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Ingram Genealogy

Ingram is not one of my personal lines, but one I got interested in while researching my Womack family. Abraham Womack Jr and Elizabeth Stubblefield had several children, including Lucy Womack who married Charlton Ingram (often spelled Chalton Ingram), and Ann "Nancy" Womack who married Benjamin Ingram.

Both marriages occurred in Caswell Co, NC:

Groom: Charton Ingram
Bride: Lucy Wamack
Bond Date: 2 Nov 1778
Bond #: 000016142
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008329
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: Benjamin Ingram
Witness: Wm Campbell

Groom: Benjamin Ingram
Bride: Nancey Womack
Bond Date: 9 May 1786
Bond #: 000016143
Level Info: North Carolina Marriage Bonds, 1741-1868
ImageNum: 008851
County: Caswell
Record #: 01 149
Bondsman: William Cochran
Witness: H Haralson, Deputy Clerk

Abraham Womack [Jr] made his will in Caswell Co, NC on 15 Sep 1796, and it was probated Oct 1800. Among his children, he mentions Lucy Engram and Nancy Engram. Full text of will is here:

We also have a Bible record for Abraham Womack's family:

From the bible, we know Lucy Womack was born 16 Jun 1761, and Ann "Nancy" Womack was born 21 Sep 1758. Both were likely born in Virginia.

Related to this Bible is a family record in possession of William Peoples Womack (son of Josiah, grandson of Abraham), in which it states that William Womack (Abraham's son) died Jan 1820, and Lucy Womack (Ingram, Abraham's daughter) died Nov 1816.

Abraham's son Josiah Womack was the executor of the will. He collected several receipts from the heirs, which are in Abraham's probate file in Caswell.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd one bed and furniture in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 12 day of April AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: Betsey Womack was Elizabeth Womack, who was Abraham's daughter and not yet married when Abraham died. She lived in Caswell, and thus we can be sure that Charlton Ingram was also in Caswell on 12 Apr 1803.

NOTE 2: Charlton / Chalton's mark consisted of his initials, C I, but the I had a small bar drawn through the middle. This mark is the same on the letter of William Womack, below.

I receieved of Josiah Womack Executor of Abraham Womack Decd 5 s [5 shillings?] in full of the legacy left me by the said Abraham Womack Decd will me in right of my wife. Recvd this 1st day of September AD 1803.
Test Betsey Womack
Benj Ingram

NOTE: This proves Benjamin, husband of Ann "Nancy" Womack, was in Caswell Co, NC on 1 Sep 1803.

Dear Brother,
You will please pay to our Brother [-in-law] Chalton Ingram the Balance of my Legacy Coming to me after Satisfying your self Agreeable to my letter and this Shall be your Receipt for the same. Given under my hand this 16th day of December 1804.
Wm Womack
To Mr. Josiah Womack
Test Chalton his CI mark Ingram

NOTE: William Womack (eldest son of Abraham) and Charlton Ingram must have been far from Caswell on 16 Dec 1804, though it appears Charlton Ingram returned to Caswell with this letter. I think that on 16 Dec 1804, William Womack and Charlton Ingram were both in Tennessee or Kentucky.

The Abraham Womack [Jr] probate file also contains receipts to Betsey Womack (Abraham's daughter) on 23 Dec 1800 witnessed by William Bethell; to Joseph Brackin (husband of Sina Womack, Abraham's daughter) on 9 Jan 1801 witnessed by Wm Bethell; and a final report to the Caswell County Court on 16 Sep 1809 stating that Josiah Womack had given every Legatee of Abraham Womack Decd their legacy, except for David Benton (married to Mary Womack, Abraham's daughter) who had refused to accept his legacy of 5 shillings.

Charlton Ingram also has a Bible record:

Note "Luck ? W. Ingram b. 16 June 1761". This is Charlton's wife, Lucy Womack, and her birth date in Charlton's Bible matches that in Josiah Womack's Bible (link above). Charlton's birth date is given as 30 Jul 1757.

Some researchers have Lucy Womack as Lucy Rachel Womack. I have no idea where the Rachel came from, and I have found zero proof of this.

The Bible probably belonged to Charlton and Lucy's son, Amaziah Ingram, because it lists his wife, Charlotte (Saxon) Ingram, as well as their kids. It also lists all of Charlton and Lucy's kids, whose names all began with "M", other than Amaziah:

Mosses Ingram b. 5 Sept. 1780 - Moses
Mansma Duke Ingram b. 16 Jan 1783 - Marmaduke
Mahalah or Mahalak Ingram b. 29 Oct 1785 - Mahala (male)
Medesdien (?) Ingram b. 21 Feb 1788 - Medes or Medis
Amayiah(?) Ingram born 20 Oct 1790 - Amaziah
Matilda Ingram b. 23 Oct 1793 - Matilda
Milton Ingram b. 22 Oct 1796 - Milton
Milly C. Ingram 5 Sept 1799 - Milly or Mildred
Maicahe ? Ingram b. 4 April 1803 - not sure about this one
Masila Ingram b 20 July 1807 - Marilla

Darnell, Nancy / Ingram, Moses 4 Oct 1808 Tennessee Montgomery County (Ancestry, Tennessee Marriages to 1825)

More to come on this subject, including how Charlton and Benjamin Ingram (who married Lucy and Nancy Womack) were related, and the origins of this Ingram family. Will post more tomorrow, must sleep now.

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