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Josiah Womack Bible

Josiah Womack Bible Record

From “Womack Family Courier”, October 1984, p.112-116


REB – my notes are in [].

I have tried to copy this as best I can.

I disagree with some of the conclusions presented here. Primarily, I disagree that the William Womack who married Lucy Womack, daughter of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, was the son of Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield.

William Womack, son of Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield, married Rebecca (last name unknown, NOT Rebecca Parker), and moved from Caswell Co, NC to Georgia; then to Pendleton Dist, SC; then to Tennessee; then to Caldwell Co, KY; and finally to Gallatin Co, IL, where he died in Jan 1820. I have the documentary evidence for this.

The William Womack who married Rebecca Parker, daughter of Edward Parker, lived in Halifax Co, VA. Edward Parker named several children in his will, including Rebecca Womack, Miles Parker, and Henry Parker. William Womack of Halifax Co, VA had a wife named Rebecca and sons Edward, Miles, and Henry Womack. Furthermore, Edward Parker had lived in Halifax Co, VA in close proximity to the William Womack there, before moving to Rowan Co, NC.

The William Womack who married Womack, daughter of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, was, I believe, the son of Isham Womack. This Isham Womack was the son of Thomas Womack & Mary Farley, and thus Isham was the uncle of Thomas Womack (son of Abraham, son of Thomas) who married Louvisa Rice. This Isham was known to have children William and Martha. William Womack and wife Lucy Womack had a son named Isham Rice Womack. Also, their son, Levi Berry Womack, married Martha Bean, daughter of Robert Bean & Martha Womack; and Levi Berry Womack & Martha were said to be first cousins [need documentation for this].

There were over 40 William Womacks in America around 1800, and I believe they have been thoroughly confused.


From the editor:

The following information and bible records were sent by Mrs. Charles T. Womack (Pauline) of Greenwood, Miss. I am including a part of her June 26, 1984 letter to me to explain the following information which includes several bible records. –Annette (She and her husband are from 3 Womack Lines)


Dear Annette,

I am enclosing two Womack family Bibles. The first is listed as Josiah Womack but has his parents, Abraham & Eliz., sisters and brothers. The Asa Martin Womack Family Bible came with “our” Womack family to Yalobusha Co. Miss. There is a generation between these two bibles – William & Lucy Womack. We were able to find out about them through other sources.

In our possession we have the James E. Womack Family Bible (James E. Womack & Frances Sarah Wood marr. Yalobusha Co, Miss Oct 1884). In this bible is given the births marriages of each above parents, then the family of James Edward is given, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – which makes 6 generations.

From John Alexander Womack (1834-1927) on down we have the death certificates, the bible, marriage records in Yalobusha Co. MS, tombstones in Shiloh Cem. and certain family knowledge because grandchildren of this man told us so much. The generation before that Asa Matin Womack (1806-1863) – we were able to trace with deeds and other legal documents and the generation before that with deeds, bible and other material…

One other thing – the sheet giving the marriage of Abraham Womack and Elizabeth was found in Yalobusha Co. MS. A grandson of Abraham (1726-1800) was William Peebles Womack. He marr. Matilda Oliver in Caswell Co. NC. They came to De Soto Co. MS sometime in the 1840s. Their daughter, Willie Etta Womack b. 1854 in Miss marr. Lee Jackson and moved to Yalobusha Co and this page was given to show the M. of Abraham and Eliz. to be put together with the Bible record still in NC …


Vol 2
William Gaston Chapter DAR
Gastonia, North Carolina

Bible records from Caswell-Gastonia-Buncombe County, North Carolina
Page 710

Name of family: Josiah Womack of Caswell County, North Carolina
Bible Date of Publication: [blank]
Name and address of owner: Miss Hester Womack, Rt 1, Caswell Co., Ruffin, NC

Josiah Womack and wife, Polly Massey was married Feb 17, 1803
Benjamin Jestus and Eliza was married Oct 11, 1824
Thomas M. Womack and Elizabeth Pollard, his wife was married Feb 1834
John H. Bracken and Martha S. Womack was married Dec 2, 1835
Abraham Womack and Louisa M. Cobb was married Dec 12, 1838
Joseph B. Womack and Elizabeth S. Blackwell was married Dec 16, 1847

William Womack, son of Abraham Womack, was born Nov 11, 1753
Mary Womack was born March 22, 1756
Ann was born Sept 21, 1758
Lucy was born June 16, 1761
Jeremiah was born Aug 16, 1763
Sina was born Jan 4, 1766
Jehu was born July 19, 1768
Josiah was born March 26, 1771
Elizabeth was born Sept 19, 1773
Levy was born Dec 7, 1775
Polly, wife of Josiah Womack was born Aug 9, 1783
William C. Justus was born Aug 8, 1825
Nathan Massey was born Jan 15, 1774
Emely E. Justus was born Aug 8, 1835
Eliza S. Womack was born Nov 15, 1803
Polley Womack was born Nov 17, 1805
Thomas M. Womack was born Oct 9, 1807
Martha S. Womack was born April 27, 1810
William P. Womack was born July 31, 1812
Abraham Womack was born October 31, 1814
Maryan Womack was born Feb 26, 1817
Lewis P. Womack was born Feb 20, 1820
Joseph B. Womack was born April 5, 1823
Albert G. Womack was born March 9, 1835
William L. Womack was born June 27, 1836
Felix H. Bracken was born Oct 9, 1836
Nancy Arabella Womack was born the 12 Jan 1843
Martha Allas Womack was born Sept 30, 1848
Mary N. Womack was born May 16, 1851
William Pinckney Womack was born July 25, 1855
Joseph F. Womack was borned Aug 20, 1858
Ider Decota Neighbors was borned July 17, 1869
Etta May Neighbors was borned Dec 22, 1873
Joseph Osco Neighbors was borned Nov 13, 1876
John Glasic Neighbors was borned July 29, 1878, died Nov 10, 1951

Abraham Womack departed this life May 6, 1800, aged seventy four years
Elizabeth, his wife departed this life March, 1780
Sina Brackin departed this life April 13, 1800, aged thirty-four years
Jehu Womack departed this life April 21, 1794, aged 26 years
Elizabeth Massey departed this life Jan 19, 1816, aged forty-three years
Levy Womack departed this life March 8, 1796, aged twenty years
Polley Womack, daughter of Josiah, departed this life, aged four years, four months and six days
William C. Justice departed this life Nov 11, 1832
James C. Justice departed this life Nov 21, 1832
Josiah Womack departed this life Jan 30, 1848
Mary, wife of Josiah Womack, departed this life Sept 9, 1865
John Glasic Neighbors died Nov 10, 1951
Thomas Massey departed this life Jan 9, 1817
Mary Massey departed this life June 19, 1828
Emely E. Justice departed this life Jan 31, 1850
Matilda Justice departed this life July 4, 1851
Benjamin W. Justice departed this life May 10, 1860, aged 67 years
Elizabeth, his wife departed this life Oct 28, 1857
Martha J. Paschal departed this life May 7, 1866 (or 1856)?
Mary A. S. Ware departed this life Mar 28, 1859
Louisa M. Justice died Feb 23, 1860
Joseph B. Womack departed this life Oct 17, 1858
Elizabeth Womack, wife of Joseph B. Womack departed this life July 22, 1879

Recorded herein on this April 29, 1955.

Copied from the files of Register of Deeds, Caswell County, North Carolina
Mr. J. Burch Blaylock, Register
Copied by Mrs. Kay Dixon, member of Wm. Gaston Chapter DAR, Gastonia, NC, Sept, 1955



WILLIAM WOMACK: b. 11 Nov 1753 VA, d. Jan 1820 TN, m. Lucy Womack (1766 VA – after 1835 d/o Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice)
MARY WOMACK: b. 22 March 1756 VA, d. ?, m. David Benton
ANN WOMACK: Called “Nancy”: b. 21 Sept 1758 VA. d. ?, marr. 9 May 1786 Benjamin Engram [Ingram] in Caswell Co, NC
LUCY WOMACK: b. 16 June 1761, d. Nov 1816, marr. Charteon Engram [Charlton Ingram] 2 Nov 1778 Caswell Co NC s/o Benjamin Engram.
JEREMIAH WOMACK: b. 16 Aug 1763 d. before his father (Abraham) made his will. Did not marry. Named for uncle Jeremiah Stubblefield.
SINA WOMACK: b. 4 Jan 1766, d. 13 April 1800 aged 30 [34] yr. marr. 28 Jan 1795 Caswell Co. NC to Joseph Brackin.
JEHU WOMACK: b. 19 July 1768 d. 21 April 1794, did not marry.
JOSIAH WOMACK: b. 26 March 1771, d. 30 Jan 1848, marr. Mary “Polly” Massey 17 Feb 1803, Caswell Co. NC (born Margaret?)
ELIZABETH WOMACK: b. 19 Sept 1773 d. 16 Jan 1816 marr. Mr Massey?
LEVI WOMACK: b. 7 Dec 1775, d. 8 Mar 1796, age 20 yr., did not marry.



Asa Martin Womack was born April 30, 1806 and died March 24, 1863
Sallie Patton Womack was born Jan 8, 1810 and died Jan 31, 1863

Elizabeth Jane Womack was born Dec 17, 1827, died early part of 1865, Pine Bluff, AR
Jesse Marion Womack was born Dec 27 1828, and died in Union Prison in Ill in the winter of 1864
Florinda Isabelle Womack was born Mar 25, 1832 and died 1908
John Alexander Womack was born Nov 27, 1834 and died July 15, 1927
Martha Frances Womack was born Jan 8, 1837
Mary Emeline Womack was born May 20, 1839 and died Dec 1893
William Edward Womack was born Aug 27, 1841 and died July 15, 1863 from wounds received in the Battle of Gettysburg
James K. Polk Womack was born Jan 6, 1844 and died on a battlefield in Kentucky on Jan 19, 1864
Riley Patton Womack was born May 4, 1846 and died in battle in Georgia on Aug 29, 1864
Simpson Parks Womack was born Mar 10, 1849 and died Oct 1872
Sallie Ann Womack was born Dec 15, 1851 and died Sept 1925

Asa Martin Womack and Sallie Patton were married Dec 17, 1826

Their Children:
Willis Davis Johnson and Elizabeth Womack marr. Dec 1847 (Dec 23, 1847)
Curtis Terry and Florinda Isabelle Womack marr. June 28, 1855
John Alexander Womack and Frances Jane Long marr. Jan 14, 1858
John Franklin Womack and Martha Frances Womack marr. Sept 7, 1865
Levi Berry Womack and Mary Emeline Womack marr. Jan 1, 1867
W. W. Adams and Sallie Ann Womack marr. Dec 2, 1879


The above Bible was destroyed when the tornado of 1942 destroyed the home of Charles W. Womack, son of John A. Womack who built the home. Elizabeth (Betty) Brown Goza had copied this Bible. Her daughter, Mrs. Hubert McAlexander of Holly Springs, Miss had this and sent to PHW in 1962. Betty Brown Goza was a granddaughter of John Alexander Womack (1834-1927) and stayed in the John A. Womack home much of the time as her mother, Mary Alice Womack Brown died young. Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery has Mary A. Brown wife of S. P. Brown and daughter of J. A. and Fannie A. Womack, Jan 8 1859-April 29, 1881. The Asa Womack Family Bible had survived a fire of the John A. Womack home in 1900. A picture of this home was given to Charles T. Womack Jr. b. 1912 by Marie Womack who had lived with her grandparents, James Edward Womack and Frances Sarah Wood Womack.


Pauline H. Womack: 307 E. Monroe, Greenwood, Miss 38930.
Her three lines are as following:

Line 1:
Thomas & Louvisa Rice Womack
Lucy Womack & William Womack
Asa Martin Womack & Sarah Patton +
John Alexander Womack & Frances J. Long
James Edward Womack & Frances Wood
Charles Theodore Womack & Ruth Pate
Charles T. Womack, Jr. & Pauline Hartman *

Line 2:
Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield
William Womack & Lucy Womack
Asa Martin Womack & Sarah Patton

Line 3:
Martha Womack, b. 1758 marrd. Robert Bean
Elizabeth Bean & John Patton
Sarah Patton + & Asa Martin Womack

The children of Ch. T & Pauline Hartman *
Charles T. (4th) & Sally Hale
a. Daniel
b. Nancy
c. David
d. John
Paula Ann Womack & Harvey E. Campbell
a. Whitney
b. Harvey, Jr.



Wm. P. Womack Book
Bought of Jas. Osbourn
1843 price $1.00

Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield was married Oct the 30th 1751
Elizabeth died March _ 1780
Abraham died May 6th 1800

Wm Womack their son Died January 1820
Lucy their daughter died November 1816

[back to type-written]

Have carefully compared this copy of page of records in Wm. P. Womacks family records with the original document submitted to me and hereby declare it appears to be a true and accurate copy thereof.


[hand-written signature] William A. Calla [???, cannot read]
Notary Public

My Commission Expires March 1, 1965.


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