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Womack / Blanton - Reminiscences of Christenberry Lee

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[The following appeared in the Forest City Courier, in installments, from October 6, 1938 to January 19, 1939. No attempt has been made to change unconventional spelling, capitalization – and lack thereof, or grammar. Where it appeared obvious that a transcription error had occurred we have added, or changed, letters and words. These changes are enclosed in parentheses and printed in italics. It is said that the original manuscript for the Lee Reminiscences was discovered in a desk in the Cliffside Mills Office, at some time uncertain.]

REMINISCENCES of CHRISTENBERRY LEE 1823 – 1895 (The Lee reminiscences appeared in part in The Forest City Ledger during 1895. The original manuscript, from which this series is taken, picks up events from a former chapter in which current news and personalities were discussed.)

Chapter 6 (partial)

There are two families in this country, the origin of which, I presume, is known but by few. I refer to the Blanton and Womack families. They were in the country as far back as I can go in my memory. Thomas Womack and Nancy Blanton came from England to America about the year 1760. They had two children before leaving England, but had not been married. Their children’s names were Thomas and Archie. Shortly after coming to America, they decided to marry. Thomas took the name of his father and Archie the name of his mother, and so in process of time there were two families, one headed by Thomas Womack and the other by Archie Blanton. In the year 1779 these two families moved to Rutherford county, N. C. Archie Blanton was the father of our own “Uncle Jerry Blanton,” of such precious memory. This good old man lived right near what is now called Oak Grove church. Fifty-five years ago I think it was called Blanton’s church. Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sallie were noted characters. They were proverbial for piety and exemplary living. Aunt Sallie was the daughter of Thomas Womack. Archie Blanton and Thomas Womack were full brothers, having the same father and mother. A very novel case it was. And so Uncle Jerry and Aunt Sallie were first cousins, lived together for many years and raised a large family of children. I remember being at their house in the year 1842. Churchwell A. Crowell was then the Methodist preacher on the circuit and I had gone with him to Blanton’s church and to Uncle Jerry’s for dinner. This was the only time that I remember to have been at their house, for I left the country the following year and went out west, but I remember to have seen the old people often at church and to have heard Aunt Sallie talk and pray and praise, for she was a great hand to shout about and rejoice in church. She was faithful in obeying the command, “Pray to thy father who is in secret,” and the promise following the command. “Thy Father, who seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly” was always fulfilled. She would clasp her hands and bless the Lord. Many a one has been deeply impressed with the earnestness, with which she would engage in the holy exercises of sanctuary. Even the very covering of her hands seemed to be impressive by the way they were used. Just the other day while talking about the old people with the wife of Franklin Blanton, who is a grandson of Aunt Sallie, she told me what a lady once said to her while she held one of the old lady’s half-handed cloth gloves in her hands, which she had chanced to come across and seemed almost to regard as being sacred, “Often,” said she, “Have I seen this old glove slap ‘glory’ to God,” and she was keeping it as a religious relic, something that would bring up pleasant associations in the mind of a religious nature, and nothing would more certainly bring about such associations in the mind of this woman than “Aunt Sallie’s glove.”

The two old people have long since passed away and gone to reap their reward for faithfulness in the Master’s vineyard. They had nine children, all of whom grew to manhood and womanhood Riley, Jesse, Josiah, Ransom, Jackson, Steven and Elijah were the names of the sons. Tempa and Sarah Ann were the names of the daughters. I believe that they all had families and raised a good many children.

The other branch of the family was not so prolific. They did not multiply and replenish so numerously. Thomas Womack had a son Lewis. If he had other sons I have not been able to get their names. Mrs. Louisa Smart, who is about sixty-five years old, tells me that when she was a little girl she knew a man by the name of Willis Womack and that his name was Anderson and from the best data I can get I conclude that Anderson Womack was the son of Thomas Womack, who came to North Carolina from Virginia in the year 1779, and that Willis Womack was a brother of Lewis Womack, who married Manima Padgett, or Hollifield. The Hollifields and Padgetts intermarried a good deal along about that time. Uncle John, Uncle Billy and Uncle Edmond Padgett were all brothers, and they married three Hollifield sisters. Uncle Edmond married Louranie. We all called them Uncle Edmond and Aunt Lou. They lived about one mile from my father’s house and I very often saw them. The style of Aunt Lou’s riding was rather novel, and to some, who were a little inclined to fun, amusing, for she rode not as was the manner of women, but otherwise. Lewis Womack lived only a few years after his marriage and died, leaving two children, Isham and Leah. These two persons are the first of the Womack family, of whom I have any recollection. Leah married Samson McDaniel, who was the father of our present honored citizen, Guilford McDaniel, Esq. Isham Womack married Betty Bailey, to whom were born sons and daughters who are yet among us.

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Prince Edward County Order Books, 1754-1758

Prince Edward County, Virginia was formed in 1754 from Amelia County. The court record indexes are generally about plantiffs and defendants in court cases. Womacks were mentioned in other scenarios, but I did nor try to read all the court records to find them.

Note that I was specifically looking for Womack and Blanton.

Order Book 1754-1758 Index
Womack, Abraham / Johnson, Peter - 41
Womack, Abraham / Moor, George - 9, 11, 14, 17, 32, 60, 80, 91, 122, 140
Womack, Abraham / Moor, George Jr & Thos Boulden - 3, 5, 153, 160
Womack, Abraham / Rice, Francis - 12
Womack, Abraham / Spradling, Charles - 8a
Womack, Marg. / Womack, Richard & Jacob - 157, 160
Womack, Richard / Warren, Alexander - 52, 62, 73, 80, 85

I found no Blantons as plaintiffs or defendants.

April Court 1754

p.3 - George Moor asignee of Thomas Bolden Plt (In debt) agst Abraham Womack Def, Continued for the return of the arbitrator.

June Court 1754

p.8a - Abraham Womack Plt (on a attachment) against Charles Spradling:
This day came the plt by his attorney and Charles Cauthon a Garnishee being swon saith he hath no effects of the said Defendant in his hands and it is ordered that Joseph Spradling be summoned to the next court.

p.9 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack In Debt, Continued for the ret. of arb.

July Court 1754

p.11 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack In Debt, Continued for the ret. of arb.

p.12 - On the Petition & Summons brought by Abraham Womack Plt against Francis Rice Deft for one pound fourteen shillings and eleven pence due by acc. This day came the Plt by his attorney and the defendant being solemnly called came not but made Default. Therefore it is considered by the Court that the Plt recover against the said Defendant the sum of 1/14/11 together with his costs by him in this behalf expended.

August Court 1754

p.14 - George Moor Plt vs Abraham Womack Def, In Deby, continued by consent of parties.

September Court 1754

p.17 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack on attachment cont'd on the motion of the Plt by his attorney.

March Court 1755

p.32 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack cont'd by consent of partys.

May Court 1755

p.41 - Peter Johnson Plt against Abraham Womack In Debt:
This day came the Ply by his attorney and Charles Cauthon and Abraham Womack Junr came into Court and undertook for the Defendant that if he the said Def shall be cast in the Suit he shall pay the Costs and Condemnation of this Court or render his Body to prison for the same or that they the said Cauthon and Womack Junr will pay the same for him. Whereupon the Defendant acknowledges the Plt's action for fourteen punds nine shillings and four pence. Therfore it is considered by the Court that that the plaintif recover against the said Defendant the aforesaid Sum together with Costs by him in this Behalf expended the said Defendant in Mercy & c. But this judgemen the cost excepted is to be discharged by the payment pf seven pounds four shillings and eight pence with Interest thereon to be computed After the rate of five per centum per annum from the fifteenth day of October One thousand seven hundred and fifty three untill paid and the Plt agree to stay execution on this Judgement two months from this time.

July Court 1755

p.52 - Richard Womack Plt against Alexander Warren Def In Case:
This day came the partys by their attorneys and the Def prays has leave specially to impart {?} the next Court & then to plead,

September Court 1755

p.60 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack, In Debt, cont'd for ret or arb.

p.62 - Richard Womack vs Alexander Warren, In Case, next court and then to plead.

February Court 1756

p.73 - Richard Womack vs Alexander Warren, cont'd by consent of partys.

May Court 1756

p.80 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack, cont'd for report.

p.80 - Richard Womack vs Alexander Warren, In Case.

June Court 1756

p.85 - Richard Womack vs Alexander Warren, In Case: {abstract} Jury, John Caldwell Foreman, Def not guilty of tresspass, Plt to pay his costs; William Brown, Francis Rice, William Thomason witnesses for Richard Womack, all awarded tobacco to be paid by Richard.

August Court 1756

p.91 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack, cont'd for report.

August Court 1757

p.122 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack, cont'd for report.

December Court 1757

p.140 - George Moor vs Abraham Womack, cont'd for report.

June Court 1758

p.153 - George Moor (asignee of Thomas Boulden) vs Abraham Womack, cont'd for report.

August Court 1758

p.157 - Margt Womack {Margaret Womack} widow & relict of Richd Womack decd Plt against Richard Womack & Jacob Womack Def, In Chancery: This day came the parties by their attorneys and the Deft prays and has time until next court & then to plead.

November Court 1758

p.160 - Margt Womack widw & Relect of Richd Womack Decd Plt against Richard and Jacob Womack Defendants, In Chancery: The Defendant Richard not appearing On the motion of the Plaintif by her attorney an attachment is awarded her against the said Defend Richard returanable here to next Court.

p.160 - Geo Moor asse of Thos Baldwin Plt against Abraham Womack Defend, In Debt:
The arbitrator to whom the Determination of the matters in Difference Between the Parties was submitted by a rule of this Court of the Twelvth Day of March 1754 this day returned their award as follows. In Consequence to a Reference to us made by George Moor and Abraham Womack to settle the matters in Difference depending between them on Liquidating the Accounts of the Parties we do find a Ballance in favor of George Moor due to him from the said Abraham Womack of Eleven Pounds & Six shillings Current money of Virginia which we accordingly awad that the said Womack do pay to him the sd Moore together with his Costs expended in prosecuting his suit and that thereupon the sd Moore Deliver up to him to be cancelled a certain Bond entered into by him and a certain Charles Spradling payable to Thomas Boulden and by him assigned to the said George Moor with a general release of demands prior to this date Given under our hands and seals this 15th Day of August 1758 --- Jno Nash, Clement Read. It is considered by the Court the Plt recover agt the Defend the sum above mentioned and his costs by him in this behalf expended.

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Bible of William Womack

From Generations of Thomas A and Louvisa Rice Womack, by Oscar B Womack

Bible records copied from the Bible of William Womack (son of Abner Womack) now owned by Mrs Franklin Glenn, McMinnville, Tenn.

William Womack, the son of Abner Womack and Martha his wife was b. March 23, 1792.
Didama Webb, the daughter of Jesse Webb and Didama his wife was b. June 6, 1792.
William Womack and Didama Webb was joined in the Holy state of matrimony Nov 7, 1811.
Abner Womack, the first born of William Womack and Didama his wife was born March 31, 1813.
Bal___ or Bal__ Womack the daughter of William Womack and Didama his wife was born _____31.
Lossen Hill Womack was born July 19, 1837.
James K Polk was born Sept 14, 1839.
James A. Womack was born Oct 2, 18__.
Samuel Rentfro was born August 15, 1797.
Rebecca Womack, wife of John Womack, was born Sept 14, 1799.
John Womack was born Sept 1794.
Martha Womack, the natural born daughter of Nathan Byars and Drucillah, his wife was Dec 31, 1774.
William Womack and Didama Webb was joined in the Holy State of Matrimony on Thursday the 7th of November, in the year of our Lord 1811.
Drucilla Womack and Jesse Webb was joined in the Holy state of matrimony on Thursday the 14th of January 1813.
Lebadiah Baker and Martha Womack was joined in the Holy State of matrimony on Thursday the 25th of September, in the year of our Lord 1817 for better or worse and so finish.
Abner Womack Jr. and Aseneth Hand were joined in the Holy Estate of matrimony and on Sunday the 17th of June in the year of our Lord 1821. Abner Womack, Jun. (his signature)
Abner C. Womack was born November 24, 1799.
William Womack was born March 23, 1792.
Didama Womack was born June 6th, 1794.
Abner Womack was born February 10, 1769.
John Womack was born September 16, 1793.
Nathan Womack was born March 8, 1795.
Birges Womack was born April 17, 1796.
Drucilla Womack was born October 27, 1797.
Abner Womack was born February 8, 1799.
Patsy Womack was born May 10, 1800.
Elizabeth Womack was born February 7, 1802.
Lucie Womack was born August 29, 1803.
Harrel B. Womack was born March 29, 1805.
Ransom P. Womack was born November 3, 1808.
Artilisen Womack was born August 1, 1810.
Polly Womack was born March 29, 1812.
Robert B. Womack was born October (torn).
Berryman H. Womack was born June 18, 1817.
Samuel Rentfro was borned August 15, 1797.
Abner Uzrey was born June 20, 1824.
William Uzrey was born Jan 28, 1820.
Lucy Uzrey was born Oct 27, 1817.
John Uzrey was born May ___ (torn).
Ransome Womack Pigg was born Nov 21, 1827.
Martha Ann W. Pigg was born Feb 19, 1832.
Irene Webb was born March __, 1813.
Henry Baker was born Sept 7, 1820.
John Carr was born Oct 10, 1801.
Martha P. Carr was born Feb 5, 1824.

This Bible was printed and published by Matthew Carey of Philadelphia, in 1810.

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Will of Abner Womack, Warren County, Tennessee

From Generations of Thomas A and Louvisa Rice Womack, by Oscar B Womack

Warren Co, TN Will Book 3, p.279

The last will and testament of Abner Womack, deceased.

I, Abner Womack do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other wills by me at any time made.

First, I direct that my funeral expenses and all my debts be paid as soon after my death as possible, out of any moneys that I may die in possession of or that come into the hands of my executor.

Secondly. I give and bequeath unto my beloved wife, Martha Womack, a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Warren and State of Tennessee, on Mountain Creek, it being the same tract that I am possessed of by my marriage to her. I also direct that she have one the first choice of my cows and calves, also a choice two or three year old heifer or steer, also a choice bedstead and furniture and half the bedclothing now in my possession. One brass mounted bureau, a choice set of plates, teacups and saucers and dish, also choice of three knives and forks, three chairs and three glasses, the smallest size kettle, a choice pot and skillet, all her own clothing and the value of five dollars in small articles not herein mentioned together with twenty-five dollars in good and lawful money out of my effects, also a small dining table. I also desire that my beloved wife shall be treated with all the respect due a faithful and virtuous step-mother by each and every one of my children and that they at no time see her in need without ministering to her relief.

Thirdly. Having given something more or less to all my children and not having any correct knowledge of the amount, I therefore desire that no account be taken of it.

Fourthly, I also desire that all my lands, negroes, horses, cattle, hogs, and sheep and every other description of property that I am possessed of, be sold and the proceeds thereof be equally divided between all m children or their heirs (that is to say), William, John, Nathan, Burgess, Drucilla, Abner C., Lucy, Elizabeth, Ransom P., Artelera, Robert B., Mary, Berry H., and Martha.

Lastly. I do hereby appoint Burgess H. and Ransom P. my executors. In witness I do to this my last will set my hand and seal this 28th day of December, 1842.

Abner Womack (seal)

Signed, sealed and published in our presence.
W. T. Christian
Henry Watkins
Hiram Christian

I also desire that my wife, Martha, {have?} a spinning wheel and cards and her own looking glass, candle stand, and candlestick, also one white flowered pitcher. In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 21st of January 1843.

Abner Womack (seal)

W. T. Christian
Henry Watkins
Hiram Christian

State of Tenn. Warren County. January term County Court 1856.
This day the will was proven by the oath of W.T. Christian, one of the subscribing witnesses to this will and also the oath of proven the handwriting of Henry Watkins and Hiram Christian, they living in another State, and ordered by the court to be spread {?} of record.
Given under my hand at office in McMinnville, this 7th day of January 1856.
R, McGregor, clk.