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Some Womack Records, Caswell County, North Carolina

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Caswell County, North Carolina Tax Lists, 1777, 1780, & 1784 by TLC Genealogy

1777, Caswell District {also known as St. Martins District; the north-west quadrant of present-day Caswell Co, NC}
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 1160.0.8 valuation of property (in pounds/shillings/pence)
Womack, Abraham – 587.16.0 valuation

1777, Nash District {also known as Dunsmore District; the north-east quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, David – 1219.6.0 valuation

1777, St. Lukes District {the south-west quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, John – 726.14.11 and as guardian to Tapley, __ - 696.0.0 valuation

1780, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 5416.0.0 valuation
Womack, Abraham – 3493.8.4 valuation
Womock, William – 309.1.0 valuation {William right after Abraham}

1780, Nash District
Womack, David – 3830.0.0 valuation

1780, St. Lukes District
Womack, John – 7189.4.0 valuation

1784, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyate – 1 white poll, 5 black polls, 1487 acres, Hogans Creek, 1085.13.4 valuation
Womack, Abram – 0 white polls, 2 black polls, 382 acres, ____ {no location listed}, 327.6.8 valuation

1784, Nash District
Womack, David – 2 white polls, 6 black polls, 800 acres, Cattle Creek, 1066.13.4 valuation

1784, St. Lawrence District {the north-west quadrant of present-day Person Co, NC}
Womack, Abram – 1 white poll, 4 black polls, 305 acres, Storeys Creek, 601.13.4 valuation

1784, St. Lukes District
Womack, John Esq. 890 acres, Flat Creek; 420 acres, Double Creek; 200 acres, Hico Creek; 350 acres, Mayo Creek; 1 white poll, 6 black polls, 1320.0.0 valuation

Caswell County Deeds, Katherine Kerr Kendall

DB B, p.7 – Joshua Browning of CC to Abraham Womack of same, for 247 pounds, 305 a on w side Storey’s Creek adj Roger Atkinson. 1 Nov 1782. Wit: Jno Atkinson, Thos Neeley.

DB C, p.10 – Abraham Womack of CC to Joshua Browning of same, for 247 pounds, 305 a on both sides of Storey’s Creek adj Roger Atkinson. 25 Nov 1784. Wit: Hiram Howard, Jno Atkinson.

Abstracts of Granville County, North Carolina

Court Minutes 1786-1787 – p.46 – Betsey Yancey, Abraham Womack paid as witnesses in case of Wm Neal vs Jno Mitchell.

{The Abraham Womack on Hogan’s Creek was the one married to Elizabeth Stubblefield; this Abraham was present in the Caswell tax lists for 1777, 1780, and 1784. The Abraham Womack on Storey’s Creek in 1784 Caswell tax list was the one married to Martha Mitchell (they married 31 Mar 1763 in Granville Co, NC). He had been in GA in the mid-1770s, then moved back to NC for a few years before returning to GA. He probably married his second wife, Martha Watkins, at this time; she was from Halifax Co, VA, just to the north of present-day Person Co, NC. Abraham’s daughter, Cicely Womack married James Harris McFarland in Caswell Co, NC on 22 Jan 1787. Abraham Womack appeared as a witness in a case against John Mitchell (probably related to his first wife) in Granville Co, NC, which is just east of present-day Person Co, NC. Hiram Howard, who witnessed the deed where Abraham sold his land on Storey’s Creek, was Abraham’s son-in-law, married to his daughter, Lucretia. Although Abraham did not mention Hiram Howard or Lucretia in his will (though he did mention granddaughter Betsey Howard), he deeded a slave to daughter Lucretia Howard in Hancock Co, GA shortly before his death; and Hiram Howard was a witnesses to two deeds of Abraham Womack in Wilkes Co, GA (to son Mansil Womack and son-in-law James Harris McFarland). Hiram Howard left a will in 1821 in Oglethorpe Co, NC naming wife Lucretia. See .}

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