Saturday, September 1, 2007

Getting started

Hi, I am starting this blog on my genealogy research. I have been researching my family's genealogy for 15 years.

My current interest is the Womack family. Womack is my grandmother's maiden name. Womack is a southern family. My focus is on sorting and categorizing all the Womacks in America prior to 1851. After that time, records, especially census records, are detailed enough for most people to trace their family back rather easily to 1850. Beyond 1850, census records sometimes do not exist, they have far less detail, and records are harder to come by over all.

My Womack research can be found here:

More specifically, my "Womack Early Records in America" can be found here:

I want to use this blog as kind of a scratch pad to capture my thoughts and discoveries as I research. What you find here may be pretty raw research, and sometimes just hunches or guesses. That is how I work. I make a hypothesis and try to prove or disprove it.

More on my purpose for this blog later. Right now, I would like to post some genealogy notes!

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