such as white tithables (males over 16), slaves, horses, etc. Richard always just had one white male over 16 (himself) and no slaves.

There were SEVERAL Richard Womacks in VA at various points in time, and I have some of them in the tax lists I have looked at, but they are all accounted for. For eaxmple, Richard Womack in tax lists of Campbell Co, VA was the son of Alexander Womack, and this Richard moved to Wilson Co, TN about 1807. My biggest task with the Womacks has been sorting the ones with the same names.

The reason I am sure that the Richard in Pittsylvania Co, VA is yours is because (1) the other Richards are accounted for, (2) the Streetmans were in Pittsylvania, (3) he disappears about the time he is said to have moved to TN, and (4) Pittsylvania is right next to Halifax where his son Richard was said to have been born.

I have much more info, including two possibilities of Richard's father. Let me know what you think so far, and if this makes sense.



Sarah said...

I've been searching for information on Richard Womack who married Catherine Streetman as he was my great great great grandfather. I emailed Tina Wells, but have yet to receive a response. I didn't know if you had any relatively conclusive information as to who his mother and father may have been and if they are directly related to William Womack and Mary Jane Allen.

Frank Womack said...

I read with much interest your roots. I believe we share a common ancestor, Alexander Womack, Virginia (1708-1784). I am related to Alexander through his son, Richard who moved from Campbell Co, VA to Wilson Co, TN. My father was the last of my line to be born in Wilson Co, TN.

I was wondering if you could share any more insights on Alexander or his son Richard? I am stumped on the maiden names of their wives. You are probably familiar with Alexander's wife's maiden name choices; (1) Unknown, (2) Alexander, and (3) Pruitt. Do you have any take on this question.

My Richard's wife is simply reported at best as Rachel L. Would you have any info on this question, also any info on my Richard's life in VA other than his appearance in his father's will and the fact that he migrated to Wilson Co, TN. Thanks for reading my comment.

Frank Womack