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Martha Womack Bean - Bible Record

Martha Womack was married to Robert Bean. A grandson, Lemuel Beene (1 Nov 1812 - 16 Jan 1884), fought in the Cherokee Disturbance circa 1836. Lemuel's widow, Easter (Fraiser) Beene of Alcorn Co, MS, applied for his pension. The Bean/Beene Bible record was included in the pension application.

My main concern is the Bible record included with this pension application, so my notes are sparse on other matters. Anyone sufficiently interested can order this pension application from National Archives with info below.

Soldier: Beene, Lemuel
Dependent: Beene, Easter (Widow)
Service: Lackens Company Alabama Volunteers (Cherokee War) {also given as Capt Likens Co}
Date of Filing: 24 Oct 1892
Class: Widow
Application No: 2278
Certificate No: 593
State: Miss.

Bean/Beene Bible Record

Note that I am not certain these birth and death records were from pages of a Bible or just family record papers.

Note also that Martha (Womack) Bean's maiden name is not listed.

All hand-written except for stamp on second photocopy.

{Photocopy Page 1}

Robert Beene Senr was born May the 3rd 1764
Martha his wife was born Mach {sic} the 20th 1758
Lemuel Beene was born Feb 5th 1782
Rhoda Beene was born Nov 2nd 1783
Obadiah Beene was born Dec 15th 1785
John Beene was born Jan 11th 1788
Elizabeth Beene was born Dec 10th 1789
William Beene was born Dec 12th 1791
Robert Beene was born July 10th 1794
Oliver Beene was born July 23rd 1796
Sally Beene was born Nov 6th 1798
Jesse Beene was born Dec 29th 1800
Martha Beene was born July 6th 1803

{Photocopy Page 2}

Robert Beene Senor Departed this {word "life" missing} Nov 17th 1824
Aged 60 years, 6 months & 14 days
William Beene Departed this life May 24th 1839
Aged 47 years 5 months & 12 days
J. M. Beene Departed this life April 17th 1864
Aged 32 years 3 months & 19 days
Rhoda Beene Departed this life Oct Aug 1828
Aged 7 years & 6 months
Margaret Beene Departed this life Nov 23 1868
Aged 73 years 2 months & 3 days

{Fold in original paper}

Kendrick Miss
Please return
this when you
are done with it
Mrs Ester Beene

This was written by L Beene, but I do not when or at what date.

{Round Stamp} US Pension Office 13 Feb 1893 {apparently when this was received}

{Photocopy Page 3}

William Beene was born Dec 12th 1791
Peggy Beene was born Sept 20th 1795
Lemuel Beene was born Nov 1st 1812
Robert Beene was born Sept 27th 1814
Malinda Beene was born Oct 9th {maybe 4th} 1816
Martha Beene was born Feb 2nd 1819
Rhoda Beene was born Feb 13th 1821
Levi W Beene was born Sept 1st 1823
A.L. Beene was born Sept 14th 1826
William M. Beene was born Nov 5th 1829
John M Beene was born Dec 28th 1831

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momajo said...

Do you know what happened to Sallie Bean, dau of Robert and Martha? She is the same age of my suposed maternal, paternal great grandmother, supposedly Sarah Bean who married a William Johnson. So far this family story does not prove out.