Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thomas Womack and Mary Farley

One of the most accepted "facts" in modern Womack genealogy is that Thomas Womack of Henrico Co, VA, son of Abraham Womack, Sr (who was born circa 1644) married Mary Farley, daughter of John Farley, Jr.

I really question that.

How do we know that Mary Farley married Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr? Thomas Womack certainly had a wife named Mary. Also, John Farley (Jr) named a daughter Mary Womack in his 1754 will, so we have a Mary Farley who was married to a Womack. How do we know Mary Farley was married to a Thomas Womack, and how do we know it was the particular Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr?

Farley researchers put Mary's birth around 1707, while many Womack researchers put it around 1690 or earlier. I think the Farley researchers are right.

Thomas Womack, son of Abraham Sr, had a son Thomas Jr who also had a wife Mary. Thomas Jr was NOT the one who left a will in Chesterfield Co, VA in 1782; he WAS the Thomas Womack who left a will in 1803 in Nottoway Co, VA (naming his wife Mary); there is irrefutable proof of this in the probate records of his brother William Womack. So, maybe it was Thomas Jr that married Mary Farley?? This jibes better with what Farley researchers believe about when Mary was born.

Mary, widow of Thomas (son of Abraham Sr), died before Oct 1755, when her will was presented in Chestefield Co, VA court. John Farley made his will 6 Apr 1754, and an inventory of his estate was made 3 Jan 1756. So Mary Womack and John Farley died around the same time.

If Mary was 65 (born circa 1690), and John Farley (Jr) was her father, he would have died at around 85 or older, pretty unlikely, though not impossible - Abraham Womack Sr lived into his late 80s.

If there is some documentation that Mary Farley was married to a Thomas Womack, and not just some unknown Womack male, I would like to see it.

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