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Henry W Davis Revolutionary War Pension File

Henry W Davis Revolutionary War Pension File on
W 350
widow Judah [Judith Womack]
54 pages

p.3-4 - Aug Term 1821, Henry W Davis, 62, resident of Williamson County [Tennessee]
wife Judith, 58
dau Polly, 16, lives at home, other children gone
grandchild Paralee Venable, 4, mother dead, father left state
sworn 6 Aug 1821

p.11 - (date cut off)
Judah Davis, resident of Benton County, widow of Henry W Davis, married 1 Aug 1787, husband died 1 Jan 1837

p.12-13 - Benton County, affadavit of William Warmack and John Ragsdale supporting claim of Judah Davis, 22 May 1843.

p.15-16 - pages from family Bible, most unreadable
29 ??? 1787
Anderson Davis born Jan 13 17??
Nathaniel Davis born 12 May 1796
Henry W Davis Jr born 16 Feb? 1797
Polly Davis born 17 Feb 18?5

p.16-17 Wayne Co, TN, 26 Jul 1843, affadavit of Lucy Ramsey, resident of Wayne, about 66 years of age, Judah Davis is oldest sister, was at wedding 1 Aug 1787 in Goochland Co, VA

p.20 - Williamson Co, TN - Thomas Prowell (will be 68 on 15 Sep 1843) affadavit for Judah Davis, wife of Henry W Davis, he is Henry's cousin, lived near each other in Fluvanna Co, VA, sworn on 4 Aug 1843

p.25 - copy (hand-written) of marriage bond of Henry W Davis and Judith Walmack from the clerk of Goochland Co, VA, 31 Jul 1850. Know all men by these presents that we Henry W Davis and David Layne are held & firmly bound unto the Executive body of this State in the just amount of fifty punds current money to which payment will ??? to be made we bind ourselves, our & each of our heirs Exrs & admrs jointly & severally firmly by these presents sealed with our seals and dated the seventeenth day of August one thousand seven hundred and eighty six. The consideration of the obligation is such that if there is no lawfull case to obstruct a marriage intended to be had and solemnized between the above bound Henry W Davis and Judith Walmack of this County, then this obligation to be void, else to remain in force.
Sealed & delivered
Henry W David {seal}
David Lain {seal}
Sealed & delivered
in presence of
Thos Payne

p.27 - Aug 1/03 (1 Aug 1903?) Mrs Nancy Litton no title to B L [bounty land] as granddaughter

p.35 - General Land Office, recieved May 15 1903, Nancy Litton, Theta, Tenn, May 11 1903, Relative of Henry Williams Davis, Rev War - letter from Nancy Litton, granddaughter of Henry Williams [note the s] Davis

p.45 - Davidson Co, TN, affadavit for Henry W Davis, 5 Aug 1836, in presence of Stephen C Bowers and Preston Byrn

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