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Prince Edward County, Virginia Deeds - Womack

These are the Prince Edward County, Virginia (abbreviated as PE) deeds in which a Womack was grantee or grantor.

Info from Deed Books 1 & 2 comes from books by TLC. Later deeds are some quick abstracts by me. All the deeds of PE are on microfilm on permanent collection at my local LDS FHC.

Deed Book 1

p.48b George Lumkin of PE to Richard Wammuck of Lunenburg, 400 acres, 20 Jan 1755.

p.146b John Robertson of PE to Thomas Womack (ncg), 100 acres. 14 Mar 1758.

p.175a William Womack of PE to Noel Waddle of Cumberland, 100 acres, 9 Aug 1758, Jane wife of William Womack.

Deed Book 2

p.14a Richd Womack of Lunenburg to John McGehee of PE, 400 acres, 8 Jan 1759, Ann wife of Richard Womack.

p.18a Abraham Womack of PE to James Moore of PE, 11 acres, 1 Mar 1760.

p.53b Samuel Goode of PE to Abraham Womack of PE, 50 acres, 14 Jul 1761.

p.178a Abraham Womack of PE to Richard Burks of PE, 50 acres, 21 Nov 1763, Elizabeth wife of Abraham Womack.

Deed Book 3

p.2 Richard Burks of PE to William Womack of Halifax, 127 acres, 21 Nov 1764.

Deed Book 4

p.60 Thomas Womack to Sharpe Spencer, 120 acres, 10 Nov 1771.

Deed Book 5

p.95 William Womack of PE to William Rice of PE, 127 acres, 16 Mar 1772.

p.222 James & Robert Donald & Co to William Womack.

p.550 William Womack of Charlotte to Samuel Goode of PE, 114 acres, 17 Dec 1777.

Deed Book 6

p.127 William Womack of PE to Samuel Goode of Charlotte, 286 acres, 6 Nov 1776.

p.336 John & Elizabeth Bruce of Amelia to Josiah Womack (ncg), 585 acres, 20 Aug 1779.

p.345 Josiah Womack of Amelia to John Trabue, 100 acres, 18 Oct 1779.

p.415 Samuel Arbuckle of PE to William Womack of Frederic [sic, should be Frederick Co, VA], 400 aces, 1781.

p.453 William Hendrick of Cumberland to Massanello Womack of Cumberland, 1782.

p.507 Alexander Womack of PE to Benjamin Harrison of Camel [sic, should be Campbell Co, VA], 176 acres, 22 Jul 1780 (1782?).

Deed Book 7

p.162 Massanello Womack, vacant land, 16 Mar 1785.

p.286 Massanello Womack of PE to William Bennett of PE, 14 Jun 1787.

p.316 William Davidson of PE to Massanello Womack of PE, 1786.

p.334 John Wimbish (ncg) to William Womack (ncg).

Deed Book 8

p.199 James McElroy of PE to William Womack of PE.

p.260 Massnello Womack to William Bennett, Elizabeth wife of Massanello [this is simply Elizabeth's consent for the deed in DB 7, p.286].

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