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More notes on Henry W Davis

These are some random notes on Henry W Davis and his Womack/Warmack relatives.

Middle name was "Williams" NOT "William". His name is written as Williams in his Rev War Pension (letter from grand-daughter); in court records of Fluvanna Co, VA; and in one tax record of Fluvanna Co, VA.

I found Richard Womack/Walmack/Warmack, father-in-law of Henry Williams Davis, in tax list of Goochland Co, VA for 1782, 1783, and 1784. I cannot find Richard in 1785 or 1786, but he was in Fluvanna Co, VA (adjacent to Goochland) in 1787, 1788, and 1789:

Fluvanna County, Virginia
FHL Film # 2024538 - Personal property tax lists, 1782-1826

1782-1786 – no Womacks found

1787 B
[WM over 21, WM 16-21, B over 16, B under 16, horses, carriages]
0052 [19 May] Williams Davis – 1 0 0 0 0 0 [note: first name spelled “Williams”]
0054 [19 May] Richard Womack – 1 1 0 0 2 0

1788 B
0069 Richard Womack – 1 2 0 0 2 0

1789 A
0082 Richard Womack – 1 2 0 0 2 0

1790 – 1826 - no Womacks


Note that the tax lists were alphabetized by last name. Luckily, the tax collector also wrote the date he collected the taxes for 1787, and on 19 May 1787, he collected taxes for both Williams Davis and Richard Womack.

Note also, the the household of Richard has one white male over 21 in 1787, 1788, and 1789, who was presumably Richard himself. In 1787, he had one white male between 16 and 21, and in 1788 and 1789 he had two 16-21, presumambly sons.

I did some very quick searches for Davis in Goochland & Fluvanna tax lists, but only found the "Williams Davis" in Fluvanna in 1787, but I may have missed him in other years.

See my earlier posts with court records from Fluvanna that list "Henry Williams Davis", one in conjunction with several Wommacks. Also, the post with notes from the Rev War pension file of Henry W Davis, in which his granddaughter, Nancy (Davis) Litton, gave his name as "Henry Williams Davis". I found that Nancy Davis married Henry Litton in 1840 in Williamson Co, TN. One WorldConnect entry has Nancy as dau of Thompson Davis & Ellender Riley; Thompson Davis was the son of Henry W Davis and Judith Womack. Henry & Nancy Litton were 4 families from Thompson Davis in the 1850 Census of Williamson Co, TN; and Nancy Litton was still living in the 1900 Census of Williamson Co, TN. She wrote her letter in 1903 to Washington DC asking for Rev War bounty land in the name of her grandfather.

The pension file has several affadavits, one from William Warmack of Benton Co, TN vouching for Judah Davis, widow of Henry W Davis. This William Warmack was Judah/Judith's nephew; he was the son of William Warmack Sr of Davidson Co, TN. Another affadavit fom Thomas Prowell said he was Henry's cousin and they lived near one another in Fluvanna Co, VA. Also, there is the affadavit from Lucy [Womack/Warmack] Ramsey, in which she states that she was Judah's sister. It was this info that helped me connect these Womacks - Lucy Womack married Stephen Ramsey in Guilford Co, NC.

Also, an affadvit for Henry W Davis in Davidson Co, TN 5 Aug 1836, in presence of Stephen C Bowers and Preston Byrn. The Bowers and Bryn names were associated William Warmack Sr's family.

There is also a copy of the marriage bond in the pension file. This version of the bond has the surety as David Layne or Lain (spelled both ways), not "Lanoir" as in Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams.

David Layne was interesting. He had a dau, Clarissa, who married John Glass in Goochland Co, VA. A John Glass (the same one???) married Mary Walmack in 1788 in Fluvanna Co, VA. A Mary Wommack was mentioned in Aug 1787 Fluvanna Court records along with other Wommacks and Henry W Davis.

David Layne was also involved with John Davis who married Nancy Walmack.

Marriages of Goochland County, Virginia 1733-1815 Compiled by Kathleen Booth Williams

17 August 1786. Henry W. DAVIS and Judith Walmack. Sur. David Lanior. Wit. David Layne amd Thomas Payne. p. 34

25 October 1785. John DAVIS and Nancy Walmack, dau. of Richard Walmack who is surety. Also, his name is spelled Richard Wamack on the bond. p. 31

20 Mar 1780. John DAVIS and Nancy Hall, dau. of Janie Hall. Sur. David Layne. Wit. Reubin Weatherspon [sic]. John Davis, "consent only". p.24

20 Mar 1790. John DAVIS and Ann Hall. No surety is given. Married 20 March. (Deed Book 15, p.385). Goochland County Marriage Register p.42


From the book index, David Layne was surety for only two marriages, Henry W Davis to Judith Walmack, and John Davis to Nancy Hall. Note that supposedly John Davis married Ann Hall exactly 10 years after marrying Nancy Hall. I believe both records refer to the same marriage, and the first date is wrong; Nancy was usually a nickname for Ann back then. Thus it appears John Davis's first wife, Nancy Womack, died and he remarried Ann "Nancy" Hall in 1790. Some researchers have John Davis and Nancy Womack moving to Elbert Co, GA. This appears incorrect, and other researchers have the John Davis in Elbert Co, GA married to Sarah Hamm, which seems correct from a look at Elbert Co, GA census records.

Henry W Davis had a grandson named William Wommack Riley. He was the son of Eliphas Riley and Elizabeth Davis (dau of Henry W Davis / Judith Womack). William Wommack Riley was born in 1813 in Davidson Co, TN and moved with his family to Illinois where he became one of the early Mormons. He moved to Utah where he died. Anyhow, it is interesting his middle name was Wommack, one of the many spelling variations of Womack or Warmack. He was probably named for great-uncle William Warmack Sr of Davidson Co, TN. See As a Mormon, he contributed some early genealogical data on the Riley family, though apparently not much on the Womacks.

Henry W Davis had a son, Henry W Davis Jr. His Bible record can be found in "Family Bible Records, Wayne County, Tennessee By Wayne Co. Historical Society, Wayne County Historical Society (Wayne County)" which is on Google Books here:,M1
Henry W Davis Jr's Bible says his father died 9 Jan 1838, aged 84; that Judah Davis (his mother) died 21 Oct 1843; that Henry W Davis, Esq and Judah Warmack married 14 Aug 1784. Note he spelled his mother's maiden name WARMACK.

Henry W Davis Jr was married 3 times, the first time to Sally Winchester. I also found this marriage in Davidson Co, TN marriage records. Sally may have been the daughter of Millicent (Martin) Warmack by her first marriage to a Mr. Winchester. Note that the marriage of Jabez Wincheter in 1827 in Davidson Co, TN had Thomas Warmack (son of William Warmck / Millicent Martin) as the bondsman; I think Jabez was probably Millicent's son.

I also went through tax records of Warren Co, KY for 1797-1821. No Womacks appear until 1806. The name appears in these tax records for different years as Womack, Wamack, Warmack, etc. In 1806-1808, the Womacks are two Williams, Bird, Allen, Eppy, Jesse, and Abraham.

Thomas Womack wrote his will in Rowan CO, NC in 1799 naming children Sarah, Abraham, William, Richard, Jesse, Bird, Eppy, and Archibald; Allen Womack was a witness to the will. It is currently unknown how Allen Womack relates, but my current guess is that he was the son of Abraham, given that Allen named a son Abraham. Numerous records show that most of Thomas Womack's son moved to Warren Co, KY.

So, one of the William Womacks in Warren Co, KY was William, son of Thomas. The other William was William Warmack, Sr who later moved to Davidson Co, TN. Note that Warren Co, KY deed records show that William Warmack and Martha Martin both bought adjacent lots of land on the same day from Landon Key; Landon Key had also sold land to Allen Womack.

The tax lists were roughly alphabetized with all the "A" surnames together, etc. The Womacks were often in a row, and the tax lists show William Womack and Allen Womack with land on Bay Fork (of Barren River), and Abraham Womack with land on Drakes Creek.

The 1810 tax list was missing from the microfilm I looked at, but something that is supposedly the 1810 Warren Co, KY tax list is here:

There were two William Womacks in Warren Co, KY from 1806 thru 1813, one of whom owned land on Bays Fork. From 1814 to 1818, there is just one William Womack with no land.

A Matthew Womack [Warmack] appears only in 1811; he appears as Matthew Mommack in the 1810 tax at the link above.

Henry W Davis appears in the Warren Co, KY tax lists starting in 1811 thru 1819. Henry Davis Jr appears in 1820 and 1821. Henry W Davis owned 114.5 acres on Drakes Creek from 1812 thru 1819. Stephen Ramsey [married to Lucy Womack / Warmack] was on the 1811 tax list, and "James Stephen Ramsey" in 1812; this may have been James AND Stephen Ramsey since the tax list shows two men over 21. I proably missed some of the Ramseys, but I found James Ramsey in 1816 with 100 acres on Green River which was originally owned by "Asle Davis". There was an Asel Davis in Warren Co, KY who was possibly related to Henry W Davis.

More later...


Toni said...

Thank you very much for pulling together all of this information. I am a descendent of Henry W Davis through his son Anderson Davis, Eliphas Davis, James Anderson Davis, Jesse Monroe Davis, Tony Earl Davis, who was my grandfather. My family put down their roots in Illinois when James Anderson Davis moved there from TN and married Miranda Harris. I actually found out about your site recently from a random comment/email from Rhonda Warmack Houston, who found my family tree on and connected up our Womack lines. I am most grateful to her for this connection. I must say it took me down a huge Womack rabbit hole that I feel I am just now climbing out of! I started my ancestory search about a year ago. I admit to only using information that I find that other people have posted, although I do try to use some common sense on what I pull (like a child being born to a 8 or 80 year old woman!). Like anything, I am getting better at this the longer that I do it. Again, I just wanted to thank you for the information and insight that you have provided regarding my Davis/Womack ancestory. You have done a wonderful job of pulling together so much information and making sense of it!
Toni Davis Eckberg, Raleigh, NC

klimer said...

In the 1809 Tax List for Warren County, KY "Williams" Davis paid taxes (poll tax and animals only) on the 31st of May. On 2 Jun Israel, John and Uriah Davis paid taxes (also only poll tax and animals, no property).

Moses Pruitt also paid tax on 2 Jun, and he was living on property that had been entered by Royal Potter. I was not able to pinpoint Potter's land, but Moses' other close neighbors lived along the road from Bowling Green to Scottsville, near Mount Union Church (just south of Halfway, probably on the NE side of the road). So they were very near the boundary between Warren and Allen Counties. Moses was living in what would become Allen County, and most likely Henry W. Davis was as well.

Of interest regarding John and Israel Davis is that they both married daughters of James Cater (also found as Cato) and his wife Elender, of Newberry County, South Carolina. John married Mary Cater and Israel married Elizabeth Cater. I've never found any marriage record for them, so it seems likely they were married in Newberry County, though they were close enough to Union and Laurens County, those are also possibilities. The rest of the Cater family, except one son and the father who had recently passed away, was in Warren County by 1810.

There was another nearby Davis presence who does not show up as a taxpayer. Brooks Hall Davis lived just NW of the Church. He is found in records for Pendleton District, SC before moving to Warren County. (He sold his property to Simon Williams, whose son Lewis married Ellender Cater, another daughter of James Cater - Moses Pruitt was a son-in-law of Simon's).

I mention all this because in the 1810 Census, Henry W. Davis was enumerated just after Israel Davis (whose name was actually spelled with a long S, while Henry's had a short S, likely to signify they were NOT father and son). Five households before them was Moses Pruitt.

It's always interesting to speculate whether there was a distant relationship between Brooks Hall Davis, Henry Williams Davis, John Davis, Israel Davis and Uriah Davis. None of them stayed in the area all that long, and while that many Davises in the entire county is not all that noteworthy, these folks lived VERY close to one another, suggesting there may have been some sort of family connections at work.