Saturday, May 28, 2011

Two Abner Womacks born in 1799

The Bible of William Womack lists two Abner Womacks born in 1799:

Abner C. Womack was born November 24, 1799.
Abner Womack was born February 8, 1799.

The second date, 8 Feb 1799, almost matches the 7 Feb 1799 birth date of Abner C Womack in the Samuel Hand Bible. It was this Abner C Womack who was the son of Abner Womack (10 Feb 1769) and Martha Byars (31 Dec 1774).

So, who was the Abner C Womack born 24 Nov 1799? I am pretty sure it was Abner, son of William Womack and Lucy Womack, who was born in 1799, according to a letter written by his son. It appears that Lucy Womack named a son Abner after her brother, about 10 months after Abner's son Abner was born.

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CHERI said...

I just now found your blog and am very interested in the connection of Howard and Womack families. You stated that Hiram Howard marr Lucretia Womack. However, I have found other sources that state he married Lucretia Giles. Hiram lists his sons-in-law as executors of his will. One of these was John P. Weaver who married Priscilla Howard (in our line). I would be very interested in your sources and/or reasoning for Hiram marrying a Womack instead of Giles. Thanks so much.