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Martha Womack Bean - Bible Record

Martha Womack was married to Robert Bean. A grandson, Lemuel Beene (1 Nov 1812 - 16 Jan 1884), fought in the Cherokee Disturbance circa 1836. Lemuel's widow, Easter (Fraiser) Beene of Alcorn Co, MS, applied for his pension. The Bean/Beene Bible record was included in the pension application.

My main concern is the Bible record included with this pension application, so my notes are sparse on other matters. Anyone sufficiently interested can order this pension application from National Archives with info below.

Soldier: Beene, Lemuel
Dependent: Beene, Easter (Widow)
Service: Lackens Company Alabama Volunteers (Cherokee War) {also given as Capt Likens Co}
Date of Filing: 24 Oct 1892
Class: Widow
Application No: 2278
Certificate No: 593
State: Miss.

Bean/Beene Bible Record

Note that I am not certain these birth and death records were from pages of a Bible or just family record papers.

Note also that Martha (Womack) Bean's maiden name is not listed.

All hand-written except for stamp on second photocopy.

{Photocopy Page 1}

Robert Beene Senr was born May the 3rd 1764
Martha his wife was born Mach {sic} the 20th 1758
Lemuel Beene was born Feb 5th 1782
Rhoda Beene was born Nov 2nd 1783
Obadiah Beene was born Dec 15th 1785
John Beene was born Jan 11th 1788
Elizabeth Beene was born Dec 10th 1789
William Beene was born Dec 12th 1791
Robert Beene was born July 10th 1794
Oliver Beene was born July 23rd 1796
Sally Beene was born Nov 6th 1798
Jesse Beene was born Dec 29th 1800
Martha Beene was born July 6th 1803

{Photocopy Page 2}

Robert Beene Senor Departed this {word "life" missing} Nov 17th 1824
Aged 60 years, 6 months & 14 days
William Beene Departed this life May 24th 1839
Aged 47 years 5 months & 12 days
J. M. Beene Departed this life April 17th 1864
Aged 32 years 3 months & 19 days
Rhoda Beene Departed this life Oct Aug 1828
Aged 7 years & 6 months
Margaret Beene Departed this life Nov 23 1868
Aged 73 years 2 months & 3 days

{Fold in original paper}

Kendrick Miss
Please return
this when you
are done with it
Mrs Ester Beene

This was written by L Beene, but I do not when or at what date.

{Round Stamp} US Pension Office 13 Feb 1893 {apparently when this was received}

{Photocopy Page 3}

William Beene was born Dec 12th 1791
Peggy Beene was born Sept 20th 1795
Lemuel Beene was born Nov 1st 1812
Robert Beene was born Sept 27th 1814
Malinda Beene was born Oct 9th {maybe 4th} 1816
Martha Beene was born Feb 2nd 1819
Rhoda Beene was born Feb 13th 1821
Levi W Beene was born Sept 1st 1823
A.L. Beene was born Sept 14th 1826
William M. Beene was born Nov 5th 1829
John M Beene was born Dec 28th 1831

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Will of Abraham Womack, 1803, Lincoln County, North Carolina

I transcribed this will mostly as is, keeping the spelling and punctuation. The will was divided into paragraphs, and the only thing I added was an extra line between paragraphs.

See notes following the will.

State of No Carolina
Lincoln County

In the in the name of god amean I abraham wamock of the State and County aforsaid Being weack of Boudy But Being of sound memory bequeath all of my Estate as followes

first I give to my grand son James Wamock son to Abraham Wamock my Bible and the Remaining of the following articles to Be divided Between my Grand Children of son Abn {preceding word was erased} of my son Abnor Wamock one Bead and furnitur and Bead stand one Chist {?} one oven one scilet 3 puter pleatts one sadle and Bridle one Beasson {Basin?} all the above property to be sold and the money ariseing {?} theron to Be Eaqiely diviced amongst the sd hears of my son abnor Wamock

Item the 2 I leave all the Rest of the household property Margrat Hacker allso one house also ten hea of Cattle & Eleven head of hogs and six head of shepe & nine head of gees with all my oather property and the sd property to be Sold and the Money ariseing from sd property to be {word missing, possibly "given"} to the sd Margrat hager nese {?} as witness my hand and seal this forth day of august 1803

Signed & delivered in the preasanss of ous
H L Hager {could be Mcgee}
John '' Beati
John Robinson

Abraham Womak (seal)

{Reverse side}

Copy Issued
January the 5th 1804

W 1803

Notes on this will

This will has been transcribed before, see Womack Wills and Inventories, though some words are missing, and a few are mis-transcribed.

This is a "loose will", not recorded in the Lincoln County will books. As such, it is the original, and the signature of Abraham Womack is actually his signature. Likewise, the signatures of the witnesses are original. Abraham did not actually write the will, but dictated it to someone else, since handwriting is so different.

The signature of Abraham Womack seems to be from a shaky hand. Since Abraham was close to or slightly over 100 years old, this make sense.

The name of the third witness was definitely John Robinson. The other signatues are harder to make out, but I think they were John Beati (sic, Beatty) and H L Hager.

Perhaps one reason this will was not recorded is that is does not name an Executor, as was customary. Lincoln Co, NC court records of the time do not mention Abraham's will being probated. From dates on the will, we can place Abraham death between 4 Aug 1803 and 5 Jan 1804. Several places have his death incorrect as 16 May 1800, impossible since he wrote his will in 1803. His son, Abraham Womack Jr, died 6 May 1800 in Caswell Co, NC, and perhaps this is the source of the mistaken death date for Abraham Sr.

I do not think Margaret Hager was a relative of Abraham Womack, though he left her money from the sales of some his property in his will. I think she may have cared for him since he was so old. She was possibly paid to do so by Abner Womack, who moved to Kentucky in 1797. By coincidence, an Archibald Womack from the Richmond, VA area came to Lincoln Co, NC in the early 1800s and married there Sarah Hager. This Archibald Womack was only very distantly related to Abraham Womack.

Note that at the time of his death, Abraham Womack owned no real estate. He had purchased 160 acres in Tryon Co, NC in 1772:

Tryon Lincoln Deeds, Volume 1
Pp. 694—695: 23 1772, JOHN REED of Tryon Co., to ABRAHAM WAMMOCK of same, for lb 5 sterling …land on W side Catawba River, granted to JOHN BEATY, then conveyed to JOHN REED, 160 A…. JOHN REED (SEAL), MARTHA REED (SEAL), Wit: ABEL BEATTY, JNO. BEATY. Rec. Jan. term 1773.

See my NC Womack records.

In 1779, Tryon County, NC was divided into Lincoln and Rutherford Counties, and ceased to exist.

In Lincoln County Pleas and Quarters Court for Jan 1790, a deed from Abraham Wammock to Abner Wammock for 160 acres dated 25 Sep 1789 was proved by Jas. Reed. I have not seen the actual deed.

Abner Womack sold the land before moving to Kentucky:

Lincoln County, NC, Deed book 20:
266. 7 Nov 1797 Abner Womack (Lincoln Co) to Anderson Nunelly (same); for £80 sold 160 ac on W side of Catawba R; granted [no date] to John Beatty who sold to John Connelly who sold to John Reed who sold to Abraham Womack. [signed] A Womack; witness John Allen jurat and Abel William Dukworth. Rec Jan 1802. Book 20, p.403.

Abraham Womack had only some personal property when he died, and not very much worth anything.

I'll do some more posts on Abraham Womack's long life, with records in the Virginia Counties of Henrico, Amelia, and Prince Edward, and North Carolina Counties of Tryon and Lincoln. and why I believe he was about 100 years old when he died, but for now, I would like to address a few issues that researchers have noted with his will.

First issue is that he gives his Bible to a grandson James Womack, son of Abraham Womack, but from Abraham Womack Jr's Bible Record, we know that Abraham Jr did not have a son named James. I think that whoever wrote down the will as Abraham Sr dictated it made a mistake. It should have said "grandson James Womack son to Abner Womack". Abraham Sr's son Abner Womack did indeed have a son named James Womack, his eldest son, born about 1789 in Lincoln Co, NC, so about 14 when Abraham Sr wrote his will. There is reason to believe that Abraham Sr's Bible did go with Abner Womack's family:

Excerpt from Revolutionary War Pension Application (NC S30804) of Abner Womack of Butler Co, KY, his affadavit, 12 Nov 1832

{Swears} That he was born in Prince Edward County, State of Virginia, on the 7th January 1764. That he has record of his age at hand which was made by his father. That he lived in Lincoln County, North Carolina during his whole service and until 1797, when he moved to that part of Logan Kentucky which now forms the County of Butler where he now resides.

It would be great to find that Bible today! It probably went to Illinois with Abner's sons.

Another issue researchers raise is that Abraham Womack Sr fails to mention all his children in his will. In fact, as shown above, the reference to his son Abraham Jr was likely a mistake, so the only child he actually mentioned was his son Abner Womack. The simple answer to me is that Abraham Sr had very little property, and in his extreme old age was closest to his youngest son. The more complex answer was that he had three sets of children, by first wife Jane LNU, by Ann Blanton, and by second wife Elizabeth LNU. The three children by his first wife may have been estranged from him over the Ann Blanton affair, and he outlived one or two of them. The two children he had out of wedlock with Ann Blanton were not legally his heirs, and at least one or both were dead when he made his will. Although Abraham Womack Sr did not mention all his children in his will, there is sufficient evidence of his legitimate children, as well as proof of his illegitimate children (including Womack DNA testing and Blanton DNA testing).

The third issue that researchers have with Abraham's will is that the chancery records of his brother William Womack (who died without children in 1790 in Charlotte Co, VA) name Abraham as deceased before he wrote his will on 4 Aug 1803 - for example, this Charlote Court Order from 12 Mar 1803. The answer here is that Abraham's kin in Virginia had no contact with him since he left Virginia in the late 1760s, and they assumed that he was dead, which was a good assumption given that he was born circa 1706. The source of the information on Abraham and his family was likely his brother, Thomas Womack Jr (who administered William's estate), or possibly even Thomas Jr's widow, Mary LNU Womack. This is what they had to say about Abraham:

"Abraham Womack it is said went towards South Carolina a great many years ago, the oldest of the connection amongst us cannot remember him but understood of their relations that he removed as above..."

Note that plenty of mistakes were made in listing the families of William Womack's siblings. For Abraham's family, Elizabeth Womack Cawthorn, Mary Womack Spradling, and Abner Womack were remembered as his children, but Abraham Womack Jr was somehow forgotten, and this relationship had to be proved to the administrator of William Womack by Josiah Womack, son of Abraham Womack Jr.

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Will of Massanello Womack

Massanello Womack Will - Shelby County, Kentucky, Will Book B, page 93

{I added some punctuation and broke into paragraphs for readability.}

In the name of God Amen I Massanello Womack of Spencer County and State of Kentucky being sound in body and also of sound mind and memory and considered the uncertainty of life do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following (to wit):

Item 1st - I want all my just debts paid off the first thing.

Item 2nd - I give to my son John W Womack one dollar as he has heretofore had his proporton of my estate.

Item 3rd - I give to my daughter Sally G Maddox two hundred and eighteen dollars it being a note of hand dated the 1st day of March 1836 for two hundred dollars with its interest of eighteen dollars that I hold on Stephen H Maddox her husband in full for her interest in my estate.

Item 4th - I give to my granddaughter Judith F Jewel one Cow and Calf and my kitchen furniture that she has now in her possession.

Item 5th - I give to my granddaughter Martha Jane Dabney one folding table and one chest.

Item 6th - I give to my grandson Robert J Dabney my bed, bed stead and furniture and my saddle and bridle.

Item 7th - It is my will and desire that my negro man named Tom shall be emancipated and set free and receive fifty dollars out of my estate as circumstances will admit of.

Item 8th - It is my will and desire further that the balance of my estate not otherwise disposed of including money on hand shall be equally divided between my grandchildren namel Eliza Jewel, Garland A Dabney, Judith F Jewel, Martha Jane Dabney and Robert J Dabney.

Item 9th - I give to my nephew William Womack Junr one hundred and fifty acres of land Land lying now in Gallatin County formerly Shelby County Kentucky being part of a tract of land containg six hundred and eighteen acres the one hundred and fifty acres of Land was given some years before the balance of said tract was conveyed but I want it distinctly understood that I do not warrant or defend the right of said Land against any newer or better claim.

Item 10th - I hereby ordain constitute and appoint William Jewel Senr, Robert Jewel and William Jewell Junr as Executors to this my last will and testamant with full power and authority to carry this my last will and testament into full and complete effect as witness whereof I here unto set my hand and seal August 25th 1837.

Massanello Womack (Seal)

Witness Edmund Stone
James Wakefield
Jesse B Crocklin {???}

At a County Court held for Spencer County on Monday the 3rd day of September 1838 this invitory{?} purporting to be the last will and testament of Massanello Womack deceased was proved according to law by the oaths of Edmund Stone and James Wakefield witnesses thereto and it is ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Robert Jewell and William Jewell Junr two of the Executors therin named who made oaths thereto and together with William Jewell Senr their security entered into and acknowledged a bond in the penalty of $250 conditioned as the law directs Certificate is granted the said Robert Jewell and William Jewell Junr for obtaining as probate of the said will in due from William Jewell Senr the other executor named in said will appeared in court and refused to take upon himself then further of the execution thereof. Atteste Raphl Lancaster CSCC {Clerk of Shelby County Court}.

{Will is followed immediately by an Inventory on p.94 (6 Sep 1838), and a List of Sales on p.95 (13 Sep 1838) with the Jewell family appearing most often; no Womacks were buyers. The estate was settled 3 Sep 1839 on p.221 with a full list of credit and debits of the estate. Tom, the slave freed by Massanello, received his $50, and I believe he left Kentucky and was the black Thomas Womack (born circa 1812 in VA) in Clark Co, IN for the 1840 and 1850 censuses.}

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American Womack Records Before 1701, Part III

See Part I and Part II.

Part III deals with Henrico Co, VA Orphan's Court records. Rather than just the records before 1701, I typed out every Womack reference in Henrico Orphans Court, which ran from 1677 to 1739. Some of these were also transcribed by Valentine, p.1780-1781. Also, the Library of Virgina (LVA) has a transcription on the same microfilm reel as the original.

It is no mistake that these court records often occur on 20 Aug, since that was the day designated for many years for Orphans Court to meet; it usually met just one day a year.

The earlier records are tough to read, and I am using Pauline Pearce Warner's transliteration.

Orphans Court Book 1677-1739 of Henrico County, Virginia by Pauline Pearce Warner, An Accurate Transliteration

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 1 Oct 1677, p.1

{Note that Pearce was unable to read the word after "Timothy Allen" (ink spot or page yellowing), but others have said it says "Junr", and same say "Senr". I cannot make it out in the original either, but my guess is that it says "Vizt" like the wording of all the surrounding paragraphs. Vizt or Viz is a Latin abbreviation meaning "that is to say", used to introduce details, and commonly used in legal documents.}

{Note that this the one and only reference in any records whatsoever of William Womack, whom some call "the Immigrant". There is some healthy debate that this record refers to William Womack, brother of Abraham Womack, and if so, than this is only one of two records referring to William, Abraham's brother, the other being the Virginia Colonial Council reference in Part II. However, I agree with Ann McDonald's Proposal, that this refers to William Womack Sr. I respectfully disagree with Ann's opinion that this Orphans Court record is referring to two Mary Womacks - I think it just refers to one Mary Womack, daughter of William Womack Sr.}

{I uploaded a scan of my photocopy here. Unfortunately, some of the words that are legible in the photocopy are not legible in the scan.}

An accott of Cattle belonging to the orphs of William Womeck decd presented by Timothy Allen ___ Mary Womeck 4 Cowes and one heifer. Mary Womeck and Thomas Womeck hath between them 4 Cowes and 3 Calves - the sd Marys proper stock is 5 head of Cattle and the stock between Mary and Thomas is 7 head of Cattle - which is in all - 12 head.
It is consented by the Court that one of Mary Womecks Cowes which is changed for a 3 yeare old heifer of Abraham Womeck shall soe stand confirmed.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 20 Aug 1678, p.3

An Accott of the Cattle belonging to Mary and Thomas Womeck presented by Timothy Allen Vizt Mary Womeck hath to her selfe 2 Cow, Two Heifers; one of them two in the swamp - in all 4, three Cowes dead, but 2 of them sold.
Mary and Thomas Womck hath between them two Cowes one Calfe at home, 3 heifers in the sw____
Augst 20th 1678

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 20 Aug 1692, p.33

John Granger this day appeared in open Court & promises to bind Over his Estate to Peter Ashbrook & Thomas Puckett as Counter Security, the sd A______ and Womeck being Security for the sd Granger _____ payment of what Estate is left to the ____ Richard Womeck decd.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 20 Aug 1694, p.36

Samuell Newman did this day in open Court tender unto Capt. Joseph Royall, Mr. Edwd Stratton, & Mr. Abra: Womack an acct of the Cattle Horses &c: belonging to the orph: of Carles Ffeetherstone pursuant to an order of the Court dated Augst the 1st 1694 in the other book, and Capt. Peter Field & Capt. Thos. Cocke offer themselves to become Security with them for the same Whereupn the sd Royall, Stratton & Womack doe consent agree to stand bound as formerly and the Clerke is ordered to take bond of them, and Newman ordered to pay all costs ariseing abt the sd Estate.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 20 Aug 1703, p.46

It is ordered that Mr Abra: Womack Guard: to Robert Elam - one of the orphs. of Gilbert Elam decd doe give an Accot of what Estate he hath in his hands belonging to the sd. Orphan and that he give security for the same next Octr Court.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 20 Aug 1711, p.53

John Easly by his petition Setts forth that he marryed the Daughter of Jeremiah Beuskin and therefore prays order for her estate which is in the hands of John Bolling Gentleman, and said Bolling appears and assumes to pay an Account of the said Easly to Abraham Womack the Sum of five pounds five shillings current money and also promises to pay the said Easly thirty six pounds ten shillings in goods at fifty per cent on the first Cost or in Tobacco at one penny per Pound, either of which payments is at the election of the said Easly, and in full satisfaction for his wifes estate, to which the sad Easly consents.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 5 Oct 1725, p.54

Daniel Nunnally (who intermarried with Susanna Relict of William Womack deceased) failing to appear and comply with the order of September Court relating to Orphans, it is ordered that he be summoned to appear at the next County Court to Comply with the said order of September Court.

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 5 Oct 1725, p.54

{Three paragraph after David Nunnally paragraph, this next one deals with Martha Womack, daughter of Abraham Womack, who married first John Mosby, and second James Hambleton.}

James Hambleton (who intermarried with Martha Relict of John Moseby deceased) failing to appear & comply with the order of September Court relating to Orphans, it is ordered that he be summoned to appear at the next County Court to Comply with the said order of September Court.

{The very next paragraph deals with Womack Pucket who married Mabel the widow of William Pucket, worded almost exactly the same as the James Hambleton paragraph.}

Henrico Co, VA Orphans Court, 1677-1739, 5 Oct 1725, p.55

Ordered that the Churchwardens of Bristol Parish do make enquiry in what manner Elizabeth Womack Educates & provides for the Orphans of Richard Womack deceased and if her care of the said orphans be not such as they approve then they bind out the sd. Orphans according to the directions of the act of Assembly for the ditribution of Intestate Estates &c.

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Alabama Womack Notes

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol IV, p.1395 - Henry and Lucy (Warmack) Browne of Wake Co, NC

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol II, p.1383 - Washington Co, AL history - John Wommack and others appointed in 1815 to choose a site for the couty-house.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.422 - Anderson Crenshaw (1783-1847) bio, son Thomas Chiles (1818-1899) m. 1841 in Butler Co Lucinda Womack.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.486 - David Levi and Caroline Margaret (Womack) Campbell

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.558 - Faith Lyman Hall (1846-) bio, son of Jackson Walter & Virgin (Womack) Faith, dau of John & Frances (Coleman) Womack.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.608 - William Tyre & Mary (Womack) Parrish of Raleigh, NC

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.798 - Herbert Edward Hampton (1800-1877) bio, married Martha, dau of John & Sarah (Lewis) Womack

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol III, p.800 - Thomas Sharpe Herbert bio, son of Edward Hampton & Martha (Womack) Herbert.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol I, p.181 - History of Butler Co, AL - first elections at house of Jesse Womack on 13 Dec 1819; p.184 - Jesse Womack, senator, 1840-1; p.185 - John W Womack, rep, 1835-6; Jesse Womack, rep, 1839-40

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol I, p.552 - History of Eutaw, J W Womack aquired lands in 1818.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol II, p.855 - History of Lauderdale co, AL - J B Womack {John Burgess Womack}, representative, 1834-5.

Dictionary of Alabama Biography, vol II, p.1129 - Pike Co, AL History - Jesse Womack, senator, 1840-1

Timothy D Womack Army Enlistment

This is the Timothy D Womack/Warmack who lived in Yazoo Co, MS. - U.S. Army, Register of Enlistments, 1798-1914 > 1798 May 17 - 1815 > W, Y-Z, p.460 (stamped p.155).

Entry #5290 - Womack, Timothy D; Pvt; 44 USI {United States Infantry?}; under Capt Joseph J Miles; 5'9" tall; grey eyes; light hair; light complexion; age 27; occupation: Laborer; born Bask{?}, GA; enlisted May 2-12, 1814 at New Orleans by Capt Miles for duration of the War; NOTES: D.R. dated Feb 16, 1815, present. D.R. New Orleans Feb 28/15, present, sick in Regtl Hospital. J.R.P.M Barracks, New Orleans April 30/15. Discharged Apr 8 or 10, 1815. See pension case.

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John Warmack notes

My notes in {}. I copied Womack/Warmack references. Also, I am typing out some Sherrard/Sherrod references that happen to be on the same photocopied pages.

This is primarily about John Warmack Sr of Yazoo Co, MS. These are the records of his family in Georgia before they moved to Mississippi in the early 1820s.

Note that I think the William Womack/Warmack in these records was the father of John Warmack, but it may be his brother, or some records may be John's father and some are his brother.

John Warmack also had a probable brother, Timothy D Womack/Warmack, but I have found no records of him in Georgia, other than his Army service records that says he was born in GA (which I will abstract in another blog entry).

Georgians Protest the Yazoo Land Fraud, 1795, in Georgia Genealogical Magazine (GGM), Vol 22, No 2-3, p.95 - Washington County
{This record is very important because there are almost no surviving records of Washington Co, GA, in addition to the early GA censuses also being lost.}

The petitions protesting the Yazoo Land Fraud survive and are substitutes for Georgia's lost censuses. Reproduced below are the signatures from the Washington County petition, now in the Telamon Cuyler Collection of the Hargrett Rare Book and Manuscripts Library, University of Georgia Libraries. The petition is undated but presumably was signed in 1795.

{many names} ... William Wammack, John Wammack {in a row}, {three Blackshear men a few lines above William & John Wammack} David Blackshear, Edwd Blackshear, Elijah Blackshear. {NOTE: A David Blackshear was involved in deeds with the Womacks in Montgomery Co, GA, see below.}

Montgomery County, Georgia, a Source Book of Genealogy and History, by James E Dorsey and John K Derden

Deed Abstracts - (p.115) Deed of conveyance, William Lott, Jr, to John Jones, 200 acres, Wt Arthur Lott, John Wammock, Thos Davis, 14 Jul 1800.

Deed Abstracts - (p.116) Deed of conveyance, Moses Hornsby to John Jones, 930 acres, Wt Arthur Lott, John Wammock, Thos Davis, 14 Jul 1800.

Deed Abstracts - (p.236) William Womack, Henry Moffet. Wit: David Blackshear, Simon Hadly. 28 Mar 1803.

Deed Abstracts - (p.242) Joel Sherrard, Sarah Sherrard (wife), John Jones. Wit: Seaborn Jones, James Thomas. 9 Apr 1803.

Deed Abstracts - (p.279) Joel Serrard (Sherrard) ... Negro girl Rymer ... prop of Samuel Williamson. Wit: William W Roberts, Henry Hilliard. 14 Jul 1804.

Deed Abstracts - (p.279) William Wammock, David Blackshear. Wit: John Mitchell, John Wammock, John Hill Bryant. 5 Oct 1804.

Deed Abstracts - (p.362) John Warmack, Daniel McIntosh. Wit: Murdock McIntosh, Charles McKinnon, Abner Davis. 3 Feb 1808.

Deed Abstracts - (p.368) John Lowe, John Warmack. Wit: Simon Hadley, Thomas Raines. 5 Feb 1808.

Deed Abstracts - (p.368) William Wamock, John Wamock, John Jones. Wit: Nevin Culbreath, Abner Davis. 5 Feb 1808.

Deed Abstracts - (p.369) Jesse Flugham (of Washington County), Talliaferro Fulgham. Wit: Joel Sherrard. 5 Feb 1808.

Deed Abstracts - (p.120) John Warmack (of Twiggs County), Murdock McIntosh. Wit: Donald McIntosh, Christiana McIntosh. 30 May 1810.

Will Book A (1808-1863), p.5 - LWT of William Ryals ... Wife Elizabeth {this abstact is incorrect, wife was Edith} ... Son John B Ryals ... Son Joseph Ryals ... Son William R Ryals ... Dau Elizabeth Womack ... Dau Matilda Ryals ... Dau Winniford Colq(-) ... Son Joseph ... Dau (?) Mary Ryals ... Grandchildren: Thomas B, Mary Anne and Edith Colquhann .. Son in Law: Angus (?) Colquhann ... Testators: George Wyche, Nirdham(?) R Bryan, Benj F Harris ... 24 Nov 1827. {NOTE: this Womack reference unrelated to all others - Elizabeth Ryals was the wife of Nathaniel Green Womack, grandson of Abraham Womack IV and Judith Minter.}

Jury Lists, Jurors 1805 - Henry Moffet, John Wamuck (among others)

Jury Lists, Jurors 1806 - William Wammack (among others)

Womack Land Grants in Montgomery County, Georgia

Wamack, Wm - Montgomery, Book G-5, p.471, 960 acres, 1809 [Plat Book WW, p.21, William Warmack].

Wammock, Jno - Montgomery, Book F-5, p.71, 650 acres, 1805 [Plat Book VV, p.39, Swift Creek, John Wamock].

Womock, Wm - Montgomery, Book AAAAA, p.550, 700 acres, 1798 [Plat Book CC, p.433, William Wamock].

Womock, Wm - Montgomery, Book EEEEE, p.402, 100 acres, 1803 [Plat Book DD, p.479, William Wamock].

Also, one land grant in Washington Co, GA which *may* be this William Womack, but since there were several William Womacks in GA at the time, it is hard to tell if this is the correct William Womack:

Womock, Wm - Washington, Book AAAAA, p.236, 50 acres, 1798.

The 1797-1798 tax list for Montgomery Co, GA is at the Georgia Archives Virtual Vault; William Wamock (on p.23) paid taxes on 700 acres.

Georgia Land Lottery Records - see my early GA Womack Records.

Note that John Wammock and William Wammock from Montgomery Co, GA registered for the 1805 GA Land Lottery but did not win.

In the 1807 GA Land Lottery, John Warmack and William Warmack from Montgomery Co, GA both won (John won two lots):

John Warmack Montgomery 54th Wilkinson 12 325
John Warmack Montgomery 54th Baldwin 7 64
William Warmack Montgomery 54th Wilkinson 27 171

By 1809, Wilkinson and Baldwin Counties had been divided into several smaller counties, including Twiggs and Pulaski, in which we find records of John Warmack's family. Note that an unrelated Womack family was in Pulaski Co, GA at the same time: David Womack (son of Abraham Womack & Martha Mitchell) was on the 1820 Census in Pulaski Co, GA, and he later moved to Gadsden Co, FL (see the book, Little River Pioneers, by Miles K Womack). So, there are some Pulaski Co, GA records that refer to David Womack's family, not John Warmack's family.

Early Twiggs Co, GA records are lost, and so are all census records before 1830. John Warmack apparently lived in Twiggs Co, GA in 1810, since when he sold his land in Montgomery Co, GA to Murdock McIntosh, the deed said John Warmack was from Twiggs Co. John Warmack had sons Benjamin Warmack and Joel Sherrard Warmack who begin appearing in Georgia records in the early 1820s. Also, there was a William Warmack who married in May 1815 in Pulaski Co, GA. Since John Warmack had a son named William who was too young to be married in 1815 (see later Mississippi records), this William Warmack was either John's brother or father.

Georgia Marriages, 1811-1820
Wormack, William to King, Elizabeth, 23 May 1815 (license), Pulaski cr.

Although early Twiggs Co, GA records are gone, John Warmack had dealings in Pulaski Co, GA (which at that time was adjacent to Twiggs, to the south of Twiggs), and luckily, records of Pulaski Co, GA have survived.

Early Court Records of Pulaski County, Georgia, 1809-1823, by Lee G Barrow.

Petit Jurors, Oct 1818 - John Wormack {among others}

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.38, Apr 1816, ... Elizabeth Wormack formerly Elizabeth King admx of the estate of Samuel King decd.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.53, Sep 1816, ... Elizabeth King, now Elizabeth Wammack, Admx on the estate of Samuel King, decd.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.53, Sep 1816, Ordered that letters of administration de bonis non with the will annexed on the estate of William Roberts decd be granted to John Sherrod - andthat he be bound in the sum of $6000 and that Simon Bardin be his security.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.56, Jan 1817, Ordered that the verbal will of Elizabeth Roberts be recorded and that John Sherrod & John Wommack be executors to the same & John Sherrod be appointed guardian for Henry Roberts and John Wommack guarian to Benjamin Roberts, both sons of Wm Roberts decd.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.62, Jan 1817, Ordered that Wm J Murrell be appointed guardian to the person & property of Simon Roberts and that he [be] bound in the sum of $1200 and John Wommack and John Hodges be his securities.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.70, May 1817, Ordered that Wm J Murrell appear at the next Court of Ordinary Minutes to give new security in place of John Wommack & John Hodges.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.74, Sep 1817, Ordered that a warrant of appraisement on the estate of Elizabeth Roberts decd be directed to Thos McGriff, Wm May, Hinchey Warren, Jno Wommack, and Blakely Edins.

Court of Ordinary Minutes, p.74, Sep 1817, Ordered that John Sherrod be appointed guardian to the person & property of Simon Roberts and that he [be] bound in the sum of $1200 and John Wommack be his security.

More Georgia Land Lottery Records - see my early GA Womack Records.

In the 1820 GA Land Lottery, Benjamin Warmack of Twiggs Co, GA, son of John Warmack, won:

Benjamin Womack Twiggs Bozeman's Habersham 10 164

In the 1832 GA Land Lottery, Elizabeth (King) Warmack of Pulaski Co, GA, widow of William Warmack, won:

Elizabeth Wammock, widow Pulaski Bryan's 2 9 91

The following marriage records appear in Pulaski:

Lucretia Womack - John Rodgers 23 Dec 1819 Pulaski
Martha Womack - George Little 2 Mar 1820 Pulaski

Lucretia and Martha Womack were daughters of David Womack (son of Abraham Womack & Martha Mitchell) who was on the 1820 Census in Pulaski Co, GA, and who later moved to Gadsden Co, FL (see the book, Little River Pioneers, by Miles K Womack). Thus, they are unrelated to John Warmack.

Also, Wyche Womack of Pulaski Co, GA, son of David Womack, won in the 1821 GA land lottery:

Wyche Wammack Pulaski Regan's Monroe 2 252

Georgia Newspaper Records

John Warmack, and his sons Benjamin Warmack and Joel Sherrard Warmack, were mentioned a few times in early GA newspapers.

Genealogical Abstracts from the "Georgia Journal" (Milledgville) Newspaper, 1809-1840, by Fred R Hartz and Emilie K Hartz.

Issue of 18 Apr 1820, List of unclaimed letters, dated 18 Apr 1820, at Marion, GA post office: Benjamin Wamock {among others}. {NOTE: Marion was the county seat of Twiggs Co, GA until 1868 when the county seat was moved to Jeffersonville. See Twiggs County Courthouse.}

Issue of 18 Jul 1820, List of unclaimed letters, dated 1 Jul 1820, at Madison, GA post office: Joel S Warmack {among others}. {NOTE: Madison is the county seat of Morgan Co, GA; unknown why Joel was there.}

Issue of 10 Oct 1820, List of unclaimed letters, dated 10 Oct 1820, at Madison, GA post office: Joel Warmack {among others}.

Issue of 30 Jan 1821, List of unclaimed letters, dated 1 Jan 1821, at Marion, GA post office: B Warmack {among others}.

Issue of 27 Feb 1821, Will be sold at the court-house, in the town of Hartford, Pulaski Couny, on the first Tuesday in April next, the following property, to wit: ... One gray horse, 17 head of hogs, one cow, all taken as the propery of William H Mathers, to satisfy sundry executions in favor of Benjamin Warmack ... (signed) B Barker.

Issue of 30 Oct 1821, List of unclaimed letters, dated 30 Sep 1821, at Marion, GA post office: Benjamin Warmack {among others}.

Issue of 24 Sep 1822, On the first Tuesday in November next, will be sold at the place appointed for holding court in Fayette County, the following property, to wit: ... One lot of land, No. 252, in the 13th district of formerly Henry, now Fayette, levied on as the property of William H Mathers, to satisy a fi fa from the Superior Court in Pulaski County, in favor of Benjamin Warmack ... (signed) John S Welch, Sheriff.

Issue of 15 Jul 1823, On the first Tuesday in September next, will be sold at the court-house in Early County ... the following property, to wit: One lot of land, No. 393, 28th district of said county, taken as the property of James Kendrick and John Warmack, to satisfy an execution in favor of Henry Bunn ... (Signed) William A Carr, Sheriff. {NOTE: this may have been a different John Womack/Warmack}

War of 1812

John Warmack may have been in the War of 1812, see Georgia Military Records War of 1812 (partial roster). Note that the page also mentions General David Blackshear, probably the same David Blackshear in Montgomery Co, GA records with the Warmacks.

This is everthing I have on John Warmack in Georgia. I will do another post on the records of John Warmack's family in Mississippi.