Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Benjamin Womack Will

Benjamin Womack Will
Cumberland County, North Carolina
Transcribed by Robert E Burke, 10 Feb 2009, from PDF files of original, provided by Jamie Fish

Note that I separated it into paragraphs and added a little punctuation to aid readability. I tried to leave capitalization as in the original.

Note that the words "the use" has been mis-transcribed as "Thuise", supposedly Benjamin's wife. A close reading shows that his wife's name is given as "Ann".


In the name of god amen this eighteenth Day Day [sic] of February one thousand seven hundred and ninety one, I Benjamin Warmack being very sick and weak in body but of perfect mind and memory thanks Be to almighty god for the Same and knowing the mortality of my body and knowing that is appointed to all men once to die Do make and ordain this my Last will and Testament that is to say I give and Recommend my Soul to the hands of god that give it my body I Recommend to the Earth to be Buried Decent Christian burial at the discretion of my Executors nothing Doubting but at the general Resurrection I shall Receive the Same again by the might power of god and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it Hath pleased god to bless me in this Life I give and Dispose of the Same in following manner and form.

Imprimis [Latin, “first of all”] I give ann my Dearly beloved wife the use of my manner plantation stock and negroes & furniture of my household to Raise her Children [?] During her Life or widowhood.

Item I give to wyley [my?] Son one Hundred acres of Land lying between my two plantations.

Item I give unto Jacob my Son all my Land above the [?] Road on the South Side of kneels Creek [sic, “Neils Creek”] not not medling [?] with the land Belonging land on which I now life [sic].

Item I give unto William my son after my wife time in it my Dwelling house in with all the land belonging to the Same on the north Side of neels Creek my plantation and mill Down the Creek I Leave to be Sold to pay my Debts.

Item I give Benjamin my Son two negroes Cherry and one that fillis goes with [meaning Fillis’s unborn baby].

Item I give to my Daughter Lucie [my negro] fillis.

Item I give Leathey my Daughter one negro named Rachel.

Item I give to Sarah my Daughter one negro named mourning I give to my sons Jacob & William Each of them one negro named moses to Jacob and fed [???] to William I give wyley my Son one negro named Jinney [?]

Turn over

165 [number written in different handwriting]

[next page difficult to read, right side is very faded, guessing on some words]

177 [hand written page number]

And I give to my Brother [in law William Roland and ??] to my Son Wyley to be my [Executors of ??] this my Last will and Testament [cannot read next few words] Confirming this and [cannot read] my Last Will and Testament and [cannot read] I have hereunto Set my hand [and affixed ??] my Seal This 18th Day of February 1791.

Benj <mark> Warmack Seal

John Johnson
Jesse Jones
Hardy his mark Blalock


NC Womack said...

Is Benjamin Womack you posted will for related to Julia Isabelle Womack who married John Anderson Jones, Jr.?

randy said...

I may be descended from Lucy (wife of Henry Browne). Some researchers say she is the daughter of Benjamin Womack. Any one want to talk to me about this??
Randy Stewart