Thursday, September 20, 2007

Womacks at Virgina DOT

I found some great old Womack records at an unusual site, the Virginia Department of Transportation. These were done for the VA DOT by a historian, Nathaniel Mason Pawlett.

They are PDF files, and 4 of them mention Womacks.

Goochland County

Lunenburg County

Amelia County

Albemarle County

The ones for Lunenburg Co, VA show that Richard Womack "III" was there from 1746 to 1759.

The ones for Amelia Co, VA mention the "the Race Paths at Abraham Wawmocks". This was Abraham, son of Thomas, son of the first Abraham Womack. This shows that the first Abraham's descendants shared his love for racing horses.

Here is the most interesting one from Amelia:

22 August 1751 O. S., Page 351
Thomas Haskins is Appointed Surveyor of the Road that leads from Sailors Creek Bridge to the fork of the Road a little above Sandy River Bridge and that his Tythes AbrahamWawmock's John Gentry, Charles Causton, John Spradling, Benjamin Ruffin's Tythes, Thomas Wawmock Abraham Wawmock jur and John Nash's Tythes on Sailor's Creek, this Gang and William Wawmock's Gang are to meet and repair Sailors Creek Bridge, And then from the Fork above Sandy River Bridge to Bush River Bridge and from thence to Buffelow Road Mr. Nash's Hands is to Clear the Same and William King is appointed Surveyor of the Said Road

Here we have 3 sons of Thomas and Mary (maybe Farley) Womack - Abraham Sr, Thomas, and William. In addition, we have Abraham Sr's son Abraham Jr, and two son-in-laws, Charles Cauthon and John Spradling, married respectively to Elizabeth and Mary Womack.

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