Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Womack / Ingram connections

Abraham Womack, Jr and wife Elizabeth Stubblefield of Caswell Co, NC had 2 daughters who married Ingram men. In his will, Abraham names these daughters as Lucy Engram and Nancy Engram.

Chalton Ingram maried Lucy Womack in 1778 (Chalton often spelled "Charlton").
Benjamin Ingram married Nancy Womack in 1786.

The relationship between Chalton and Benjamin is not clear. A Caswell deed establishes that a Benjamin Ingram was Chalton's father, but there is no record of the relationship of the younger Benjamin.

Benjamin Ingram (married to Nancy Womack) moved (I think) to Pendleton Dist, SC, where he was in the 1800 Census. He then moved to Caldwell Co, KY where he died in 1810. He is on the 1810 tax list, but not the 1810 Census - his widow Nancy was in the 1810 Census. According to WorldConnect entries, Eli Ingram and John B Ingram were the sons of unknown Ingram and Nancy Womack. Both Eli and John B were born in the 1790s in SC.

A few lines from Benjamin Ingram in the 1800 Census of Pendleton Dist, SC was William Womack - Benjamin's brother-in-law, and the oldest child of Abraham Womack. William also moved to Caldwell Co, KY - missed in the 1810 Census, but present in the 1810 tax list.

Chalton Ingram (married to Lucy Womack) was in Caswell Co, NC in 1800, but by 1810 he was also in Caldwell Co, KY. He and Lucy had several children, all of whose names began with "M".

See this post -

It mention the will of Benjamin Ingram, which I have not seen. I wonder if that will mentions Eli or John B as sons?

The post also mentions the Cannon family. William Womack witnessed a deed for a Kinson Cannon in Pendleton Dist, SC; this Kinson Cannon also moved to Caldwell Co, KY where he died and has probate records.

The relationship between Benjamin Ingram and the Darnells probably goes back to Caswell Co, NC - Benjamin Darnell was born in NC circa 1795.

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