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William Womack 1753-1820, a timeline

11 Nov 1753 - William Womack, son of Abraham Womack Jr and Elizabeth Stubblefield born in Amelia Co, VA.  This part of Amelia Co became Prince Edward Co, VA in 1754.  William was probably born on our near the land of his grandfather, Abraham Womack Sr.  See Josiah Womack Bible for record of birth.

1760s - Abraham Womack Jr and family move to Orange Co, NC, to the part which later became Caswell Co, NC in 1777.

29 Apr 1776 - Minutes of the Provincial Congress of North Carolina -
"And as to the case of one William Wommock, referred to this committee, it appears to your committee that the said William Wommock was a Sergeant in the Orange militia in the late expedition against the Tories; that on his march he was unfortunately shot with a bullet through one of his feet, and thereby rendered unfit for that service; that it does not appear to your committee that he is at present in a state of poverty and want, nor does it appear to your committee whether his wound be likely to be cured or not, or what expences have been incurred to effect his cure. Your committee therefore recommend that proper persons be appointed to inspect the said William Wommock, and to make report to the Congress.
The House considering the same, concurred therewith.

Ordered, That Mr Simpson and Mr James Saunders be appointed to examine into the circumstances of the said William Wommock, and report to the next Congress accordingly."

1 May 1777 - Minutes of the North Carolina Senate -
"Rec'd from the Commons the following Message:
Mr. Speaker & Gentlemen of the Senate:
We herewith send you for your concurrence the report of the Commissioners appointed last Congress to examine into the circumstances of William Wommock of Orange County, concurred with by this House.
A. Nash,
Rec'd the report above mentioned, endorsed, in the Senate 1 May, 1777.
Concurred with.
S. Ashe, S. S.
Ordered the following message be sent to the Commons, viz:
We herewith return the report of the Commissioners for examining into the circumstances of William Womack.
Concurred with by the Senate.
S. Ashe, S. S."
1777 Tax List of Caswell Co, NC -
1777, Caswell District {also known as St. Martins District; the north-west quadrant of present-day Caswell Co, NC}
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 1160.0.8 valuation of property (in pounds/shillings/pence)
Womack, Abraham – 587.16.0 valuation

1780, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyatt – 5416.0.0 valuation
Womack, Abraham – 3493.8.4 valuation
Womock, William – 309.1.0 valuation {William right after Abraham}

1784, Caswell District
Stubblefield, Wyate – 1 white poll, 5 black polls, 1487 acres, Hogans Creek, 1085.13.4 valuation
Womack, Abram – 0 white polls, 2 black polls, 382 acres, ____ {no location listed}, 327.6.8 valuation

1785 Tax List of Wilkes Co, GA - see Page 12 under Contents on the GA Archives Virtual Vault site.
The following listed in a row:
Gabriel Tooms - 200 acres 3rd rate
William Wommack - 200 acres 2nd rate
Seth Stubblefield - 200 acres 2nd rate {Note: according to some unverified info on the web, Seth Stubblefield was the son of John Stubblefield, who was the brother of William Womack's mother, Elizabeth Stubblefield.  Seth Stubblefield left a will in Oglethorpe Co, GA in 1821.}

{Note that there were other Womacks in Wilkes Co, GA at the same time, including Abraham Womack and his wife Martha Watkins, and William Womack who moved from Wake Co, NC to the part of Wilkes Co, GA which later became Warren Co, GA, and still later Glascock Co, GA.}


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