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Notes on William W Womack Family


See WGN message, Thursday, February 12, 2004, from Doris Cox:
Agness Womack married to Edward Douglass.
Marriage bann: 14 October 1829 Pittsylvania Co VA
Marriage: 15 October 1829 Pittsylvania Co VA
Signer of Certificate: Agness W. Womack
Surety: Richard White
Minister: Rev. Griffith Dickenson, Sr.
Marriage Bann Page 93.
Marriages of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1806 - 1830 by Kathleen Booth Williams
Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore
Book page 44. Book found at Library in Chatham in Pittsylvania Co VA.

Shelby Co, TN marriages
27 Jul 1835, G L Douglas Security, #873, Joseph L Waller to Agnes W Douglas.
25 Feb 1834, L R Brown security, #816, Joseph Smith to Sarah W Womack.
1 Oct 1838, R A Motly security, #1151, C Parr to Sarah W Smith, Executed 4 Oct 1838 by Henry L Moran MG.

In 1880, Womacks were in Union Twp, White co, AR.

Somehow listed as "Horndel" in 1860. Probably a mistake copying the name "Wormack".

Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Union, White, Arkansas; Roll M653_52; Page: 915; Image: 443; Family History Library Film: 803052.
House 667
W W Horndel 50 M W Farmer 800 500 VA -- William W(atson?) Womack
E Horndel 25 F W TN -- Elizabeth (LNU) Womack, should be 45
S H Horndel 26 M W Farmer TN -- Stephen C(oleman?) Womack
Wm Horndel 17 M W Farmer TN -- William Womack, birthplace should be MS
John Horndel 14 M W TN -- John Womack, birthplace should be MS
Martha Horndel 10 F W TN -- Martha Womack, birthplace should be MS
E Horndel 8 F W TN -- Elizabeth Womack, should be 12, birthplace should be MS
N Horndel 6 F W TN -- Nancy Womack, birthplace should be MS
Nancy Horndel 36 F W TN -- Nancy (Sandeford) Womack, should be 27
C Hazlewood 26 M W TN
Mary Howe 21 F W TN

ancestry - Arkansas Marriages, 1851-1900
Stephen C. Womack / Nancy W. Landeford {Sandeford} 28 Jul 1859 White AR
Kit Mooring / Martha T. Womack 18 Dec 1877 White AR
S. C. Womack / S. E. [Mrs] Hefner 22 Oct 1882 White AR
E. D. Womack / Martha Adams 5 Nov 1885 White AR
W. F. Womack / Fannie E. Armstrong 17 Dec 1885 White AR
Henry T. Ausburn / Elizabeth Warmac 19 Aug 1866 White AR
John T. Wormack / Lizer R. Harrison 29 Dec 1867 White AR

Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Precinct 5, Hill, Texas; Roll M593_1591; Page: 458A; Image: 434; Family History Library Film: 553090.
House 19
Osborn, Patrick H 26 M W Farmer -- 150 AL
Osborn, Elizabeth 22 F W MS -- Elizabeth (Womack) Osborne
John E 3 M W TX
Ephraim B 87 M W Physician NC
Nancy 69 F W VA

LDS has Patrick Henry Osborne (son of Ephraim Brevard Osborne & Nancy Smith) married to Elizabeth June Womack. White Co, AR marriage records have Henry T [should be P] Ausburn to Elizabeth Warmac, 19 Aug 1866. Named as daughter Elizabeth H Osborn in will of William W Womack (indexed as William V Warmack) in White Co, AR, dated 11 May 1867.

Nancy Sandeford who married Stephen C(oleman) Womack was the grandaughter of Stephen Coleman McDaniel (brother of Sarah McDaniel who married Charles Womack) and Lockey Douglass, who was probably related to Edward Douglass who married Agness W Womack.

See - says Edward C Douglass (who married Agness W Womack) was the son John and Elizabeth McDaniel Douglas. They also had a son, George Livingston Douglas(s) who was probably the G L Douglas who acted as security for marriage of Agness W (Womack) Douglas to Joseph Waller.

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Halifax County, Virginia Womack Deeds

Halifax County, Virginia Womack Deeds - these are very rough abstracts

Book 1, p.309, 27 May 1757, Richard Womack of Lunenburg to Patrick Shealds of Prince Edward, 870 acres, part of patent to Richard Womack 5 Feb 1757. Jacob Womack one of the witnesses.

Book 2, p.83, 20 Dec 1759, Richard Womack of Cornwall Parish, Lunenburg, to Robert Peek (or Peck) of St Patrick Parish, Prince Edward, 400 acres, part of patent to Richard Womack 5 Feb 1757.

Book 2, p.224, 18 Sep 1760, Richard Anderson, Paulin Anderson & John Watkins of Amelia to Isham Womack of Halifax, half of 400 acre tract, other half to Charles Cauthron {husband of Elizabeth Womack}.

Book 2, p.226 - 18 Sep 1760, Richard Anderson, Paulin Anderson & John Watkins of Amelia to Charles Cawthron {husband of Elizabeth Womack} of Halifax, half of 400 acre tract.

Book 4, p.22 - 14 Apr 1762, Robert Wormock (or Warmock) of Halifax to James Dillard, a horse and other items.

Book 4, p.31 - 14 Jun 1762, Robert Warmock & wife Mary Ann of Halifax to Thomas Duncan of same, horses, cattle, etc.

Book 5, p.252 - 14 Nov 1764, Daniel Dean of Halifax to Jacob Womack of Orange Co, NC, 207 acres.

Book 5, p.227 - 18 Oct 1764, Isham Womack & wife Elizabeth of Halifax to Champness Terry of same, 200 acres.

Book 6, p.95 - 18 Sep 1766, Charles Cothran {husband of Elizabeth Womack} of Halifax to Obediah Russell of same, 200 acres.

Book 7, p.267 - 1 Nov 1768, Daniel Hudson & wife Tabitha of Charlotte Co to Abraham Womack of Halifax, 480 acres, Beavers Creek.

Book 8, p.31 - 8 Feb 1768, William Womack Sr of Cumberland Co to Charles Womack of Cumberland Co, 315 acres. William Doss and Sussaner {sic, Susannah Womack} Doss witnesses.

Book 8, p.205 - 15 May 1771, Richard Womack of Charlotte Co to Thomas Owen of Halifax, 200 acres on Hunting Creek, witnesses Thomas Stovall, Bartholomew Stovall, Thomas Womack.

Book 8, p.211 - 15 May 1771, Richard Womack of Charlotte Co to Charles Lee of Halifax, 150 acres on Hunting Creek, witnesses Thomas Stovall, Bartholomew Stovall, Thomas Womack.

Book 9, p.40 - 2 Nov 1773, Abraham Womack of Halifax to Walter Robertson of Halifax, slave "Jim", for a debt Womack owes Robertson.

Book 11, p.408 - (blank month & day) 1779, Abraham Womack of Halifax to John Coleman of Halifax, 480 acres.

Book 12, p.85 - 24 Nov 1780, Thomas Womack & Sarah his wife of NC to Robert Owen of Halifax, 150 acres on Hunting Creek, bounded by Humphrey Brooks {who fathered child out of wedlock with Sarah Womack, dau of Thomas} & others. {NOTE: In Halifax Co, VA Pleas #5, 1764-1767, p.32, 21 Mar 1765, a deed is noted from Ambrose Cobb to Thomas Womack. The deed was apparently not copied into the deed books. This is apparenty the land Thomas & Sarah sold in 1780, since, from other Halifax deeds, Ambrose Cobb also owned land in the Hunting Creek area.}

Book 12, p.101 - 20 Feb 1783, Charles Womack of Halifax to Matt Duet Willians of Charlotte Co, 373 acres.

Book 14, p.616 - 25 Nov 1789, Abraham Womack of Halifax to William Naish of Mecklenburg Co, slave "Annina".

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American Womack Records Before 1701, Part II

This blog entry completes all known pre-1701 Womack records that were not recorded at the Henrico County, Virginia level. We did the Land Patents in Part I. Here, we have two court records at the Virginia Colony level, plus Charles City Co, VA deeds, and a letter from William Byrd I concerning the death of Richard Womack.

Subsequent entries will deal with records at the Henrico County level.

VA Colonial Council, 1670-1676, p.177, 8 Apr 1674, Jamestown, VA

Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, By Henry Read McIlwaine, published 1924, p.369.

8 Apr 1674.
Tho: Ludwell {Secretary of Virginia}
Womeck & Clarke.
The Difference Between Abra: Womeck and Wm Clarke about the estate of Wm Wm {sic} Womeck Deced. It is ordered that the Said Abra: Womeck (brother of the said William) have two thirds of his Estate, both reall {sic} and psonall {sic} and the widdow have the other Pt.

VA Colonial Government, 12 Sep 1688, Jamestown, VA

Calendar of Virginia State Papers and Other Manuscipts, 1652-1781, Wm P Palmer, editor, Volume I, p.21.

John Womack vs. Jno. Granger and wife -- action for Slander. 12 Sep 1688.

Charles City Co, VA, Fragmentary Will & Deed Book 1692-1694, p.155, 5 Jun 1693

Charles City County, Virginia Records 1737-1774 With Several 17th Century Fragments, Abstracted and Compiled by Benjamin B Weisiger III

p.155 Deed of gift John Farley, Sr. of Apamatock in Henrico Co. for love & affection, to his son John Farley, half of my land at Blackwater in Charles City Co., which I purchased of Hercules Flood, 75 acres, being the lower part. .20 Nov. 1692
Wit: Nich. Dison, Margarett (T) Dison, Nich. (H) Dison, Jr.
Signed: John Farley
Recorded 5 June 1693
Wife of John, Sr. relinquished her dower right

p.l55 Deed John Farley, Sr. of Bristol Parish, Henrico Co. for an exchange of land of John Womack of same, where he now lives, 100 acres, granted to him by his brother Richard Womack, I grant him 75 acres in Blackwater, Charles City Co., next to land I gave my son John, 75 acres. 5 June 1693
Wit: Thomas (X) Gayton, Wm Walthall, Nich. Dison
Signed: John Farley His wife Mary relinquished her dower right

{REB - Note that Prince George Co, VA was formed from Charles City Co in 1702.}

Westover (Charles City Co), VA, Letter from William Byrd I, dated 25 Apr 1684, possibly later

Copied from Markie Owen's website.

The Virginia Historical Register

Vol. 1-11-64...
Capt. Byrds Letters
James City in Virginia
April the 25th, 1684

To Thomas Grendon per Zack Taylor

Dear Sir,
This I hope will come to your hands to congratulate your safe
arrival in England, having little news to send, all being well
at your house. The General Assembly is now sitting, and your
neighbour Hill Speaker. I hope all things will go on smoothly.

Old Sturdivant, his son, Millner {,} Shipy, Womacke, and Hugh Cassell were all killed by the Indians in their returne from the Westward, about 30 miles beyond Ochanechee. What prejudice it is to mee you may guesse, they having (had they come will in) made a very advantagous journey. On Easter monday I spoke with 50 Seneca Indians about 12 miles abouve my house; they have promised to behave themselves hereafter very peaceable towards the English. I shall not trouble you further at present, but with my best respects and service to yourselfe and all our friends, wishing all health and prosperity, I am, Sir, Your reall friend and Servant
Jack Warren and Will Randolph our worthy Burgesses, frequently
drinke your health.

Pray be mindfull of my shoes and Boots & C.


The Valentine Museum indicates that the Susquehanna
Indians conducted the raid which killed the above

{REB - More on William Byrd here.

Adventures of Purse and Person, Virginia, 1607-1624/5, Virginia M Meyer editor, p.351, footnote #18 - Marion Tinling, ed, The Correspondences of the Three William Byrds of Westover, Virginia, 1684-1776 (Charlottesvill, 1977), I, pp 15-16. The date of this letter may have been later in the yesr. Letters of administration on the estates of John Milner, Thomas Shippy, Richard Womeck (and John Davis) were granted to their widows at the same Henrico County court, 1 Aug 1684, and all of these men's inventories show some connection with the Indian trade: Indian boys and girls, trading knives, a tomahawk, Indian baskets (Henrico Co Wills & Deeds 1677-92, pp. 282-290). The Occaneechee Trail or Path led from Fort Henry (Petersburg) through Ocaneechee Town (near present Clarksville, Meklenburg County), close to the forks of the Dan and Roanoke Rivers. Twenty miles west of that would be present Person Co, NC.

American Womack Records Before 1701, Part I

This is the first of a series of blog enties on the earliest (pre 1701) Womack records in America.

This first entry is the Virginia Land Patents which mention Womacks. See Virginia Land Patents. This data comes from the book series Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volumes 1-8. All of these patents can all be viewed at the Library of Virginia here:

Land Patents were kept at the Virginia Colony/State capital, which was Jamestown until 1699 when it was moved to Williamsburg, and then moved to the current capitol, Richmond, in 1780.

The following are ALL the land patents that mention Womacks before 1701. There is an undocumented assertion that William Womack recieved a patent in 1657 or 1665. This patent has never been found, and I will address it and other fictional/dubious assertions in a later blog entry.

My notes and comments in {}.

VA Land Patent, Book 2, p.94, 20 Nov 1646, Charles City Co, VA

David Jones, 650 acs. Charles City Co, 20 Nov 1646, p.94. Bet 2 creeks opposite against Taphanna Marsh upon the northerly side of the River, being a neck of land ESE upon David Jones Cr 300 acs by former patent & 350 acs due for trans of 7 pers: Richard Wolfe, Tho. Peacock, Peteer Debar, Ja. Thompson, Fra. Rocke, Margaret Weym'ke (Weymarke), Mary Hunter.

{REB - I do not believe Margaret was a Womack, but the name is similar.}

VA Land Patent, Book 6, p.447, 15 Mar 1673 (OS 1672), Henrico Co, VA

Richard Womack, 450 A, 3 R, 8 P, Henrico Co, N side of Appomattock Riv, 15 Mar 1672/3, p.447. At a br of Ashen Sw, adj John Puckett; the Spring Run, Mr Baugh; nigh the Round Slash; to Major Harris, &c. Trans of 9 pers: Sarah Johnson, John Adams, Mary Cooke, Jane Hayes, Jane Barrett, Tho. Browne, Joan Grigory, Jane Treble, An. Percer.

VA Land Patent, Book 6, p.454, 26 May 1673, Henrico Co, VA

James Akin & Richd Womack, 335 acs, Henrico Co, N Side Appamattock Riv, 26 May 1673, p.454. At the head of Tho Wells; to Finton's run, &c. 250 acs granted said Akin 20 Oct 1665 {Patent Book 5, p.517}, 85 acs due them for the trans of 2 pers: Philip Childers, Ann Daily.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.75, 23 Apr 1681, Henrico Co, VA

Mr George Browning, 37 A, 2 R, 8 P, Henrico Co, in Varina Par, 23 Apr 1681, p.75. Adj Mr Liggon; Abraham Womacke; Thomas Sheppey; Thomas Jones; &c. Tran of 1 pers. {not named}.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.200, 20 Nov 1682, Henrico Co, VA

Wm Pucket & Tho Pucket, 757 acs, Henrico Co, Bristol Par, N ide of Appamatox Riv, 20 Nov 1682, p.200. The first 50 acs next above Mr Wm Baugh, on Pierce's Toile Cr' 300 acs wherof beg on sd Cr, at the Spring Bottom; to the Ashen Sw; along the line of Mr Walthal; &c; 257 acs adj Richard Womeck; & John Puckett; &c. 500 acs granted John Pucket 27 Jan 1665 {Patent Book 5, p.589, John Pockett}, & bequeathed to his 2 sons: Wm & Thomas; 257 for the trans of 6 pers: Jone White, Alce ___, Patrick Foster, Robt. Tovey (or Povey), John Edwards, Gil. Pucket.

VA Land Patent, Book 7, p.250, 16 Apr 1683, Henrico Co, VA

Mr Joseph Tanner & Mr Richard Wamocke, 206 A, 1 R, & 20 P, Henrico Co, in Bristoll Par, on N side of Appomattock Riv, 16 Apr 1683, p.250. Beg at Major Wm Harris, to the Holy Ground Slash; to maine br of Ashen Sw; &c. Trans of 5 pers: Tho. Bayes, Richd. Perrot, David Salisbury, Tho. White, Hen. Boyce.

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.46, 21 Apr 1690, Henrico Co, VA

John Scott (or Stott), 206 A, 1 R, 20 P, Henrico Co, in Bristoll Par on N Side of Appomattock Riv, 21 Apr 1690, p.46. Beg at Maj Wm Harris; on the Holy Ground Slah; down maine br of the Ashen Sw; to Richard Waymock (Wamock). Granted Mr Joseph Tanner & Mr Richard Waymock, 16 Apr 1683 {Bk 7, p.250, see above}, deserted, & now passed by order, &c. Imp of 5 pers. {not named}.

{REB - the desertion of the 206 acres probably coincides with death of Richard Womack prior to 9 Aug 1684 (Henrico Co, VA 1677-1692 Will & Deed Book, p.285).}

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.172, 20 Oct 1691, Henrico Co, VA

Mr John Worsham, Mr Edward Straton (Stratton), & Mr Abraham Womack, 879 acs in Henrico Co, Verina Par, N side of Swift Cr, 20 Oct 1691, p.172. Beg at the mouth of Cold Water Run. Imp of 18 pers: Richard Lewis, Judith Lewis, Sarah Somerseal, Clemens Proveer, John Stewart, Wm. Migettoe, James Butlidge, John Bull, Eliza. Pain; Dick, Tom, Nan, Peter Negroes; 5 Negroes by Cert. granted Mr Rich. Kennon for 70 Negroes by Hen. Co. Ct., 1 Apr 1690.

VA Land Patent, Book 8, p.216, 19 Apr 1692, Henrico Co, VA

Mr Abraham Womack Senr, 269 acs, Henrico Co, 19 Apr 1692, p.216, 200 acs purchased of Gilbert Deikon; the residue being King's land; beg on line of Gilbert Elam, dividing this from Wm Clark; adj Edward Stratton; Hugh Ligon; the Granery road; & Thomas Shippey. Imp of 2 pers: Tom & Sue.

{See Patent Book 4, p.9, Gilbert Deacon, 7 Oct 1655, 324 acs, adj Tho Sheppey & Elam, grant renewed on 18 Mar 1662; also Bk 5, p.125, George Browning, 10 Jun 1663, 400 acres between the land of one Clark, Henry Lawne, Gilbert Deacon, and Robert Elan; also Bk 7, p.455, William Clarke, 20 Apr 1685, 124 acres escheated land. Formerly granted to Gilbert Deacon.}

VA Land Patent, Book 9, p.161, 15 Oct 1698, Henrico Co, VA

Abraham Womeck, 200 acs, Henrico Co, 15 Oct 1698, p.161. Escheated from Gilbert Deacon, by inquisition under Wm Randolph, Esqr, Esch'r, &c.

{This was part of the 269 acres granted to Abraham Womack in Bk 8, p.216 (see above). Gilbert Deacon was granted 324 acres on 7 Oct 1655 (Bk 4, p.9). Sometime before 23 Apr 1681, Abraham Womack purchased 200 of the 324 acres, since on 23 Apr 1681, he was listed as owning land adjacent to George Browning (Bk 7, p.75, see above). Gilbert Deacon apparently kept the remaining 124 acres. However, he apparently had failed to pay taxes on any of the land, including the 200 acres he sold Abraham Womack. The 124 acres of land was escheated (returned to the crown) for failure to pay taxes. On 20 Apr 1685, William Clarke got a grant for the 124 acres (escheated land, formerly granted to Gilbert Deacon), but Abraham Womack was in hot water concerning the back-taxes on the other 200 acres until an inquistion was held by Esq William Randolph, and Abraham was re-granted the land in this patent. Thus, Abraham Womack and William Clarke were neighbors, each owning part of the former land of Gilbert Deacon. They would later have a court battle over their property line (Henrico Co, VA 1678-1693 Order Book, p.310). Also, this William Clarke married the widow (name unknown) of William Womack, Abraham's brother (Minutes of the General Court of Virginia, 1670-1676, p.177; Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, By Henry Read McIlwaine, published 1924, p.369).}

VA Land Patent, Book 9, p.168, 15 Oct 1698, Henrico Co, VA

John Puckett, 257 acs, Henrico Co, adj Richard Womecke; down the Spring Bottom; to Mr William Baugh, &c; 15 Oct 1698, p.168. Part of 757 acs granted to William Pockett & Thomas Pockett, 20 Nov 1682 {Bk 7, p.200, see above}, deserted, & now granted by order, &c. Trans of 6 pers: Thomas Peterson, Wm Nicholas, Mary Nicholas, Hen. Drewery, Peter Morgan, Robt.Dolby.

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Ingram Genealogy, Part III

Please read first:

Ingram Genealogy, Part I
Ingram Genealogy, Part II

Charlton Ingram had 3 Kentucky Land Grants:

Ancestry, Kentucky Land Grants

Grantee Acres Book Survey Date County WaterCourse
Ingram, Chalton 400 11 23 Mar 1805 Livingston Cumberland R
Ingram, Chalton 150 18 9 Jul 1805 Livingston Cumberland R
Ingram, Charlton 11 xxx 7 30 Nov 1838 Trigg Little R

As discussed in an earlier post, I believe Charlton's mother was named Susannah (1790 Caswell tax list, also Charlton's brother John had a daughter named Susannah Ingram). Charlton Ingram married Lucy Womack and his first cousin, Benjamin Ingram, married Lucy's sister, Ann "Nancy" Womack.

Benjamin Ingram and wife Nancy Womack lived in Pendleton Co, SC from about 1792 to about 1802, then they moved to Livingston Co, KY (the part which became Caldwell in 1809). They must have returned to Caswell Co, NC before going to KY, since Benjamin Ingram was there 1 Sep 1803 when he recieved his share of Abraham Womack's estate. From deed records of Pendleton Co, SC, and from tax records of Caldwell Co, KY, I guessed that Benjamin's parents were James Ingram and Catherine LNU.

Abstract of Early Kentucky Wills and Inventories, By Junie Estelle Stewart King

Livingston Co, KY, Book A, 1799-1818
INGRAM, JAMES. Oct 4 1806. April 1807. Wife: Caty. Children mentioned but not named. Ex: Benjamin Ingram (son), Samuel Burton (son-in-law). Wit: Moses Ingram, Falton East.

Note the witness Moses Ingram, who was son of Charlton Ingram.

This will abstract verified my theory. Benjamin wrote his own will a couple years later, and it mentions his father's estate, and that his mother was still living.

I suspected that Benjamin's father James was brother to Charlton's father Benjamin. So, I looked for a James married to a Catherine, with brother Benjamin married to Susannah. See

Here, we have Benjamin Ingram married to Susannah Coin (I think she was actually Susannah Quine), and James Ingram married to Catherine Young. I am sure these are the correct Ingrams, and that they came from Baltimore Co, MD (the part which became modern Harford Co, MD) to Orange Co, NC (the part which became modern Caswell Co, NC) between 1770 and 1772. They were part of a larger migration of people from Maryland to North Carolina, including the families of Miles, Slade, Wright, Poteat (Poteet), and Richardson. Benjamin Ingram and James Ingram were the sons of John Ingram and Mary Peasley. See "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" (which is available on for more info on this Ingram family in Maryland. The will of John Ingram is in Maryland Calendar of Wills: 1732-1738 By Jane Baldwin Cotton.

In Maryland, deeds could be registred with the county or the colony government.

Compare these two deeds:

Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records, Vol 4, 1767-1775, by John Davis

19 Nov 1770, Isaac & Mary Wright, William & Sarah Wright, Abraham & Averilla Wright (sons and heirs of William Wright), planters, of Baltimore Co, MD to Corbin Lee, 166 pounds, 500 acres patented 12 Aug 1696, by Edward Felk, who devised to his cousin Edward Pigg, who sold to Samuel Maxwell, who sold to William Wright Sr. Signed Isaac (x) Wright, William (x) Wright and Abraham Wright. Wit: J Beale Howard and James Gittings.

Provincial Court Land Records, 1770-1774 (Maryland State Archives Website)

21 Nov 1770, Benjamin Ingram of Baltimore Co, planter to Corbin Lee of Baltimore Co and Robert Alexander, Esq of Baltimore Co, 138 pounds, land called Michael's Chance, 100 acres. Signed Benjamin (B) Ingram, Corbin Lee, Robt Alexander. Wit: J Beale Howard and Jas Gittings. 21 Nov 1770, Benjamin Ingram acknowledged deed, wife Susannah relinquished dower. Recorded 27 Apr 1771.

So, we have two deeds of land bought by Corbin Lee, with same witnesses, two days apart. The first deed was recorded in Baltimore County, MD, and the second with the Province (or colony) of Maryland.

According to Baltimore County Families 1659-1759 by R.W. Barnes, the three Wright brothers above had a fourth brother, Jacob Wright. I found this marriage record:

Ancestry, Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777

Wright, Jacob to Priscilla Ingram, 4 Aug 1765, 2 BA 228
meaning Baltimore County - 2 BA - St. John's and St' George's Parish; copy made by Harrison at MHS [Maryland Historical Society]. (Despite the title of the manuscript, the records are chiefly those of St. John's Parish.)

Note that in Caswell Co, NC, James Ingram (son of Benjamin/Susannah) had a daughter named Priscilla Ingram (married Moses Allen). James also had a son named Benjamin Ingram who married Priscilla Wright.

Ingram men were the bondsmen for four Wright marriages in Caswell before 1850, indicating a strong connection between these families. There were also lots of deed records in Caswell talking about Ingram and Wright together.

Abraham Wright and Jacob Wright were in Caswell Co, NC in the 1777 tax list near the Ingrams. Isaac Wright died in 1774 in Orange Co, NC before Caswell was formed in 1777 (see below). So far, I have found no record that brother William Wright came to Orange/Caswell.

Ancestry, Abstracts of wills recorded in Orange County, North Carolina, 1752-1800

A-174 Will of ISAAC WRITE of St. Mathew's Parish.
Dated 26 May 1772, proved Aug 1774. Wife: Mary
sons: Zacharias and Isaac, both under age.
"Rest of my estate to be equally divided amongst all my children: Providence, Zacharias, Mary and Isaac Write."
Executrix: wife Mary.
Witnesses: Bridger Haynie, Benjamin Ingram, Abraham Miles.

This is the first record of Benjamin Ingram in North Carolina. Here, he witnesses the will of Isaac Wright, the same Isaac Wright with wife Mary who sold sold their land to Corbin Lee in Baltimore Co, MD two days before Benjamin Ingram with wife Susannah sold their land to Corbin Lee in Baltimore Co, MD. Note that one of the other witnesses, Abraham Miles, was the son of Thomas Miles, and this family has been proved to come from Baltimore Co, MD to Caswell Co, NC (see the book Marylanders to Carolina).

Issac Wright married Mary Richardson in Baltimore Co, MD on 19 May 1761. Early Caswell tax lists show Lawrence Richardson and James Richardson living near Ingram and Miles families in Caswell; both Lawrence Richardson and James Richardson have records in Baltimore Co, MD. Isaac Wright's son Zacharias or Zachariah was born about 1762 in Maryland; he married Polly Hayes 24 Dec 1793 in Caswell, and according to researchers of this family, moved to Grayson Co, VA (the part which became Carroll Co, VA). He was alive for the 1850 Census, listed as 88 years old, born in Maryland. Issac Wright's daughter Providence Wright married Richard Haddock on 29 Jul 1796 in Caswell with bondsman Lawrence Richardson.

There was another Isaac Wright near the Ingrams in Caswell: A Caswell deed record gives his mother as Mary, and his sister's names. At first, I thought this was the son of Isaac Wright and Mary Richardson, but there seems to be too many discrepancies - the names of this Isaac's sisters do not match the daughters of the Isaac who made his will in 1772. This Isaac was probably the son of Abraham Wright, brother of Isaac who made his will in 1772. If so, Abraham Wright married a second time to Mary LNU, because his first wife was Avarilla Harryman (the marriage record in Baltimore Co, MD says Abraham Wright, 20 Feb 1759, to Avarilla Harryman, 2 BA 218).

I have not seen the Ingrams in the 1777 tax list of Caswell, but according to ancestry, there was Benjamin Ingram, John Ingram, and two James Ingrams. I think this was Benjamin Ingram (wife Susannah Quine), his sons John and James, and his brother James Ingram (wife Catherine Young). Benjamin's son Charlton was born 30 Jul 1757, thus not quite 21 in 1777, and probably still living with his father.

A 1783 Caswell deed mentions land of James Ingram, Jr. Benjamin Ingram had a son James Ingram, and one grandson I know of named James Ingram, John's son, who was either a child or not born yet in 1783. Remember that the terms Sr and Jr did not imply a father/son relationship back then, just that two people had the same name and one was older or younger. I think the James Ingram Jr in the 1783 deed was Benjamin's son James, and that he was called Junior to distinguish from his uncle, James Ingram (wife Catherine Young).

From Pendleton Co, SC deeds, and South Carolina land records, James Ingram was in Pendleton by maybe as early as 1785, certainly by 1790 when he was on the census there (also in 1800). James's sons Benjamin and William were also there in census records (Benjamin in 1800, William in 1790 and 1800). James's son-in-law, Samuel O Burton, was also in Pendleton, and Benjamiin Ingram witnessed a deed for Samuel Burton there. I will come back to Pendleton records.

Back to old Maryland records.

Ancestry, Maryland Marriages, 1634-1777

Ingram, Benjamin, 5 Jan 1743, Susannah Coin, 2 BA 189
Ingram, James, 25 Aug 1752, Catherine Young, 2 BA 206
[Baltimore County, MD, St. John's Parish]

Susannah Coin is the only Coin in early Maryland marriage records, so at first I thought the name was Cain, but now I am sure it was Quine.

See the will of Walter James, written 2 Apr 1751 in Baltimore Co, MD in Maryland Calendar of Wills, Volume 10: 1748-1753 By F. Edward Wright. Note that Walter James was one of the bondsmen on the administration of the estate of Mary Peasley Ingram (Benjamin's mother).

Note that the will mentions Susannah Ingram, to whom Walter James left cattle and slaves, which was quite a large inheritance, since slaves were very valuable. I believe Susannah Quine Ingram was the step-daughter of Walter James.

The book St. John's and St. George's Parish Registers, 1696-1851 By Henry C. Peden mentions Jane Quine, daugter of William and Elizabeth born 20 June 1713 in Baltimore Co, MD. Later, it mentions Jane Quine marrying William Detter on 6 Oct 1736. William Detter was actually William Ditto, who was from a French Huguenot family which originally spelled the name Ditteau. I believe that William Quine died, and his widow Elizabeth married Walter James.

Walter James's will does not mention a wife, so Elizabeth must have died before 2 Apr 1751. The book "Baltimore County Families, 1659-1759" (which is available on mentions that Walter James and wife Elizabeth bought land in 1740 from Samuel Maxwell (see above, he sold land to William Wright, Sr). So, Walter James's wife was named Elizabeth. Note the sentence in Walter James's will: "only one bag of feathers JANE ditto". This was Jane Quine Ditto, wife of William Ditto!!! The person who transcibed the will must have thought it was "ditto" meaning "repeat", often abbreviated in old documents as "do" or with a quote mark.

By the way, the Ditto family must be hard to research, since it is such a common word. It reminds me of when I was researching the File family. Try doing a google search for File!!!

Back to Walter James's will - he calls Walter James [Jr] his son, and Priscilla James (another Priscilla!) his daughter. It seems he calls Henry Quine his son, and the will's language is a little confusing about this; certainly Henry Quine sometimes went by Henry James in Baltimore records. I think that Susannah Ingram, Jane Ditto, William Ingram, and Elizabeth Denton were the step-children of Walter James Sr by his marriage to the widow Elizabeth LNU Quine, widow of William Quine.

Priscilla James, daughter of Walter James Sr, married Salathiel Galloway on 28 Sep 1753, and he died in 1756, with widow Priscilla administering the estate with bond from Benjamin Ingram and Henry James (aka Henry Quine).

In 1750, Benjamin Ingram and William Grover were bond on the administation of the estate of Oliver Harriott. No idea how or if Harriott is related to Ingram or Quine. However, William Grover may be related. See Baltimore County, Maryland Deed Records: 1727-1757 By John David Davis. William Quine and wife Martha of Baltimore Co in 1748 to William Grover for love and affection 8 acres. This must be William Quine Jr, brother of Benjamin Ingram's wife, Susannah Quine. Also, Martha, wife of William Quine Jr, may have been Martha Ingram, because John Ingram (Benjamin's brother) mentioned in his 1738 will brothers-in-law William Quine and Humphrey Tudor, and brothers Benjamin Ingram and James Ingram, with William Wright (possibly the William Wright Sr above?) one of the witnesses.

The 1786 tax list of Caswell Co, NC show three Quines in Caswell District of Caswell County: William Quine (right after John Ingram), Mary Quine (2 after James Ingram), and Benjamin Quine (right before Abram Miles). Quine is a very rare name. It would be extemely coincidental for these Quines in Caswell Co, NC not to be the same Quines in Baltimore Co, MD. Several other Caswell records show Quine and Ingram together. For example, John Ingram and Charlton Ingram were buyers at the estate sale of William Quine in 1800. See Lumbee Indians and Goins Family, William Quine witnessed deeds for both James Ingram and Charlton Ingram in Caswell.

I mentioned above that John Ingram Jr (Benjamin's brother) named Humphrey Tudor as a brother-in-law; he was married to Dorcas Ingram, Benjamin's sister. After Humphrey died, Dorcas married an Abraham Wright, and church records show they had a son Solomon. This Abraham Wright must have been somehow related to the William Wright Sr, father of the four Wright brothers, three of whom came to Caswell (and one of them, Jacob Wright, married Priscilla Ingram).

Enough for tonight, I will post more on Ingrams later.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Ingram Genealogy, Part II

Here are some Ingram marriages in Caldwell Co, KY (

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Banister
Marriage Date: 11 Oct 1810 Oct. 21

Name:Mahala Ingram
Spouse: Rebecca Randolph
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:Thomas Malone
Spouse: Matilda Ingram
Marriage Date: 01 Feb 1812 Feb 6

Name:John Poach
Spouse: Catherine Ingram
Marriage Date: 15 Feb 1813 Feb. 28

Name:Wm Chambers
Spouse: Sally Ingram
Marriage Date: 26 Sep 1816 Sept. 26, Henry Darnall

Name:Charlton Ingram
Spouse: Elizabeth Flemming
Marriage Date: 24 Jun 1817

Name:Milton C. Ingram
Spouse: Cynthia Harris
Marriage Date: 09 Jan 1821 14 Jan., Joel Smith

Name:Charles Jones
Spouse: Tamsey Ingram
Marriage Date: 18 Jun 1821

Name:William Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Lowry
Marriage Date: 30 Oct 1821

Name:Eli Ingram
Spouse: Nancy Thetford
Marriage Date: 10 Oct 1825 Holloway Collie, J. P

At least three children of Charlton Ingram and Lucy Womack were married in Caldwell Co, KY: Mahala, Matilda, and Milton.

Charlton Ingram married his second wife, Elizabeth Flemming, in Caldwell on 24 Jun 1817. His first wife, Lucy Womack, had died Nov 1816, per the William Peoples Womack family record:

Charlton Ingram was on Caldwell Co, KY tax lists from 1809 (the year Caldwell was formed from Livingston Co, KY) to 1825, when we presume Charlton died. See

The 1790 "Census" of Caswell Co, NC is here: Note that the actual Census for 1790 Caswell Co, NC was lost, and this list is recreated from tax lists. I have not seen the actual tax list, but I understand it has more info than just names. John, James, and Charlton Ingram (all sons of Benjamin Ingram) appear in Caswell District. A James Ingram and a Susannah Ingram appear in Richmond District. I think the James Ingram in Caswell District and the James Ingram in Richmond District were the same man, since I looked at Caswell Co, NC deed book, and James Ingram owned a lot of land. I believe Susannah Ingram was the widow of Benjamin Ingram, who had died in 1789, and in July 1789, his 640 acre tract had been divided between his sons James, John, and Charlton Ingram.

Several explanations have been given for the relationship of Charlton Ingram who married Lucy Womack and Benjamin Ingram who married Ann "Nancy" Womack. Some have Benjamin as the son of Benjamin who died 1789, but that Benjamin had just 3 sons (James, John, and Charlton) per the July 1789 Caswell court record.

Another incorrect explanation was that Benjamin Ingram who married Nancy Womack was the son of James Ingram, son of Benjamin who died 1789. However, James Ingram's 1792 will calls his son Benjamin Ingram one of his youngest sons, and Caswell records indicate this Benjamin Ingram had a gaurdian as late as 1802, thus wan not yet 21 years old in 1802. See There is no way that this Benjamin Ingram was the one who married Nancy Womack in 1786.

Other incorrect explanations include incorrect origins of the Caswell Co, NC Ingram family in Virginia. I will get to those later. The Ingrams in Caswell Co, NC did not come from Virginia.

Charlton Ingram was accidentilty listed twice in the 1800 Census of Caswell Co, NC:

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 121; Image: 127.

Chalton Ingram 30210 - 21010

Source Citation: Year: 1800; Census Place: Hillsboro, Caswell, North Carolina; .Roll 31; Page: 102; Image: 108.

Chattan Ingram 21210 - 21010

Charlton Ingram was missed in the 1810 Census of Caldwell Co, KY, though tax records reveal he was there. Several other Ingram families were in the Caldwell tax records but missed in the 1810 Census, including Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack. Also missed was William Womack, Charlton's brother-in-law.

Charlton Ingram was in the 1820 Census of Caldwell Co, KY:

Source Citation: Year: 1820; Census Place: , Caldwell, Kentucky; Roll M33_19; Page: 34; Image: 38.

Charlton Ingram 000101 - 01110

He is near other Ingram families and other related and allied families. He is listed right after David Benton, married to Mary Womack, the sister of Charlton's first wife Lucy Womack, though Lucy had died Nov 1816.

In my next post on Ingram genealogy, I'll talk about Benjamin Ingram married to Nancy Womack.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ingram Genealogy

Ingram is not one of my personal lines, but one I got interested in while researching my Womack family. Abraham Womack Jr and Elizabeth Stubblefield had several children, including Lucy Womack who married Charlton Ingram (often spelled Chalton Ingram), and Ann "Nancy" Womack who married Benjamin Ingram.

Both marriages occurred in Caswell Co, NC:

Groom: Charton Ingram
Bride: Lucy Wamack
Bond Date: 2 Nov 1778
Bond #: 000016142
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008329
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: Benjamin Ingram
Witness: Wm Campbell

Groom: Benjamin Ingram
Bride: Nancey Womack
Bond Date: 9 May 1786
Bond #: 000016143
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008851
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: William Cochran
Witness: H Haralson, Deputy Clerk

Abraham Womack [Jr] made his will in Caswell Co, NC on 15 Sep 1796, and it was probated Oct 1800. Among his children, he mentions Lucy Engram and Nancy Engram. Full text of will is here:

We also have a Bible record for Abraham Womack's family:

From the bible, we know Lucy Womack was born 16 Jun 1761, and Ann "Nancy" Womack was born 21 Sep 1758. Both were likely born in Virginia.

Related to this Bible is a family record in possession of William Peoples Womack (son of Josiah, grandson of Abraham), in which it states that William Womack (Abraham's son) died Jan 1820, and Lucy Womack (Ingram, Abraham's daughter) died Nov 1816.

Abraham's son Josiah Womack was the executor of the will. He collected several receipts from the heirs, which are in Abraham's probate file in Caswell.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd one bed and furniture in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 12 day of April AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: Betsey Womack was Elizabeth Womack, who was Abraham's daughter and not yet married when Abraham died. She lived in Caswell, and thus we can be sure that Charlton Ingram was also in Caswell on 12 Apr 1803.

NOTE 2: Charlton / Chalton's mark consisted of his initials, C I, but the I had a small bar drawn through the middle. This mark is the same on the letter of William Womack, below.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd 5 s [5 shillings?] in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 1st day of September AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Benj Ingram

NOTE: This proves Benjamin, husband of Ann "Nancy" Womack, was in Caswell Co, NC on 1 Sep 1803.

Dear Brother,
You will please pay to our Brother [-in-law] Chalton Ingram the Balance of my Legacy Coming to me after Satisfying your self Agreeable to my letter and this Shall be your Receipt for the same. Given under my hand this 16th day of December 1804.
Wm Womack
To Mr. Josiah Womack
Test Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: William Womack (eldest son of Abraham) and Charlton Ingram must have been far from Caswell on 16 Dec 1804, though it appears Charlton Ingram returned to Caswell with this letter. I think that on 16 Dec 1804, William Womack and Charlton Ingram were both in Tennessee or Kentucky.

The Abraham Womack [Jr] probate file also contains receipts to Betsey Womack (Abraham's daughter) on 23 Dec 1800 witnessed by William Bethell; to Joseph Brackin (husband of Sina Womack, Abraham's daughter) on 9 Jan 1801 witnessed by Wm Bethell; and a final report to the Caswell County Court on 16 Sep 1809 stating that Josiah Womack had given every Legatee of Abraham Womack Decd their legacy, except for David Benton (married to Mary Womack, Abraham's daughter) who had refused to accept his legacy of 5 shillings.

Charlton Ingram also has a Bible record:

Note "Luck ? W. Ingram b. 16 June 1761". This is Charlton's wife, Lucy Womack, and her birth date in Charlton's Bible matches that in Josiah Womack's Bible (link above). Charlton's birth date is given as 30 Jul 1757.

Some researchers have Lucy Womack as Lucy Rachel Womack. I have no idea where the Rachel came from, and I have found zero proof of this.

The Bible probably belonged to Charlton and Lucy's son, Amaziah Ingram, because it lists his wife, Charlotte (Saxon) Ingram, as well as their kids. It also lists all of Charlton and Lucy's kids, whose names all began with "M", other than Amaziah:

Mosses Ingram b. 5 Sept. 1780 - Moses
Mansma Duke Ingram b. 16 Jan 1783 - Marmaduke
Mahalah or Mahalak Ingram b. 29 Oct 1785 - Mahala (male)
Medesdien (?) Ingram b. 21 Feb 1788 - Medes or Medis
Amayiah(?) Ingram born 20 Oct 1790 - Amaziah
Matilda Ingram b. 23 Oct 1793 - Matilda
Milton Ingram b. 22 Oct 1796 - Milton
Milly C. Ingram 5 Sept 1799 - Milly or Mildred
Maicahe ? Ingram b. 4 April 1803 - not sure about this one
Masila Ingram b 20 July 1807 - Marilla

Darnell, Nancy / Ingram, Moses 4 Oct 1808 Tennessee Montgomery County (Ancestry, Tennessee Marriages to 1825)

More to come on this subject, including how Charlton and Benjamin Ingram (who married Lucy and Nancy Womack) were related, and the origins of this Ingram family. Will post more tomorrow, must sleep now.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

George Womack, son of Thomas Womack and Louvisa Rice

George Womack, son of Thomas/Louvisa, is not generally recognized as such. However, there are records of George in Rutherford Co, NC, in Warren Co, TN, and he is next to his brother Abraham Womack in the 1830 Census of Pope Co, IL. His wife was Margaret LNU. This Margaret has been claimed as wife of James Womack, George's brother, but that is incorrect.

George Womack - born 1780-1790, NC, died before 1840
Margaret LNU - born c1794 SC
George Washington Womack - c1820 TN
John G Womack - c1823 TN
Sarah J Womack - c1826 TN
Shepherd F Womack - c1827 TN
Green B Womack - c1831 IL (moved to Nebraska)

Sarah J Womack Mick thought to be dau of George/Margaret because she fits with girl in HH in 1830 and 1840, she is near her brothers in 1860, she had son named Green B.

Illinois Marriages to 1850

Brinkley, Larindy to Womack, Stephan F. [Shepherd F] 7 Oct 1849 Illinois Gallatin County

Meek, John to Wommack, Sarah 2 Jun 1845 Illinois Gallatin County

Stephens, Darcus Ann to Womack, George 12 Sep 1845 Illinois Pope County

1850 Census -
Hardin Co, IL - G W Womack (30, TN) & family
also, enumerated in Tazewell Co, IL as Washington Womack (40, KY)
Pope Co, IL - Shepherd Wormack (22, TN) & John Wormack (27, IL)
Margaret (LNU) Womack, widow of George, missed in 1850
Green B Womack missed, probably with mother
Sarah (Womack) Mick, wife of John W Mick, missed in 1850

John W Mick (34, IL) / Sarah Mick (34, IL) - children Charles R, Green B, Emma A
p.80, house 565
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 237.

Sarah J Mick, 43, TN - Source Citation: Year: 1870; Census Place: Township 11 Range 6, Pope, Illinois; Roll: M593_270; Page: 452; Image: 89.

Shepherd F Womack (33, TN) & family, including mother Margeret Womack (66, SC)
p.82, house 585
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 239.

John G Womack (36, TN) & family
p.84, house 601
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 11 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 241.

Green B Womack (28, IL) & family including brother George W Womack (40, TN)
p.69, house 484
Source Citation: Year: 1860; Census Place: Township 12 S Range 6 E, Pope, Illinois; Roll M653_220; Page: 0; Image: 226.

Rutherford Co, NC Deeds
Book 36-, p-190 6-10-1828 Deed 3-19-1811 James Womack to John C.
Elliot 100 a. for $50 land on Hinton's Creek adj. Anderson Womack's line.
Wss: Thos. Goode, George Womack, James Womack

Womack Land Enrties in Warren Co, TN
George Womack #705 9-9-1824 Grant Book 1, Sec 1. p-225. On the
waters of Mountain Creek on Concord Meeting House
Branch near Samuel Green's Boundary line. 50 acres.
Plat Book 1. P-349, Survey made 1827

1810 Rutherford Co, NC
452 (109) 5 Womack George 00010 10010
male 26-44 George
female 0-9 unknown
female 26-44 Margaret

1820 - cannot find, probably in Warren Co, TN

1830 Pope Co, IL
017 9 Wamack George 2210 001 1000 01 8
male 0-4 - Shepherd F, age 3
male 0-4 - unknown
male 5-9 - John G, age 7
male 5-9 - unknown
male 10-14 - George W, age 10
male 40-49 - George, about 45
female 0-4 - Sarah J, age 4
female 30-39 - Margaret, age 36

1840 Hardin Co, IL (Hardin created from Gallatin & Pope in 1839)
225 22 Warmick Margaret 0111 0010 0010001 6 3 Ag
male 5-9 - Green B, age 9
male 10-14 - Shepherd F, age 13
male 15-19 - John G, age 17
female 10-14 - Sarah J, age 14
female 40-49 - Margaret, age 46
female 80-89 - unknown
** Unknown where George W Womack (age 20) was in 1840.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Asa Dupuy Papers

Asa Dupuy was one of the many people who administered the estate of William Womack who died in 1790 in Charlotte Co, VA.

See The Asa Dupuy papers are at the Virginia Hisorical Society. Roger Womack used this as source when writing about the descendants of Thomas Womack and Mary Farley. However, the papers are pretty vast - I ordered most of them from VHS, and I still have some to go. There is much more info in them.

First off, William Womack was not a bachelor. The estate papers show his wife at time of death was Elizabeth or Eliza. Earlier deed records show that William's wife at that time was Jane, so must have been married twice. William apparently had no children, and thus his estate fellto his siblings. However, most of his siblings were dead, so it fell to their children. The results is a very large, though confusing, family record of the descendants of William's parents, Thomas Womack and Mary Farley.

William Womack's estate was initially administered by his brother, Thomas Womack, Jr.

When Thomas Jr died, his widow Mary Womack took over the administration of William's estate.

When Mary Womack died, her will executor John Lamkin Crute took over the administration of William's estate. (Coincidentally, John Lamkin Crute was the brother of Mourning Crute Womack, wife of Edmund Womack).

Finally, the Charlotte Co, VA court appointed James Dupuy and his son Asa Dupuy as administrators of William Womack around 1810. Asa was still handling the estate as late as 1840, a few years before his death.

There is a long document spanning several pages that starts with "Charlotte Court 1st October 1810". It appears to be an account to the court of the state affairs to that point. Here are some interesting parts:

"Abraham Womack it is said went towards South Carolina a great many years ago, the oldest of the connection amongst us cannot remember him but understood of their relations that he removed as above..."

"Isham Womack we can hear nothing of nor which way he removed to ..."

"Mary Mann we have lately heard was living in Amherst County about 40 years ago ..."

"Judy Hamilton no representatives can be heard of only that before or about the American Revolution they went toward the Spanish Teritory ..."

It should be noted that as late as 1810, the admistrators of William Womack were unaware that William's brother Abraham had a son Abraham Jr - the early decrees only mention Elizabeth (Womack) Cauthorn, John and Mary (Womack) Spradling, and Abner Womack as children of Abraham. James and Asa Dupuy did not know about Abraham Jr until they were contacted by Abraham Jr's son, Josiah Womack.

Much of the information conveyed by Josiah Womack is in Roger's page. However, there was also an interesting affadavit from Josiah's uncles, Richard and Wyatt Stubblefield:

State of North Carolina
Caswell County

Aggreeable to the Request of Josiah Womack of sd County & State with undernamed subscribing Justices for sd County being called on by sd Womack this 8th of March 1816 at Meredith Prices in the County and State aforesaid in order to qualify Wyatt Stubblefield of Pittsylvania County Virginia as Respects the Linage [sic] of Abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County and State Aforesaid - Also Richard Stubblefield of Rockingham County and State of North Carolina - Wiatt Stubblefield of Pittsylvania Virginia after being Duly Sworn on the holy Evangelist of Almighty God to Declare the truth Respecting the Linage of Abraham Womack of Caswell County North Carolina Do Say that Josiah Womack herein named is a Lawful begotten Heir of abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County North Carolina and that Abraham Womack Junr of Caswell County and state aforesaid was son of Abraham Womack Senior of Linkhorn [sic, Lincoln] County North Carolina the sd Stubblefield Do further say that Abraham Womack senior of Linkhorn County N Carolina is full brother to William Womack of Charlotte County Virginia Also to Thomas Womack of Nottoway County Virginia the sd Stubblefield Do say that Abraham Womack Senior of Linkhorn County had Heirs as follows vz by the first wife three children namely Abraham Womack Mary Womack and Elizabeth Womack by the second wife one son by name of Abner the said Wyatt Stubblefield do further say that he was Aquainted perfectly with the Womack family for about sixty five year - Richard Stubblefield of Rockingham County N Carolina after being sworn on the holy Evangelist Do say thar Josiah Womack of Caswell County N Carolina is Lawful Heir of Abraham Womack of Caswell County and that sd Abraham Womack Junr [of] Caswell N Carolina is Son to Abraham Womack of Linkhorn County North Carolina - and furthermore the sd Richard Stubblefield Doth not say taken and examined the Day and Date above mentioned in Witness whereof we hereby aknowledge this our hand and seals.
William Robertson JP
Meredith Price JP
Wyatt his X mark Stubblefield (seal)
Richd Stubblefield (seal)


All the talk of "heirs" as opposed to "children" is interesting. I take it that the Stubblefields were dancing around the issue of Abraham Womack Sr's illegitimate children, Thomas Womack and Archie Blanton, who were not legally Abraham's heirs, since they were born out of wedlock.

Much more on info from the Asa Dupuy papers to come later ...

Friday, February 27, 2009

Abner Womack of Butler County, Kentucky – 1845 Will

Butler Co, KY Will Book A, p.138-140

Abner Wamack’s Will

In the name of God Amen, I Abner Wamack of the county of Butler and commonwealth of Kentucky do make this my last will and Testament In manner as follows (to wit) Disallowing all Former wills by me heretofore made do make constitute and appoint this my last will and testament In manner and form as follows & c.

1st My soul to God who gave it and my body to the Earth to be buried in a decent manner at the Discretion of my Executor herein after name without pomp or vain Show & c.

2nd All my children and their heirs hereafter named to receive one dollar each viz. James Wamack, Elizabeth Oaley {?}, Margaret Neil Heirs, Lewis Wamack Heirs, Martha L Hargrove, Isabel Hawes, Milly Solomon, Nancy More, Abner Wamack Heirs to be levied out [p.139] of my small mesick {?} that all land North of the beginning of my land be for the youngest son Chapman our {?} corner from my beginning corner till the south west corner of Joseph Forsythe’s old survey and the balance of all land I hold by title to be of any quantity whatever after being laid off afore ably {?} to this division line from my beginning corner a due strait to J Forsythes’s No West corner of his old survey on an elm sapling and high Ridge and whatever balance there may be of all the land I hold title to be the property of Abraham Wamack who I constitute my Executor of this my last will and Testament & Further I will that all my Just debts be punctually paid & made and constituted this [blank] day of [blank] after the sale of my goods In promise of.

3rd I wish to add two more items. I direct that my daughter Milla Sollomon do receive one milck cow out of my estate and further direct that my loom and tackling to them and their heirs forever and further direct that one feather bed one blanket two pillows one sheet one counter pin or bed quilt to my daughter Nancy Moore to her and her children heirs forever. I also give to my grand daughter Eliza Moore one yearling calf to be hers forever the latter clause was added by one of the subscribing witnesses Edw Beeson.

Signed sealed and delivered in presents of us this ninth day of May 1844.

Abner Wamack (seal)

Edw Beeson
Thos Turner

I further direct that after the forenamed legacies {are?} paid that all the balances of my personal Estate I give to my son Abraham Wamack his heirs forever the above clause was added by direction after signing by Edward Beeson May 9th 1844.

State of Kentucky
Butler County Set {?} April Term 1845
I Vincent S Hay clerk of the county court for the county aforesaid do certify that at the April term 1845 of said court the foregoing Instrument of writing purporting to be the last will and testament of Abner Wamack was produced into court and proven by the oaths of Thos Turner and Edw Beeson the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded whereupon the same together with this certificate is duly recorded in my office. Given under my hand this 23rd day of April 1845.
V S Hay Clk.

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Some Womack Records, Caswell County, North Carolina

My notes in {}.

Caswell County, North Carolina Tax Lists, 1777, 1780, & 1784 by TLC Genealogy

1777, Caswell District {also known as St. Martins District; the north-west quadrant of present-day Caswell Co, NC}
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 1160.0.8 valuation of property (in pounds/shillings/pence)
Womack, Abraham – 587.16.0 valuation

1777, Nash District {also known as Dunsmore District; the north-east quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, David – 1219.6.0 valuation

1777, St. Lukes District {the south-west quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, John – 726.14.11 and as guardian to Tapley, __ - 696.0.0 valuation

1780, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 5416.0.0 valuation
Womack, Abraham – 3493.8.4 valuation
Womock, William – 309.1.0 valuation {William right after Abraham}

1780, Nash District
Womack, David – 3830.0.0 valuation

1780, St. Lukes District
Womack, John – 7189.4.0 valuation

1784, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyate – 1 white poll, 5 black polls, 1487 acres, Hogans Creek, 1085.13.4 valuation
Womack, Abram – 0 white polls, 2 black polls, 382 acres, ____ {no location listed}, 327.6.8 valuation

1784, Nash District
Womack, David – 2 white polls, 6 black polls, 800 acres, Cattle Creek, 1066.13.4 valuation

1784, St. Lawrence District {the north-west quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, Abram – 1 white poll, 4 black polls, 305 acres, Storeys Creek, 601.13.4 valuation

1784, St. Lukes District
Womack, John Esq. 890 acres, Flat Creek; 420 acres, Double Creek; 200 acres, Hico Creek; 350 acres, Mayo Creek; 1 white poll, 6 black polls, 1320.0.0 valuation

Caswell County Deeds, Katherine Kerr Kendall

DB B, p.7 – Joshua Browning of CC to Abraham Womack of same, for 247 pounds, 305 a on w side Storey’s Creek adj Roger Atkinson. 1 Nov 1782. Wit: Jno Atkinson, Thos Neeley.

DB C, p.10 – Abraham Womack of CC to Joshua Browning of same, for 247 pounds, 305 a on both sides of Storey’s Creek adj Roger Atkinson. 25 Nov 1784. Wit: Hiram Howard, Jno Atkinson.

Abstracts of Granville County, North Carolina

Court Minutes 1786-1787 – p.46 – Betsey Yancey, Abraham Womack paid as witnesses in case of Wm Neal vs Jno Mitchell.

{The Abraham Womack on Hogan’s Creek was the one married to Elizabeth Stubblefield; this Abraham was present in the Caswell tax lists for 1777, 1780, and 1784. The Abraham Womack on Storey’s Creek in 1784 Caswell tax list was the one married to Martha Mitchell (they married 31 Mar 1763 in Granville Co, NC). He had been in GA in the mid-1770s, then moved back to NC for a few years before returning to GA. He probably married his second wife, Martha Watkins, at this time; she was from Halifax Co, VA, just to the north of present-day Person Co, NC. Abraham’s daughter, Cicely Womack married James Harris McFarland in Caswell Co, NC on 22 Jan 1787. Abraham Womack appeared as a witness in a case against John Mitchell (probably related to his first wife) in Granville Co, NC, which is just east of present-day Person Co, NC. Hiram Howard, who witnessed the deed where Abraham sold his land on Storey’s Creek, was Abraham’s son-in-law, married to his daughter, Lucretia. Although Abraham did not mention Hiram Howard or Lucretia in his will (though he did mention granddaughter Betsey Howard), he deeded a slave to daughter Lucretia Howard in Hancock Co, GA shortly before his death; and Hiram Howard was a witnesses to two deeds of Abraham Womack in Wilkes Co, GA (to son Mansil Womack and son-in-law James Harris McFarland). Hiram Howard left a will in 1821 in Oglethorpe Co, NC naming wife Lucretia. See .}

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Womack Records, Burke County, North Carolina

My notes in {}.

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records, 1778, Volume I; Abstracted, Compiled and Indexed by Edith Warren Huggins

1778 Land Entries - #782, p.262, James Byers, 200 acres on Crooked Creek of Catawba River, beginning William McCaffertys entry including entry Jacob Womack formerly did live. Entered 3 Sep 1788. Warrant Ordered.
{Crooked Creek off of the Catawba River is in southern present-day McDowell Co, NC, to the south of I-40, near a town called Old Fort; p.54, A-2, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

1778 Land Entries - #1355, p.447, Thomas Wommock, 200 acres on Tomes Creek about a mile above mouth, beginning John McDowells, up for complement. Entered 29 Dec 1778. Not paid. Warrant Issued. Transferred to George Little (?).
{Tomes Creek is actually (I think) Toms Creek, a tributary of the Catawba River, in north-central present-day McDowell Co, NC; it is near a town called Toms Creek, a few miles north of Marion; p.32, C-3, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

1778 Land Entries - #1373, p.453, William Wofford, 125 acres including junction with Turkey Cove fork and north fork of Catawba River, formerly owned by William Wommock. Entered 29 Dec 1778.
{I cannot find Turkey Cove fork, but there is a Turkey Cove Valley through which flows North Catawba River, and Turkey Cove Baptist Church, near Woodlawn, a few miles north of Marion, in north-central present-day McDowell Co, NC; ; p.32, C-3, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records, 1779-1790, and Important Miscellaneous Records, Volume II; Abstracted, Compiled and Indexed by Edith Warren Huggins

1779-1791 Land Entries - #1803, p.599, Thomas Brady (also Bradly), 300 acres on Second Broad river including both sides of the river “and a Shole and Womacks old place for complement.” Entered 25 Nov 1778. Thomas Bradly 300 acres.
{John Bradley Will, Tryon Co, NC, Written 24 June 1778, Proved Oct 1778, mentions 400 acres of land lying near “Wommacks fort” in Burke County.}
{Second Broad River is in south-central present-day McDowell Co, NC; it is crossed by “Old Fort-Sugar Hill Road”; p.54, A-4, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

1783-1785 Land Entries - #133, Jacob Womach, 400 acres on west side of French Broad River in forke of the first creek that falls into said (river) below Hominy Creek including both forks and large cain brake for complement. Entered 10 Oct 1783. Transferred to James Greenlee and James Davidson. Transferred to James Greenlee by Said Womack.
{Hominy Creek of French Broad River is in central present-day Buncombe Co, NC, just west of Asheville; p.53, A-5, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

1783-1785 Land Entries - #198, James Greenlee, 200 acres on north side French broad River, beginning William Whitson’s lower line, down river for complement. Entered first by Jacob Womack the 30th of Augt. 1783. (Undated)
{Probably in present-day Buncombe Co, NC.}

1783-1785 Land Entries - #216, Richard Hailey, 120 acres both sides of Glady Creek including improvements where Jacob Womack lived. Entered 15 Apr 1785.
{Possibly, Glady Creek is Glades Creek, a tributary of the Catawba River, in south-central present-day McDowell Co, NC, a couple miles SW of Marion; p.32, D-3, on my DeLorme North Carolina Atlas and Gazetteer.}

#75, Jacob Womack, 100 acres on the rock creek W. fork of Second Broad River one mile above mouth, beginning pine on South Side Creek, up both Sides Creek including his improvement for complement. 20 July 1787. Warrant Issued.
{Probably the portion of Second Broad River is in south-central present-day McDowell Co, NC.}

Misc. Papers, Promissory Notes, Bills of Sale, 1782-1820 – John Ragsdale to Thos Womack, 28 Jan 1780. Oliver Spradlig (Spradling).

Taxes 1782-1793, 1788: Return of William Morrison (taken from 1788 Civil and Criminal Cases, file 3): {list including} Jacob Wamock, 2 p.

List of Jurors 1783-1790, April 1788: {list including} Jacob Womack.

List of Stray Delivered to Samuel Greenlee 1777-1783 – {long list including} John Spradling {husband of Mary Womack}, Thomas Wammock, William Wommack {Thomas and William in a row}.

Estate Papers 1777-1795 – Littlejohn, Thomas, 1783, Adm. Bond: Eli Littlejohn, Jacob Womack. Inv. 16 Oct 1784, 800 acres. Names Jacob Guier, Chesly Dobs, Thos Davenport, George Davidson, James Webb, Charles Wakefield, Joanna Clark, Charles McDowell, Wm. White.

Estate Papers 1777-1795 – Montgomery, John Jr., 20 Oct 1782. …. Many papers and accounts. Names: {long list including} Thomas Womack {more names} Jonathan Kemp {possibly the one married to Martha Womack, daughter of Richard Womack III}.

Burke County, North Carolina, Land Records and More Important Miscellaneous Records, 1751-1809, Volume III; by Edith Warren Huggins

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1780 File – Thomas Wammock to John Cooper (debtor), account, July.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1781 File – Thomas Womack vs. John Ragsdale, July.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 1) – Greenberry Wilson vs. Wm Usey, Oct. Bail: Jacob Womack.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 1) – John Hughes vs. Joseph Ballow. Bond: Thos Womack, William Womack. April.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 1) – John Parsons vs. Jessy (Jesse) Moore, farmer, April. Bail: Wm Fletcher. (2) vs. ….. (torn), executed by Jacob Womack. (3) vs. …. (torn), executed by Jacob Womack. Bail: Saml Greenlee.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 1) – Thomas Womack vs. Thomas Patton, April.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 2) – James Greenlee vs. Wm Price, blacksmith, Feb 8, judgement. Wit: Chas McDowell, Wm Johnson. (2) James Greenlee vs, James Man, Oct 27. Bail: Thos Womack. (3) James Greenlee vs. Frederick Grider; on reverse: “James Erwin, student in Mount Sturges School Master.”

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1783 File (No. 2) – James Walker vs. Samuel Bright, Jan. Bail: John Armstrong, Thos Womack.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1784 File – Thomas Rabone vs. Jacob Womack, July. (See special report at end of this file 1784).

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1784 File – John Goodbread vs. Thomas Bradley, May 22. Certificate of suspension of grant to Bradley on head of Second Broad R., including Womack’s Old Fort. Signed: W. Williams, D. Sec., Hillsborough.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1784 File – Thomas Rebum (Rayborn) vs. Jacob Womack, Sept. Bail: John Armstrong, John Patton.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1784 File – Jacob Womack acc’t. to James Stuart, debtor, “1 black horse, to the half of a negrow man …” Oct. Judgement.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1786 File (No. 2) – Nathan Wommack (and Wormock) vs. Will Cook, March 21. Bond: Chas Cook. 2 papers.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1786 File (No. 2) – Armon Gipson (Gibson) vs. Jacob Womack, Sept. 26.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1787 File (No. 3) – Subpoena – Jacob Womack in case of Barns vs. George Ledbetter, April.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1788 File – Burke Co., GA, Dec 13, affid. of Jesse Womack before Jon. Kemp, JP, that he was present with Blasengame Harvey and went to the house of Anthony Dickey in pursuit of negroes of Thomas and Joel Walker.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1788 File (No. 2) – Subpoena – Jacob Womack, John Wood in case of James Wood vs. James McWilliams, April.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1789 File (No. 1) – State vs. Joshua Wamock {should this be Johnson Womack? See 1790 case, below.}, assault on Joshua Lawrence.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1789 File (No. 1) – Subpoena – Jacob Wommack, John Wood in case of James Wood vs. James McWilliams, April.

Civil and Criminal Cases, 1790 File (No. 2) – State vs. Johnson Womack.

Burke County, North Carolina, Records, 1755-1821, (Including Wills Index 1784-1900) Volume IV; by Edith Warren Huggins

Some Laws of NC Pertaining to Burke County – (2) 1777. Washington County (Tenn.) inhabitants were in need of a public road through the mountains into Burke County for “Horses, Carts, and wagons to pass to Sea Ports in this State and South Carolina.” Charles McDowell, John McDowell, Samuel Bright, Ezekiel Smith and Jacob Womack to be Commissioners to lay off and mark a road from Charles Robinson’s where court had been held for Washington County, to Edward Smith’s where it had been held for Burke County. Both counties to appoint officers to clear and help keep the road repaired and be allowed 8 shillings daily, with chain carriers and road markers allowed payment per day out of county taxes.

Morgan District Miscellaneous Court Papers, 1759-1801, Page 2 – Wm Wofford and Lucia Spradling. Evidence to support charge. John Spradling, Wm Johnson, Thos Wommack. Sept. Court 1782. Jurors: John Walker, Wm Penland, Jno. Blanton, John Dysart, William Willson, Wm Sumter, Robert ___ (?), Joseph Steel, Jonathan Hampton, George Brown, David Dickey, James Reed, Wm. Moore, ____ (?) (Not Legible), Sub. 3 Sep 1782, State vs. above, returned to March 1783 term. Bail: Wm Spradling, Joseph Dobson, CSC.
{See This was a bastardy case. The child of William Wofford and Lucia Spradling was apparently William Washington Wofford, see WorldConnect entry.}

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Land of Thomas Womack & Mary Farley

Land of Thomas Womack & Mary Farley

This is an essay about how Thomas Womack who married Mary Farley got the land he lived on, and how it was divided between his 5 sons.

20 Oct 1691 – VA Patent Book 8, p.172 – 879 acres to Mr. John Worsham, Mr. Edward Straton [Stratton] and Abraham Womack on Swift Creek.

Thus, Abraham Womack’s share was 293 acres (one third of 879).

15 Aug 1699 – Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1697-1704, p.147 – Mr, John Worsham and Mr. Abraham Womack Sr. of Henrico to Edward Stratton son of Edward Stratton lately deceased, our right in 1/3 part, or 293 acres, on north side of Swift Creek, called “Coldwater Run”.

Thus, Abraham Womack’s share was still 293 acres (one half of the remaining 586 acres).

1704 tax list of Henrico – Abraham Womack with 560 acres.

NOTE: Abraham’s land was in two tracts, one with 293 acres, and the other with 269 acres, for a total of 562 acres. I will write another essay on the 269 acres (which went to Abraham’s son, Abraham Womack, Jr.), though it should be noted here that 200 acres of the 269 was granted to Abraham twice (Patent Book 8, p.216; and Patent Book 9, p.161); this was a fairly common practice and a way of re-affirming that the colonial government knew who owned what land.

1 Apr 1708 – Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1706-1709, p.89 - Edward Stratton of Henrico and wife Anne to John Worsham and Abraham Womack Sr. of Henrico, 293 acres on north side of Swift Creek, Coldwater Run; land is 1/3 part of patent to Capt. John Worsham, Abraham Womack and Edward Stratton deceased, and the 293 acres sold by Womack & Worsham to Stratton on 15 Aug 1699.

Thus, Abraham Womack’s share was 439.5 acres (half of 879)

1 Feb 1709 (recorded as 1 Feb 1708, but this was Old Style year) - Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1706-1709, p.134 – Abraham Womack for love and affection to son Thomas Womack, all my land on Coldwater and Swift Creek, 400 acres.

NOTE 1: This was actually not 400 acres (though that is what the deed says), but rather 439.5 acres.

NOTE 2: This deed was incorrectly transcribed by Benjamin B. Weisiger as “Abraham Womack Jr.” to son Thomas Womack. I have a clear photocopy of the original, and it does not say either Jr. or Sr. Abraham’s mark he used to sign was the same he used to sign earlier documents, and the same sign he made on his 1733 will; whereas his son, Abraham Womack, Jr., signed his name.

Thus, Thomas Womack (married to Mary Farley) owned 439.5 acres.

31 Jul 1712 – Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1710-1714, p.154 – Thomas Womack and wife Mary of Henrico to Richard Grills of same, 36 acres on north side of Swift Creek, part of patent to Capt. John Worsham 20 Oct 1691.

Thus, Thomas Womack (married to Mary Farley) owned approximately 403.5 acres.

Signed 24 Mar 1733/ Proved Jan 1734 – Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1725-1737, p.424 - Will of Thomas Womack - note he dated it 24 Mar 1732/1733, meaning 1732 Old Style and 1733 New (modern) Style, and it was recorded Jan 1733, but that was an Old Style year; the New Style year was 1734. Thomas divided land between his 5 sons, with Abraham and William sharing a tract from Licking Branch to Rocky Run, and required to sell out only to one another; Isham and Thomas sharing a tract from Rocky Run to the “head line”, also required to sell to one another; and Francis the remaining part which included the land Thomas Sr. lived on.

Thomas Womack Sr. died with approximately 403.5 acres, so each of his 5 sons got an average of about 80 acres. In reality, Abraham and William got about 80 acres each; Isham and Thomas got about 65 acres each; and Francis got about 100 acres.

1736 Southside Henrico Tax List – the part of Henrico which became Chesterfield County in 1749. Several Womacks including:
1) Abraham Womack “at the bridge”. 3 Levys. Execution of John Hatchett Jr. against you. Quit-rents 80 acres.
2) William Womack [two lines after Abraham Womack, with Judith Worsham in between]. 1 Levy. 320 acres. “Your Mothers debt in the store”.

NOTE 1: There was another Abraham Womack further in the tax list “at the Hundred”, meaning Bermuda Hundred, which was on the James River, which had no bridge at that time, only ferries. The bridge near Abraham Womack “at the bridge” was probably over Swift Creek. Abraham "at the Hundred" was the uncle of the Abraham "at the bridge".

NOTE 2: John Hatchett who had an execution against Abraham was married to Abraham’s sister, Elizabeth Womack.

NOTE 3: Abraham Womack and William Womack had a total of 400 acres, which the approximately 403.5 acres that Thomas Womack Sr. had owned. William Womack’s 320 acres apparently included his own share, as well as those of his brothers, Isham, Thomas, and Francis, who apparently were not yet of age in 1736.

The 1736 tax list supports that Thomas Womack Sr. died with approximately 403.5 acres.

6 Jun 1741 - County, VA Misc. Court Records 1738-1746, p.1146 – William Womack & wife Jane of Dale Parish, Henrico to Abraham Womack Jr. of same, 80 acres on north side of Swift Creek bounded by the Rocky Run, mouth of Swift Creek, & Daniel Worsham, deceased.

NOTE: Abraham Womack (son of Thomas Womack & Mary Farley) called “Jr.” here to distinguish him from his uncle, Abraham Womack, who would have been the oldest Abraham Womack in Henrico Co, VA. William Womack and Jane LNU, his wife, next appear in records of Amelia Co, VA.

Thus, Thomas Womack’s land owned by 4 sons was still at approximately 403.5 acres; with Abraham owning 160 acres of the total.

1 Apr 1745 – Henrico County, VA Will & Deed Book 1744-1748, p.17 - Abraham Womack and wife Jane of Dale Parish, Henrico Co to Henry Winfree of St. John’s Parish, King William Co, 200 acres on north side of Swift Creek, bounded by Daniel Worsham and Rockey Run.

NOTE: Of the 200 acres, 80 were Abraham’s share of his father’s estate, and 80 were what his brother William sold him; I do not know where the remaining 40 acres came from (possibly rounding errors, see notes below). Need to see original deed. Abraham Womack and wife Jane LNU next appear in Amelia Co, VA.

Thus, Thomas Womack’s land owned by 3 sons (Isham, Thomas, Francis) was at approximately 243.5 acres; since Abraham sold 200 acres which included 160 acres of the original 403.5 acres.

25 May 1749 – Chesterfield County formed from the part of Henrico County south of the James River.

1 Oct 1754- Chesterfield County, VA Deed Book 2, p.244 – Isham Womack and Thomas Womack of Amelia Co, VA to Henry Winfree of Chesterfield Co, 130 acres on Rocky Run, Swift Creek.

Thus, Thomas Womack’s land owned by 1 son (Francis) was at approximately 113.5 acres.

5 Jul 1754 - Chesterfield County, VA Deed Book 2, p.173 – Mary Womack and Francis Womack her son of Chesterfield to John Roberts of Chesterfield, 100 acres on Coldwater Run, Swift Creek.

NOTE: We seem to be down to 13.5 acres of the 403.5 acres that Thomas Womack Sr. died with, but really I think that when Francis sold out in 1754, that was the last of Thomas Sr.’s land. I think the 13.5 acres is just several “rounding errors” in several deeds. It could be that the divisions that Thomas Womack, Sr. made between his 5 sons were never surveyed for exact acreage. For example, it could be that the land given to William and Abraham was actually about 173.5 acres, rather than 160 acres; the 80 acres Abraham was taxed for in 1736 was an approximation, as was the 80 acres William sold to Abraham. Abraham may have realized he had slightly more than 160 acres and rounded up (quite a bit) to 200 acres when he sold out.

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Benjamin Womack Will

Benjamin Womack Will
Cumberland County, North Carolina
Transcribed by Robert E Burke, 10 Feb 2009, from PDF files of original, provided by Jamie Fish

Note that I separated it into paragraphs and added a little punctuation to aid readability. I tried to leave capitalization as in the original.

Note that the words "the use" has been mis-transcribed as "Thuise", supposedly Benjamin's wife. A close reading shows that his wife's name is given as "Ann".


In the name of god amen this eighteenth Day Day [sic] of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, I Benjamin Warmack being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks Be to almighty god for the Same and knowing the mortality of my body and knowing that is appointed to all men once to die Do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say I give and Recommend my Soul to the hands of god that give it my body I Recommend to the Earth to be Buried Decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing Doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall Receive the Same again by the might power of god and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it Hath pleased god to bless me in this Life I give and Dispose of the Same in following manner and form.

Imprimis [Latin, “first of all”] I give ann my Dearly beloved wife the use of my manner plantation stock and negroes & furniture of my household to Raise her Children [?] During her Life or widowhood.

Item I give to wyley [my?] Son one Hundred acres of Land lying between my two plantations.

Item I give unto Jacob my Son all my Land above the [?] Road on the South Side of kneels Creek [sic, “Neils Creek”] not not medling [?] with the land Belonging land on which I now life [sic].

Item I give unto William my son after my wife time in it my Dwelling house in with all the land belonging to the Same on the north Side of neels Creek my plantation and mill Down the Creek I Leave to be Sold to pay my Debts.

Item I give Benjamin my Son two negroes Cherry and one that fillis goes with [meaning Fillis’s unborn baby].

Item I give to my Daughter Lucie [my negro] fillis.

Item I give Leathey my Daughter one negro named Rachel.

Item I give to Sarah my Daughter one negro named mourning I give to my sons Jacob & William Each of them one negro named moses to Jacob and fed [???] to William I give wyley my Son one negro named Jinney [?]

Turn over

165 [number written in different handwriting]

[next page difficult to read, right side is very faded, guessing on some words]

177 [hand written page number]

And I give to my Brother [in law William Roland and ??] to my Son Wyley to be my [Executors of ??] this my Last will and Testament [cannot read next few words] Confirming this and [cannot read] my Last Will and Testament and [cannot read] I have hereunto Set my hand [and affixed ??] my Seal This 18th Day of February 1791.

Benj <mark> Warmack Seal

John Johnson
Jesse Jones
Hardy his mark Blalock

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James A Womac - Goodspeed

From History of Tennessee, Containing Historical and Biographical Sketches of Thirty East Tennessee Counties, The Goodspeed Publishing Co, 1887.

McMinn County, p.1031-1032

James A. Womac, a well-known resident of the Ninth District, was born in Rutherford County, N.C., July 14, 1822. He is the eldest of six children born to Alexander and Mary (Neal) Womac. The father was of Irish descent, thought to have been born in Cocke County, Tenn., about 1802. He went to North Carolina at an early date and there remained until 1839, when he moved to the Ocoee Purchase in Bradley County. During the war he came to McMinn County, where he died in 1877. He was a successful farmer. The mother was of Welsh origin, born in North Carolina about 1802, and died in her native state in 1832. Our subject remained with his father until he attained his majority. He then began as a tiller of the soil. He purchased a small farm, to which he has since added, and it now contains 1,000 acres. He came to McMinn County shortly after the war, and remained until 1878, when he went to Meigs County. Three years later he returned to his present location. While a resident of Polk County he was six years a justice of the peace. During the late civil war he was pressed into the Confederate service, declining the rank of captain which was offered him. He served as first lieutenant. He was in no battle. At the age of nineteen he joined the Baptist Church, and at twenty-four was ordained a minister. He is a Master Mason, and belongs to Sons of Temperance. In August 1844, he married Margaret, daughter of James and Masila Thompson; the latter born in North Carolina in 1829, and was committed to the grave on her thirtieth birthday. She was a member of the Baptist Church, and mother of five children, of whom are living Mary M., Riley B., Woddy [sic] A. and Evaline -- Buckner died in infancy. In 1859, our subject married Rebecca, daughter of Thomas and Rebecca Higdon, who was born in McMinn County, about 1841, and died in Meigs County in 1880. She was also a member of the Baptist Church. Eleven children were the fruits of this union, ten of whom are living: Daniel S., Lillian, Esther S., Thomas M., Ransom J., Margaret, William James, Robert S., Schuyler and George W. In August, 1880, Mr. Womac married Catherine, widow of W. F. Whiteside, and daughter of James H. and Carolina Hamilton. Mrs. Womac was born in McMinn County in 1845. She is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. James H. Hamilton was born in McMinn County, October 27, 1811. He was a local minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and was a Master Mason. He was a tanner by trade. He married October 20, 1837, and died November 2, 1871, leaving a wife and eight children. His wife was born June 9, 1819, and died October 10, 1880. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church.

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Josiah Womack Bible

Josiah Womack Bible Record

From “Womack Family Courier”, October 1984, p.112-116


REB – my notes are in [].

I have tried to copy this as best I can.

I disagree with some of the conclusions presented here. Primarily, I disagree that the William Womack who married Lucy Womack, daughter of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, was the son of Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield.

William Womack, son of Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield, married Rebecca (last name unknown, NOT Rebecca Parker), and moved from Caswell Co, NC to Georgia; then to Pendleton Dist, SC; then to Tennessee; then to Caldwell Co, KY; and finally to Gallatin Co, IL, where he died in Jan 1820. I have the documentary evidence for this.

The William Womack who married Rebecca Parker, daughter of Edward Parker, lived in Halifax Co, VA. Edward Parker named several children in his will, including Rebecca Womack, Miles Parker, and Henry Parker. William Womack of Halifax Co, VA had a wife named Rebecca and sons Edward, Miles, and Henry Womack. Furthermore, Edward Parker had lived in Halifax Co, VA in close proximity to the William Womack there, before moving to Rowan Co, NC.

The William Womack who married Womack, daughter of Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice, was, I believe, the son of Isham Womack. This Isham Womack was the son of Thomas Womack & Mary Farley, and thus Isham was the uncle of Thomas Womack (son of Abraham, son of Thomas) who married Louvisa Rice. This Isham was known to have children William and Martha. William Womack and wife Lucy Womack had a son named Isham Rice Womack. Also, their son, Levi Berry Womack, married Martha Bean, daughter of Robert Bean & Martha Womack; and Levi Berry Womack & Martha were said to be first cousins [need documentation for this].

There were over 40 William Womacks in America around 1800, and I believe they have been thoroughly confused.


From the editor:

The following information and bible records were sent by Mrs. Charles T. Womack (Pauline) of Greenwood, Miss. I am including a part of her June 26, 1984 letter to me to explain the following information which includes several bible records. –Annette (She and her husband are from 3 Womack Lines)


Dear Annette,

I am enclosing two Womack family Bibles. The first is listed as Josiah Womack but has his parents, Abraham & Eliz., sisters and brothers. The Asa Martin Womack Family Bible came with “our” Womack family to Yalobusha Co. Miss. There is a generation between these two bibles – William & Lucy Womack. We were able to find out about them through other sources.

In our possession we have the James E. Womack Family Bible (James E. Womack & Frances Sarah Wood marr. Yalobusha Co, Miss Oct 1884). In this bible is given the births marriages of each above parents, then the family of James Edward is given, their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren – which makes 6 generations.

From John Alexander Womack (1834-1927) on down we have the death certificates, the bible, marriage records in Yalobusha Co. MS, tombstones in Shiloh Cem. and certain family knowledge because grandchildren of this man told us so much. The generation before that Asa Matin Womack (1806-1863) – we were able to trace with deeds and other legal documents and the generation before that with deeds, bible and other material…

One other thing – the sheet giving the marriage of Abraham Womack and Elizabeth was found in Yalobusha Co. MS. A grandson of Abraham (1726-1800) was William Peebles Womack. He marr. Matilda Oliver in Caswell Co. NC. They came to De Soto Co. MS sometime in the 1840s. Their daughter, Willie Etta Womack b. 1854 in Miss marr. Lee Jackson and moved to Yalobusha Co and this page was given to show the M. of Abraham and Eliz. to be put together with the Bible record still in NC …


Vol 2
William Gaston Chapter DAR
Gastonia, North Carolina

Bible records from Caswell-Gastonia-Buncombe County, North Carolina
Page 710

Name of family: Josiah Womack of Caswell County, North Carolina
Bible Date of Publication: [blank]
Name and address of owner: Miss Hester Womack, Rt 1, Caswell Co., Ruffin, NC

Josiah Womack and wife, Polly Massey was married Feb 17, 1803
Benjamin Jestus and Eliza was married Oct 11, 1824
Thomas M. Womack and Elizabeth Pollard, his wife was married Feb 1834
John H. Bracken and Martha S. Womack was married Dec 2, 1835
Abraham Womack and Louisa M. Cobb was married Dec 12, 1838
Joseph B. Womack and Elizabeth S. Blackwell was married Dec 16, 1847

William Womack, son of Abraham Womack, was born Nov 11, 1753
Mary Womack was born March 22, 1756
Ann was born Sept 21, 1758
Lucy was born June 16, 1761
Jeremiah was born Aug 16, 1763
Sina was born Jan 4, 1766
Jehu was born July 19, 1768
Josiah was born March 26, 1771
Elizabeth was born Sept 19, 1773
Levy was born Dec 7, 1775
Polly, wife of Josiah Womack was born Aug 9, 1783
William C. Justus was born Aug 8, 1825
Nathan Massey was born Jan 15, 1774
Emely E. Justus was born Aug 8, 1835
Eliza S. Womack was born Nov 15, 1803
Polley Womack was born Nov 17, 1805
Thomas M. Womack was born Oct 9, 1807
Martha S. Womack was born April 27, 1810
William P. Womack was born July 31, 1812
Abraham Womack was born October 31, 1814
Maryan Womack was born Feb 26, 1817
Lewis P. Womack was born Feb 20, 1820
Joseph B. Womack was born April 5, 1823
Albert G. Womack was born March 9, 1835
William L. Womack was born June 27, 1836
Felix H. Bracken was born Oct 9, 1836
Nancy Arabella Womack was born the 12 Jan 1843
Martha Allas Womack was born Sept 30, 1848
Mary N. Womack was born May 16, 1851
William Pinckney Womack was born July 25, 1855
Joseph F. Womack was borned Aug 20, 1858
Ider Decota Neighbors was borned July 17, 1869
Etta May Neighbors was borned Dec 22, 1873
Joseph Osco Neighbors was borned Nov 13, 1876
John Glasic Neighbors was borned July 29, 1878, died Nov 10, 1951

Abraham Womack departed this life May 6, 1800, aged seventy four years
Elizabeth, his wife departed this life March, 1780
Sina Brackin departed this life April 13, 1800, aged thirty-four years
Jehu Womack departed this life April 21, 1794, aged 26 years
Elizabeth Massey departed this life Jan 19, 1816, aged forty-three years
Levy Womack departed this life March 8, 1796, aged twenty years
Polley Womack, daughter of Josiah, departed this life, aged four years, four months and six days
William C. Justice departed this life Nov 11, 1832
James C. Justice departed this life Nov 21, 1832
Josiah Womack departed this life Jan 30, 1848
Mary, wife of Josiah Womack, departed this life Sept 9, 1865
John Glasic Neighbors died Nov 10, 1951
Thomas Massey departed this life Jan 9, 1817
Mary Massey departed this life June 19, 1828
Emely E. Justice departed this life Jan 31, 1850
Matilda Justice departed this life July 4, 1851
Benjamin W. Justice departed this life May 10, 1860, aged 67 years
Elizabeth, his wife departed this life Oct 28, 1857
Martha J. Paschal departed this life May 7, 1866 (or 1856)?
Mary A. S. Ware departed this life Mar 28, 1859
Louisa M. Justice died Feb 23, 1860
Joseph B. Womack departed this life Oct 17, 1858
Elizabeth Womack, wife of Joseph B. Womack departed this life July 22, 1879

Recorded herein on this April 29, 1955.

Copied from the files of Register of Deeds, Caswell County, North Carolina
Mr. J. Burch Blaylock, Register
Copied by Mrs. Kay Dixon, member of Wm. Gaston Chapter DAR, Gastonia, NC, Sept, 1955



WILLIAM WOMACK: b. 11 Nov 1753 VA, d. Jan 1820 TN, m. Lucy Womack (1766 VA – after 1835 d/o Thomas Womack & Louvisa Rice)
MARY WOMACK: b. 22 March 1756 VA, d. ?, m. David Benton
ANN WOMACK: Called “Nancy”: b. 21 Sept 1758 VA. d. ?, marr. 9 May 1786 Benjamin Engram [Ingram] in Caswell Co, NC
LUCY WOMACK: b. 16 June 1761, d. Nov 1816, marr. Charteon Engram [Charlton Ingram] 2 Nov 1778 Caswell Co NC s/o Benjamin Engram.
JEREMIAH WOMACK: b. 16 Aug 1763 d. before his father (Abraham) made his will. Did not marry. Named for uncle Jeremiah Stubblefield.
SINA WOMACK: b. 4 Jan 1766, d. 13 April 1800 aged 30 [34] yr. marr. 28 Jan 1795 Caswell Co. NC to Joseph Brackin.
JEHU WOMACK: b. 19 July 1768 d. 21 April 1794, did not marry.
JOSIAH WOMACK: b. 26 March 1771, d. 30 Jan 1848, marr. Mary “Polly” Massey 17 Feb 1803, Caswell Co. NC (born Margaret?)
ELIZABETH WOMACK: b. 19 Sept 1773 d. 16 Jan 1816 marr. Mr Massey?
LEVI WOMACK: b. 7 Dec 1775, d. 8 Mar 1796, age 20 yr., did not marry.



Asa Martin Womack was born April 30, 1806 and died March 24, 1863
Sallie Patton Womack was born Jan 8, 1810 and died Jan 31, 1863

Elizabeth Jane Womack was born Dec 17, 1827, died early part of 1865, Pine Bluff, AR
Jesse Marion Womack was born Dec 27 1828, and died in Union Prison in Ill in the winter of 1864
Florinda Isabelle Womack was born Mar 25, 1832 and died 1908
John Alexander Womack was born Nov 27, 1834 and died July 15, 1927
Martha Frances Womack was born Jan 8, 1837
Mary Emeline Womack was born May 20, 1839 and died Dec 1893
William Edward Womack was born Aug 27, 1841 and died July 15, 1863 from wounds received in the Battle of Gettysburg
James K. Polk Womack was born Jan 6, 1844 and died on a battlefield in Kentucky on Jan 19, 1864
Riley Patton Womack was born May 4, 1846 and died in battle in Georgia on Aug 29, 1864
Simpson Parks Womack was born Mar 10, 1849 and died Oct 1872
Sallie Ann Womack was born Dec 15, 1851 and died Sept 1925

Asa Martin Womack and Sallie Patton were married Dec 17, 1826

Their Children:
Willis Davis Johnson and Elizabeth Womack marr. Dec 1847 (Dec 23, 1847)
Curtis Terry and Florinda Isabelle Womack marr. June 28, 1855
John Alexander Womack and Frances Jane Long marr. Jan 14, 1858
John Franklin Womack and Martha Frances Womack marr. Sept 7, 1865
Levi Berry Womack and Mary Emeline Womack marr. Jan 1, 1867
W. W. Adams and Sallie Ann Womack marr. Dec 2, 1879


The above Bible was destroyed when the tornado of 1942 destroyed the home of Charles W. Womack, son of John A. Womack who built the home. Elizabeth (Betty) Brown Goza had copied this Bible. Her daughter, Mrs. Hubert McAlexander of Holly Springs, Miss had this and sent to PHW in 1962. Betty Brown Goza was a granddaughter of John Alexander Womack (1834-1927) and stayed in the John A. Womack home much of the time as her mother, Mary Alice Womack Brown died young. Shiloh Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery has Mary A. Brown wife of S. P. Brown and daughter of J. A. and Fannie A. Womack, Jan 8 1859-April 29, 1881. The Asa Womack Family Bible had survived a fire of the John A. Womack home in 1900. A picture of this home was given to Charles T. Womack Jr. b. 1912 by Marie Womack who had lived with her grandparents, James Edward Womack and Frances Sarah Wood Womack.


Pauline H. Womack: 307 E. Monroe, Greenwood, Miss 38930.
Her three lines are as following:

Line 1:
Thomas & Louvisa Rice Womack
Lucy Womack & William Womack
Asa Martin Womack & Sarah Patton +
John Alexander Womack & Frances J. Long
James Edward Womack & Frances Wood
Charles Theodore Womack & Ruth Pate
Charles T. Womack, Jr. & Pauline Hartman *

Line 2:
Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield
William Womack & Lucy Womack
Asa Martin Womack & Sarah Patton

Line 3:
Martha Womack, b. 1758 marrd. Robert Bean
Elizabeth Bean & John Patton
Sarah Patton + & Asa Martin Womack

The children of Ch. T & Pauline Hartman *
Charles T. (4th) & Sally Hale
a. Daniel
b. Nancy
c. David
d. John
Paula Ann Womack & Harvey E. Campbell
a. Whitney
b. Harvey, Jr.



Wm. P. Womack Book
Bought of Jas. Osbourn
1843 price $1.00

Abraham Womack & Elizabeth Stubblefield was married Oct the 30th 1751
Elizabeth died March _ 1780
Abraham died May 6th 1800

Wm Womack their son Died January 1820
Lucy their daughter died November 1816

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