Sunday, September 9, 2007

Locating VA Land Grants

I am using my DeLorme Atlas of VA to locate some Womack land grants.


Patent Book 18, page 383 - 22 Sept. 1739 - Richd. Womack - 400 acres - Amelia County. Consideration: 40 Shillings. To Richard Womack, 400 acres in Amelia Co., on both sides of Tomohitton Swamp

Modern spelling appears to be Tommeheton. I cannot find a Tommeheton Swamp, but there is a Tommeheton Lake in modern Dinwiddie Co, VA. A Tommeheton Creek starts in Nottoway Co, VA to the northeast of Ft Pickett Military Reservation (very near the modern border between Nottoway and Dinwiddie), and flows through Dinwiddie Co into Tommeheton Lake, then back out to the Nottoway River.

Amelia Co, VA was authorized in 1734 and became effective in 1735; it was created from Prince George and Brunswick counties. Dinwiddie was created in 1752 from Prince George Co, VA, and Nottoway was created from Amelia in 1788/1789.

I think that dams and drainage canals turned Tommeheton Swamp into Tommeheton Lake.

Given the proximity to Prince George Co, VA, the Richard Womack of this patent may be Richard son of John Womack (Prince George will, 1725); I think this Richard was the same who had a 1748 patent in Brunswick Co, VA.

It may also be Richard Womack (III) who later had patents in Lunenburg and Halifax, and who later moved to NC and then GA.

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