Thursday, September 20, 2007

Goochland Co, VA Deed and Will Indexes

While at my local LDS Family History Center tonight, I made the discovery that part of their "permanent collection" of miscrofilm includes early records of Virginia counties such as Henrico, Amelia, Prince Edward, and Goochland. They were closing in 30 minutes, so I only got a glance of it all.

They had an index to Goochland Co, VA deeds and wills, which were recorded in the same books, years 1728-1839. I copied all the Womack stuff.

  1. 4 Jan 1731, William Kent to William Womack deed, 1-314

  2. 24 Jan 1731, William Womack to James Holman deed, 1-317

  3. 18 Sep 1735, William Womack to William Womack, Jr deed, 2-145

  4. 17 Mar 1739, John Williams to William Womack deed, 3-329

  5. 9 Jan 1740, William Womack and John Williams to Ralph Graves deed, 3-400(?)

  6. 15 Aug 1743, Ashford Hughes to Abraham Womack deed 4-239(?)

  7. 17 Nov 1747, Abraham Womack to William Womack deed, 5-232

  8. 16 Mar 1762, William Womack will, 8-235

  9. 17 Jul 1762, William Womack inventory, 8-255(?)

  10. 25 Sep 1762(?), William Womack (what type of record?), 8-295(?)

  11. 19 Aug 1771, Collam Bailey to Henry Womack deed, 10-148

  12. 20 Jan 1790, Henry Walmack will, 15-377

  13. 21 May 1790 Henry Womack and wife to Whitehead Ryan deed, 15-375

Some of the actual deeds and wills were there as well, and I had just a little time to peek at a few.

The Henry "Walmack" will does not mention a wife, mentions daughters Athary Russell and Lucy Lawrence and son Henry Walmack who gets all real estate. In a deed, right before the will, Henry Womack and wife Ann sold land to Whitehead Ryan. This was Henry Jr selling the land his father willed him.

I did not look yet at the 1743 deed from Ashford Hughes to Abraham Womack. At least two poeople have transcribed this deed as saying Alexander Womack, not Abraham, so I need to see the original.

I did look at the 1747 deed from Abraham Womack to William Womack. It actually says Abraham Womack Jr to his brother William, part of the land their father lived on, on Bollings Quarter branch. I will get a photocopy next week when the FHC is open again.

I also found these records on the web:

Goochland County, Virginia Deeds Book 4, 1741-1745

Page 346.
December 17, 1743 from Richard Parsons, and Lydia, his wife, of the Parish of St. James and Goochland, to John Alexander of same, for 70 lbs, a certain tract of land of 200 acres in Goochland on the south side James River on the west side Muddy Cr, being half of 400 acres of land granted to George Briggs by patent dated Jun 20, 1733, which the said George Briggs, by his Goochland will, gave to his sister, Lydia Briggs alias Parsons. The tract is bounded by Bowler Cocke, new lines run by Robert Walton on the division of the said 400 acres. Signed Richard Parsons, Lidia (L her mark) Parsons. Wit - Francis Amoss, Isac Hughes, Abram Womack, Miles Gathwrit, Joell Chandler, Recorded May 15, 1744.

Page 510
February 25, 1744 from Francis Amoss of Goochland and Parish of Southam, to Richard Ligon of same, for 45 lbs, all that tract of land in Goochland on both sides of the upper branch of Muddy Creek alias Little Muddy Creek, and bounded by Richard Parsons, Major Bowler Cocke, James Terrel, containing 400 acres. Signed Francis Amoss. Wit - John Alexander, Abrm Womack, Abrm Womack Jr. Recorded March 19, 1744. Judith, the wife of Francis Amoss, relinquished her right of dower to the conveyed lands.

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