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Two Abner Womacks born in 1799

The Bible of William Womack lists two Abner Womacks born in 1799:

Abner C. Womack was born November 24, 1799.
Abner Womack was born February 8, 1799.

The second date, 8 Feb 1799, almost matches the 7 Feb 1799 birth date of Abner C Womack in the Samuel Hand Bible. It was this Abner C Womack who was the son of Abner Womack (10 Feb 1769) and Martha Byars (31 Dec 1774).

So, who was the Abner C Womack born 24 Nov 1799? I am pretty sure it was Abner, son of William Womack and Lucy Womack, who was born in 1799, according to a letter written by his son. It appears that Lucy Womack named a son Abner after her brother, about 10 months after Abner's son Abner was born.

Samuel Hand / Abner C Womack Bible

From the Revolutionary Was pension application of Samuel Hand of Warren Co, TN (NC W10)., p.16

Samuel Hand born the 11th of June 1761

My son Elkins Hand born the 12th of October 1783

My daughter Affee Hand born the 10th of March 1786

My daughter Temperance Hand born the 28th of February 1788

My son James C hand born the 10th of March 1793

My daughter Elizabeth Hand born the 3rd of September 1795

My daughter Jene Hand born the 18th of January 1798

My daughter Asenath Hand born the 27 of May 1804

My son Samuel Hand born the 19 of March 1804

My daughter Harriett Hand born the 16 of December 1809

My daughter Nancy Hand born the 20 of October 1812

Abner C Womack Jur was born in the year of our lord February the 7th 1799.

Asenath Womack was born the 27th of May 1804

Elizabeth Womack was born May the 11th 1822

William Pinkny Womack was born March the 31 1824

Samuel M Womack was born April the 21 1826

Maryan P Womack was born November the 10 1829

Abner Monroe Womack was born February 10 1832

James Jackson Womack was born July 7 1834.

[end of Bible record]

The final person listed was Capt James J Womack:

Note that he was an early Womack genealogist and wrote a letter circa 1909 that was reprinted in Womack Genealogy, VOL. IV, NO. 1 - JUNE 1960 - WHOLE NO. 7.

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